List of ceremonial counties in England by gross value added

This is a list of ceremonial counties in England by gross value added for the year 2013. Data is gathered by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and is given in terms of Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS), statistical area codes used for the European Union, which loosely follow administrative units of the United Kingdom.

Gross value added (GVA) is a measure of the value of goods and services produced in a localised area without considering taxes and subsidies (unlike gross domestic product (GDP)). Additionally, the ONS's estimates on GVA adapt to regional disparities in commuting regions by allocating the GVA to the area in which an employee commuted from. They also use five-period moving averages to smooth data.


RankCountyTotal GVAComparable CountryGVA per capitaComparable Country
1Greater London[note 1]£364.310 billion Thailand£45,666 Sweden
2Greater Manchester£57.395 billion Kenya£21,002 Bahrain
3West Midlands£55.544 billion£19,778 Taiwan
4Hampshire£47.207 billion Uruguay£26,219 Italy
5West Yorkshire£47.117 billion£20,808 Cyprus
6Nottinghamshire£37.506 billion Lithuania£44,555 France
7Essex£35.861 billion Bulgaria£20,224 Cyprus
8Kent£35.859 billion£20,085
9Berkshire£34.506 billion Jordan£38,961 Austria
10Hertfordshire£32.753 billion Serbia£28,363 Italy
11Merseyside£28.257 billion Bahrain£20,313 Cyprus
12Somerset[note 2]£28.190 billion£23,426 Spain
13Lancashire£27.668 billion£18,796 Slovenia
14Cheshire£25.803 billion Cameroon£24,830 South Korea
15Surrey£24.578 billion Latvia£36,546 France
16South Yorkshire£23.850 billion£17,462 Portugal
17Tyne and Wear£22.776 billion Uganda£20,359 Cyprus
18Leicestershire and Rutland[note 3]£22.729 billion£21,780 Bahrain
19Devon£22.679 billion£19,554 Taiwan
20Cambridgeshire£22.656 billion£27,287 Italy
21North Yorkshire[note 4]£22.488 billion£20,820 Cyprus
22Derbyshire£21.669 billion£20,629 Taiwan
23Buckinghamshire£21.295 billion£31,045 Cyprus
24West Sussex£20.506 billion Estonia£24,754 South Korea
25Oxfordshire£20.501 billion£30,484 France
26Staffordshire£20.197 billion£18,176 Slovenia
27Lincolnshire£20.133 billion£18,983 Slovenia
28Norfolk£17.522 billion Iceland£19,963 Cyprus
29Wiltshire£16.392 billion Bosnia and Herzegovina£23,453 Spain
30Suffolk£16.372 billion£22,169  Malta
31Dorset£16.189 billion £21,308  Bahrain
32East Sussex£16.140 billion£19,663  Taiwan
33Northamptonshire£15.954 billion£22,332  Malta
34Durham[note 5]£15.722 billion£17,280  Portugal
35Warwickshire£14.343 billion£26,003  South Korea
36Bedfordshire£13.782 billion Botswana£21,178 Italy
37Bristol£13.277 billion£30,006 Bahrain
38Worcestershire£11.327 billion£30,006 France
39Gloucestershire£11 billion Albania£24,342 Taiwan
40East Riding of Yorkshire£10.881 billion£18,293 Slovenia
41Cumbria£10.747 billion£21,586 Bahrain
42Shropshire£9.708 billion Mozambique£20,244 Cyprus
40Cornwall£9.462 billion£17,350 Portugal
43Northumberland£4.733 billion Malawi£14,978 Estonia
44Herefordshire£3.635 billion Montenegro£19,422 Taiwan
45Isle of Wight£2.404 billion Timor-Leste£17,282 Portugal

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  1. GVA data includes the ceremonial county of the City of London.
  2. GVA data includes the unitary authority area of South Gloucestershire (as South Gloucestershire is combined with North Somerset and Bath & North East Somerset in the data set).
  3. GVA data is for two ceremonial counties: Leicestershire and Rutland. Rutland's population represents 4% of the total population.
  4. GVA data excludes all of the borough and unitary authority area of Stockton-on-Tees, which are listed under Durham instead. Parts of Stockton-on-Tees fall south of the River Tees and thus inside North Yorkshire's borders.
  5. GVA data includes all of the borough and unitary authority area of Stockton-on-Tees; some of which spills south of the River Tees and thus includes parts of the ceremonial county of North Yorkshire.


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