List of diplomatic missions in Taiwan

The diplomatic missions in Taiwan include embassies and representative offices. Due to the special political status and One-China policy, the Republic of China (Taiwan) is only recognized by 17 countries; 16 of them have an embassy in Taipei (the exception being Saint Vincent and the Grenadines). In addition, approximately 50 countries, which do not have diplomatic relations with the Republic of China, have established trade offices and other unofficial offices in Taiwan, which have a wide array of titles.[1]


Non-resident Embassy

Representative and Trade Offices

New Taipei

Branch Offices



Former missions

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  12. Czech Economic and Cultural Office Taipei
  13. The Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei
  14. European Economic and Trade Office
  15. Finland's Trade and Innovation Office in Taipei
  16. La France à Taiwan
  17. German Institute Taipei
  18. German ITrade Office Taipei
  19. Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office (Taiwan) (HKETCO)
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  24. IETCPO - Italy in Taipei
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  27. Korean Mission in Taipei
  28. Delegação Económica e Cultural de Macau
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  36. Papua New Guinea Trade Office In Taiwan
  37. Manila Economic and Cultural Office
  38. Representative Office of the MTC in Taipei
  39. Saudi Arabian Trade Office in Taipei
  40. Singapore Trade Office in Taipei
  41. The Slovak Economic and Cultural Office Taipei
  42. Liaison Office of the Republic of South Africa
  43. Cámara de Comercio Española
  44. The Swedish Trade and Invest Council
  45. Trade Office of Swiss Industries
  46. Thailand Trade and Economic Office
  47. Turkish Trade Office in Taipei
  48. British Office Taipei
  49. American Institute in Taiwan
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