List of coups d'état and coup attempts since 2010

This is a list of coups d'état and coup attempts since 2010 which either succeeded or failed. A list of revolutions and rebellions can be found here: list of revolutions and rebellions.

Coups and attempts since 2010


EventDateTypeCountryCoup leader(s)Head of state/governmentNotesRef(s)
2010 Nigerien coup d'état18 FebruaryCoup NigerChef d'escadron Salou DjiboPresident Mamadou TandjaPresident kidnapped and opposition leader elected into power.[1]
2010 Guinea-Bissau unrest1 AprilAttempt Guinea-BissauAdmiral Bubo Na Tchuto and Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army Antonio NdjaiPrime Minister Carlos Gomes JúniorThe head of the army was captured and the Prime Minister was briefly arrested by military officers.[2]
2010 Madagascar coup d'état attempt17 – 18 NovemberAttempt MadagascarEx-Defence Minister N. Rakotonandrasanana and Colonel C. Andrianasoaviana, Head of the Special Intervention ForcePresident Andry Rajoelina[3]
2011 Egyptian coup d'état11 FebruaryCoup EgyptChairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces Mohamed Hussein TantawiPresident Hosni MubarakFollowing mass protests and an army’s communiqué, Mubarak resigned. According to art.84 of 1971 Egyptian constitution, speaker of the People's Assembly Sorour should have succeeded him, but Tantawi took power instead.[4][5][6][7]
2011 Democratic Republic of the Congo coup d'état attempt27 FebruaryAttempt Democratic Republic of the CongoUnknownPresident Joseph Kabila KabangeSix people were killed in an attack on a residence of the president of the Democratic Republic of Congo.[8]
2011 Niger coup d'état attempt26 JulyAttempt NigerUnknownPresident Mahamadou IssoufouFive soldiers were arrested.[9]
2011 Guinea-Bissau coup d'état attempt26 DecemberAttempt Guinea-BissauNavy Chief Natchuto BuboPresident Malam Bacai Sanha[10]
2012 Malian coup d'état22 MarchCoup MaliCaptain Amadou SanogoPresident Amadou Toumani Touré[11]
2012 Malawian constitutional crisis5 AprilAttempt MalawiPeter MutharikaPresident Joyce Banda[12]
2012 Malian counter-coup d'état attempt30 April – 1 MayAttempt MaliAmadou Toumani Touré's loyalistsActing President Dioncounda Traoré, Acting Prime Minister Cheick Modibo Diarra and coup leader and Chairperson of the National Committee for the Restoration of Democracy and State of Mali Captain Amadou Sanogo[13][14]
2012 Ivorian coup d'état attempt13 JuneAttempt Ivory CoastLaurent Gbagbo loyalistsPresident Alassane Ouattara[15]
2012 Sudanese coup d'état attempt22 NovemberAttempt SudanUnknownPresident Omar al-Bashir[16]
2013 Eritrean Army mutiny21 JanuaryAttempt EritreaUnknownPresident Isaias Afwerki[17]
2013 Benin coup d'état attempt4 MarchAttempt BeninColonel Pamphile ZomahounPresident Boni Yayi[18]
April 2013 Libyan coup d'état attempt17 AprilAttempt LibyaMuammar Gaddafi loyalistsPrime Minister Ali Zeidan[19]
2013 Comoros coup d'état attempt20 AprilAttempt ComorosUnknownPresident Ikililou Dhoinine[20]
2013 Chadian coup d'état attempt1 MayAttempt ChadUnknownPresident Idriss DébyAt least four soldiers killed. Arrest of two generals and an MP.[21][22]
2013 Egyptian coup d'état3 JulyCoup EgyptGeneral Abdul Fatah al-SisiPresident Mohamed MorsiProtests and subsequent military coup oust President Mohamed Morsi and his elected government.[23][24][25]
October 2013 Libyan coup d'état attempt10 OctoberAttempt LibyaAbdel-Moneim al-HourPrime Minister Ali Zeidan[26]
2013 Democratic Republic of the Congo coup d'état attempt30 DecemberAttempt Democratic Republic of the CongoPaul-Joseph MukungubilaPresident Joseph Kabila Kabange[27]
February 2014 Libyan coup d'état attempt14 FebruaryAttempt LibyaMajor General Khalifa HaftarPrime Minister Ali Zeidan[28]
May 2014 Libyan coup d'état attempt18 MayAttempt LibyaMajor General Khalifa HaftarPrime Minister Abdullah al-Thani[29]
2014 Lesotho political crisis30 AugustAttempt LesothoLieutenant General Kennedy Tlai Kamoli and Deputy Prime Minister Mothetjoa MetsingPrime Minister Tom ThabaneFailed coup lead to early elections.[30]
2014 Gambian coup d'état attempt30 DecemberAttempt GambiaLieutenant Colonel Lamin SannehPresident Yahya Jammeh[31][32]
2015 Burundian coup d'état attempt13 MayAttempt BurundiGeneral Godefroid NiyombarePresident Pierre NkurunzizaThree coup leaders arrested whilst Niyombare remains on the run.[33]
2015 Burkinabé coup d'état17 SeptemberAttempt Burkina FasoGeneral Gilbert DiendéréPresident Michel KafandoCoup fails and the Regiment of Presidential Security is dissolved.[34][35][36]
2016 Burkinabé coup d'état attempt8 OctoberAttempt Burkina FasoGaston CoulibalyPresident Roch Marc Christian KaboréFailed coup attempt[37][38][39]
2016 Libyan coup d'état attempt14 October – PresentOngoing LibyaPrime Minister Khalifa al-Ghawil
Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj
2016–2017 Gambian constitutional crisis9 December 2016 – 21 January 2017Attempt GambiaGovernment of GambiaPresident Yahya JammehThe dispute President Yahya Jammeh surrendered presidential duties in favour of Barrow and left the country to exile in Equatorial Guinea after two days after his Presidency deadline.[41]
2017 Zimbabwean coup d'état14 – 21 NovemberCoup ZimbabweZimbabwe defence forces under Major General Constantino ChiwengaPresident Robert MugabeAfter military movements are seen and explosions heard in government districts in northern Harare, the ZDF takes over state television and says that President Mugabe is in its custody, but denies mounting a coup. On 21 November, the coup ended with the resignation of Robert Mugabe.[42][43]
2017 Equatoguinean coup d'état attempt27 – 28 December 2017Attempt Equatorial GuineaUnknownPresident Francisco Macías Nguema[44][45]


EventDateTypeCountryCoup leader(s)Head of state/governmentNotesRef(s)
2011 Bangladesh coup d'état attemptDecemberAttempt BangladeshMajor Syed Ziaul HaquePrime Minister Sheikh Hasina[46]
2014 Thai coup d'état22 MayCoup ThailandGeneral Prayuth Chan-ochaPrime Minister Niwatthamrong Boonsongpaisan2013–14 Thai political crisis and subsequent military coup oust Thai elected government, replaced by the National Peace and Order Maintaining Council.[47]
2014–15 Yemeni coup d'état21 September – 6 FebruaryCoup YemenHouthisPresident Abdrabbuh Mansur HadiCoup resulted in Yemeni Civil War (2015)[48]
2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt15 – 16 JulyAttempt TurkeyTurkish Peace CouncilPresident Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; Government of TurkeyFailed attempt by factions of different branches of the armed forces at gaining control of the government.[49][50]
Filipino coup plot20 SeptemberAttempt PhilippinesUnknownPresident Rodrigo DuterteThe Filipino government claimed that a coup is being plotted against President Rodrigo Duterte by Filipino-Americans living in New York City.[51][52]
2018 Yemeni coup d'état28 – 31 January 2018Coup YemenSouthern Transitional CouncilPresident Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi[53]


EventDateTypeCountryCoup leader(s)Head of state/governmentNotesRef(s)
Abkhaz Revolution of 201427 May – 1 JuneAttempt AbkhaziaRaul KhadjimbaPresident Aleksandr AnkvabEventually led to Ankvab resigning and Valeri Bganba becoming the acting president.[54]
Montenegrin coup plot16 OctoberAttempt MontenegroPro-Russian loyalistsPresident Filip Vujanović
Prime Minister Duško Marković


EventDateTypeCountryCoup leader(s)Head of state/governmentNotesRef(s)
2012 Papua New Guinea Defence Force mutiny26 JanuarySmall-scale mutiny, described by some as a coup attempt. Papua New GuineaColonel Yaura SasaPrime Minister Peter O'Neill[56]

South America

EventDateTypeCountryCoup leader(s)Head of state/governmentNotesRef(s)
2010 Ecuador crisis30 SeptemberAttempt EcuadorUnknownPresident Rafael CorreaPresident Correa was attacked, then temporarily trapped in a hospital in what the secretary-general of the Organization of American States called "a coup d'etat in the making". He was later rescued by loyal troops.[57][58]
2017 Venezuelan constitutional crisis29 MarchCoup VenezuelaGovernment of VenezuelaPresident Nicolas MaduroNational Assembly dissolved of legislative powers and stripped of parliamentary immunity. Supreme Court assumes control of legislative powers.[59][60]
2017 Venezuelan coup d'état attempt8 AugustAttempt VenezuelaUnknownPresident Nicolas Maduro[61][62][63][64]

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