List of countries by uranium reserves

Uranium reserves are reserves of recoverable uranium, regardless of isotope, based on a set market price. The list given here is based on Uranium 2016: Resources, Production and Demand, a joint report by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency and the International Atomic Energy Agency.[1]

Figures are given in tonnes. The reserves figures denote identified resources as of 1 January 2015, consisting of reasonably assured resources (RAR) plus inferred resources recoverable at a cost range of below 260 USD/kg U. The list also includes cumulative historical production figures.

The amount of ultimately recoverable uranium depends strongly on what one would be willing to pay for it. Uranium is a widely distributed metal with large low-grade deposits that are not currently considered profitable. As of 2015 646,900 tonnes of reserves are recoverable at 40 USD per kilogram of uranium, while 7,641,600 tonnes of reserves are recoverable at 260 USD per kilogram.[1] Moreover, much of Canada, Greenland, Siberia and Antarctica are currently unexplored due to permafrost and may hold substantial undiscovered reserves. When and if reserves from such remote locations will become profitable remains to be seen.

CountryReserves as of 2015Historical Production to 2014
 Central African Republic32,0000
 Democratic Republic of the Congo2,70025,600[2]
 Czech Republic119,300111,765[2]
 South Africa449,300159,510
 Soviet UnionNA102,886
 United States138,200373,075

Notes: Historical production for the Czech Republic includes 102,241 tonnes of uranium produced in former Czechoslovakia from 1946 through the end of 1992. Historical production for Germany includes 213,380 tonnes produced in the German Democratic Republic from 1946 through the end of 1992. Historical production for the Soviet Union includes the former Soviet Socialist Republics of Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, but excludes Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Historical production for the Russian Federation and Uzbekistan is since 1992 only.

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