List of cabinets of Yugoslavia

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The following is the list of government cabinets of Yugoslavia.

List of cabinets

No. Cabinet From Parties
1.Cabinet of Nikola Pašić I1 December 1918NRS
2.Cabinet of Stojan Protić I20 December 1918NRSDS
3.Cabinet of Ljubomir Davidović I16 August 1919DS
4.Cabinet of Stojan Protić II19 February 1920NRS
5.Cabinet of Milenko Vesnić16 May 1920NRS
6.Cabinet of Nikola Pašić II1 January 1921NRSDS
7.Cabinet of Nikola Pašić III24 December 1921NRSDS
8.Cabinet of Nikola Pašić IV16 December 1922NRSDSJMO
9.Cabinet of Nikola Pašić V1 May 1923NRSJMO
10.Cabinet of Nikola Pašić VI27 March 1924NRSJMO
11.Cabinet of Nikola Pašić VII21 May 1924NRSJMO
12.Cabinet of Ljubomir Davidović II28 July 1924DSSLSJMO
13.Cabinet of Nikola Pašić VIII6 November 1924NRSSDSHRSS
14.Cabinet of Nikola Pašić IX29 April 1925NRSSDSHRSS
15.Cabinet of Nikola Uzunović I8 April 1926NRSHRSS
16.Cabinet of Nikola Uzunović II1 February 1927NRS
17.Cabinet of Velimir Vukićević I17 April 1927NRSDSJMOSLS
18.Cabinet of Velimir Vukićević II2 February 1928NRSDSJMOSLS
19.Cabinet of Anton Korošec28 July 1928NRSDSJMOSLS
20.Cabinet of Petar Živković7 January 19296 January Dictatorship
21.Cabinet of Vojislav Marinković4 April 1932JRSD
22.Cabinet of Milan Srškić I3 July 1932JRSD
23.Cabinet of Milan Srškić II5 November 1932JNS
24.Cabinet of Nikola Uzunović III27 January 1934JNS
25.Cabinet of Bogoljub Jevtić22 December 1934JRZ
26.Cabinet of Milan Stojadinović I24 June 1935JRZ
27.Cabinet of Milan Stojadinović II7 March 1936JRZ
28.Cabinet of Milan Stojadinović III4 October 1937JRZ
29.Cabinet of Dragiša Cvetković I5 February 1939JRZ
30.Cabinet of Dragiša Cvetković II26 August 1939JRZHSS
31.Cabinet of Dušan Simović27 March 1941Yugoslav coup d'état
37.Provisional Government
(Cabinet of Josip Broz Tito I)
7 March 1945JNOFDSHSS
38.Cabinet of Josip Broz Tito II2 February 1946KPJ
39.Cabinet of Josip Broz Tito III27 April 1950KPJ
40.Cabinet of Josip Broz Tito IV17 January 1953SKJ
41.Cabinet of Josip Broz Tito V30 January 1955SKJ
42.Cabinet of Josip Broz Tito VI19 April 1958SKJ
43.Cabinet of Petar Stambolić29 June 1963SKJ
44.Cabinet of Mika Špiljak18 May 1967SKJ
45.Cabinet of Mitja Ribičič17 May 1969SKJ
46.Cabinet of Džemal Bijedić30 July 1971SKJ
47.Cabinet of Veselin Đuranović14 February 1977SKJ
48.Cabinet of Milka Planinc16 May 1982SKJ
49.Cabinet of Branko Mikulić15 May 1986SKJ
50.Cabinet of Ante Marković16 March 1989SKJ / SRS
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