List of airports in the Faroe Islands

Location of airports and heliports in the Faroe Islands

This is a list of airports and heliports in the Faroe Islands, sorted by location.

The Faroe Islands are a group of islands in Northern Europe, between the Norwegian Sea and the north Atlantic Ocean, about halfway from Iceland to Norway. They have been an autonomous region of Denmark since 1948. There is one airport and a number of public heliports. The domestic helicopter services are operated by Atlantic Airways.

Location ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates Ref
Froðba EKFA Froðba Heliport 61°32′37″N 006°46′28″W / 61.54361°N 6.77444°W / 61.54361; -6.77444 (Froðba Heliport) [1]
Kirkja EKKU Kirkja Heliport 62°19′02″N 006°18′48″W / 62.31722°N 6.31333°W / 62.31722; -6.31333 (Kirkja Heliport) [2]
Klaksvík EKKV Klaksvík Heliport 62°13′04″N 006°34′35″W / 62.21778°N 6.57639°W / 62.21778; -6.57639 (Klaksvík Heliport) [3]
Mykines EKMS Mykines Heliport 62°06′08″N 007°38′45″W / 62.10222°N 7.64583°W / 62.10222; -7.64583 (Mykines Heliport) [4]
Skúvoy EKSY Skúvoy Heliport 61°46′10″N 006°48′13″W / 61.76944°N 6.80361°W / 61.76944; -6.80361 (Skúvoy Heliport) [5]
Sørvágur EKVG FAE Vágar Airport 62°03′49″N 007°16′38″W / 62.06361°N 7.27722°W / 62.06361; -7.27722 (Vágar Airport) [6]
Stóra Dímun EKSR Stóra Dímun Heliport 61°41′07″N 006°45′31″W / 61.68528°N 6.75861°W / 61.68528; -6.75861 (Stóra Dímun Heliport) [7]
Svínoy EKSO Svínoy Heliport 62°16′36″N 006°20′29″W / 62.27667°N 6.34139°W / 62.27667; -6.34139 (Svínoy Heliport) [8]
Tórshavn EKTB Boðanes Heliport 62°01′18″N 006°45′27″W / 62.02167°N 6.75750°W / 62.02167; -6.75750 (Boðanes Heliport) [9]

Hattarvík and Koltur also have helipads that are used for scheduled passenger flights ran by Atlantic Airways. Skopun and Tórshavn (a second one, near the hospital) have helipads used for ambulance flights. Abandoned heliports are found in Trøllanes, Gásadalur and Múli, all of which were dismantled soon after the respective roads to these villages opened. Discussions about a helipad in Nólsoy for the purpose of medical evacuations aired in 2014 and continue to play. [10]

Tórshavn's municipal plan includes a proposal for a new airport at Glyvursnes, due south of the suburb Argir, but the weather and political situation make this unlikely in the foreseable future. The runway and terminal have recently been extended respectively upgraded and forms an important part of the economy of the island of Vágar.[11]

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