List of countries by health expenditure covered by government

This is a list of countries by % of health expenditure covered by government as published by the OECD in 2016.

Public health expenditure consists of recurrent and capital spending from government (central and local) budgets, external borrowings and grants (including donations from international agencies and nongovernmental organizations), and social (or compulsory) health insurance funds. Total health expenditure is the sum of public and private health expenditure. It covers the provision of health services (preventive and curative), family planning activities, nutrition activities, and emergency aid designated for health but does not include provision of water and sanitation.

2016 OECD member rankings

RankCountry% of health expenditure
funded by government[1]
1 Norway85.2%
2 Germany84.6%
3 Denmark84.1%
3 Japan84.1%
5 Sweden83.9%
6 Czech Republic83.4%
7 Luxembourg83.0%
8 Iceland82.1%
9 Netherlands80.8%
10 New Zealand80.2%
11 Slovakia79.8%
12 Turkey79.4%
13 United Kingdom79.2%
14 France78.8%
15 Belgium77.3%
16 Estonia76.1%
17 Austria75.7%
18 Italy75.0%
19 Finland74.2%
20 Slovenia71.8%
21 Spain70.6%
22 Ireland70.2%
23 Canada70.0%
24 Poland69.0%
25 Hungary68.3%
26 Australia67.8%
27 Portugal66.2%
28  Switzerland63.6%
29 Israel61.3%
30 Chile60.7%
31 Greece59.3%
32 South Korea56.4%
33 Mexico51.7%
34 United States49.1%

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