List of computer systems from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

This is a list of computer systems from SFRY. It lists all computers that were significantly or completely designed in Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia before the breakup of the country in 1990s. This list does not include imported foreign computers. Some of those were assembled as per original manufacturer's license. See history of computer hardware in the SFRY for more information.

Picture Type Model Manufacturer Origin Year Notes
Early CER-10 Mihajlo Pupin Serbia/List 1960 First computer designed and produced in SFRY
Early CER-2 Mihajlo Pupin Serbia/List ~1960s
Early CER-20 Mihajlo Pupin Serbia/List 1964 "electronic bookkeeping machine"
Early CER-200 Mihajlo Pupin Serbia/List 1966
Early CER-202 Mihajlo Pupin Serbia/List ~1960s
Early CER-22 Mihajlo Pupin Serbia/List 1967 intended for banking applications
Early CER-12 Mihajlo Pupin Serbia/List 1971 "electronic computer for business data processing"
Early CER-203 Mihajlo Pupin Serbia/List 1971 "electronic computer for business applications"
Hybrid HRS-100 Mihajlo Pupin Serbia/List 1971 intended for scientific and technical research, modelling of complex dynamical systems in real and accelerated time
TIM-100 Mihajlo Pupin Serbia/List 1985 Post office computer
TIM-001 Mihajlo Pupin Serbia/List 1985 Development computer used in post offices
TIM-600 Mihajlo Pupin Serbia/List
School TIM-011 Mihajlo Pupin Serbia/List ~1987 HD64180-based computer with integrated green monochrome monitor, running CP/M with ZCPR3
TIM-40M Mihajlo Pupin Serbia/List
ATLAS‑TIM AT 32 Mihajlo Pupin Serbia/List
Home/School Galaksija Elektronika Inženjering Serbia/List 1983 Extremely popular build-it-yourself computer designed by Voja Antonić
Home/School Galaksija Plus - Serbia/List ~1985 Enhanced version of Galaksija
School/Home Hobby ZR-84 MICROSYS Beočin Serbia/List 1984
School/Home Pecom 32 Ei Niš Serbia/List 1985
School/Home Pecom 64 Ei Niš Serbia/List 1985
PC Lira 512 Ei Niš Serbia/List 1988 IBM PC XT compatible computer in Home computer form (mainboard is under the keyboard)
PC Lira AT Ei Niš Serbia/List 1989 IBM PC AT compatible computer
PC Lira 386 Ei Niš Serbia/List 1990 PC 386 compatible computer
PC ET-188 Novkabel Novi Sad Serbia/List 1985 IBM PC XT compatible computer
School/Home Misedo 85 Montex Ivangrad (Berane) Montenegro 1985 The clone of Tandy's TRS-80 Color Computer 2[1][2][3]
PLC PA512 Ivo Lola Ribar Serbia/List 1980
School Lola 8 Ivo Lola Ribar Serbia/List ~1982
PLC LPA512 Ivo Lola Ribar Serbia/List 1986
(none) theoretical NAR 1 (none) Serbia/List ? Created by Nedeljko Parezanović
(none) theoretical NAR 2 (none) Serbia/List ? Created by Nedeljko Parezanović
School Galeb PEL Varaždin Croatia/List 1984
School Orao PEL Varaždin Croatia/List 1984 Successor to Galeb
School Ivel Ultra Ivasim Croatia/List Apple II compatible. Also known as "Impuls 9020"
Home Ivel Z3 Ivasim Croatia/List Apple IIe compatible
1680 Iskradata Slovenia/List 1979
Mainframe 800 Iskra Delta Slovenia/List 1984 PDP-11/34 compatible
? Partner Iskra Delta Slovenia/List 1983
Home Dialog Gorenje Slovenia/List ?
Triglav ? Slovenia/List ?
School/Engineering Vuk (prototype) Serbia/List 1988 Created by a group of students from Leskovac
School/Office IRIS-8 IRIS (Energoinvest) Bosnia and Hercegovina 1986

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