List of football clubs in Israel

The following is a list of football clubs in Israel by their league and division as of the 2015–16 season.
The Israeli football league system, which is run by the Israel Football Association (IFA), includes five levels which contain a total of 16 divisions, There are a total of 234 member clubs.

Premier League clubs (2015-16)

Liga Leumit clubs (2015-16)

Liga Alef clubs (2015–16)

Liga Alef North

Liga Alef South

Liga Bet clubs (2015–16)

Liga Bet North A

Liga Bet North B

Liga Bet South A

Liga Bet South B

Liga Gimel clubs (2015–16)

Liga Gimel Upper Galilee

Liga Gimel Lower Galilee

Liga Gimel Jezreel

Liga Gimel Samaria

Liga Gimel Sharon

Liga Gimel Tel Aviv

Liga Gimel Central

Liga Gimel South

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