List of airports in Swaziland

This is a list of airports in Swaziland, sorted by location.

Swaziland, officially the Kingdom of Eswatini, is a landlocked country in southern Africa, bordered to the north, south, east and west by South Africa, and to the east by Mozambique. The nation, as well as its people, are named after the 19th-century king Mswati II. Swaziland is divided into four districts: Hhohho, Lubombo, Manzini, and Shiselweni. The capital of Swaziland is Mbabane, while the country's traditional and legislative capital is Lobamba.


Names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled passenger service on commercial airlines.

Most of the airfields listed below are unpaved. The exceptions are Matsapha Airport and Sikhuphe International Airport.

Location served ICAO IATA Airport name Runway length/surface Coordinates
Big Bend FDBT Tambuti Airfield 800 m (2,600 ft) Grass 26°44′10″S 31°46′35″E / 26.73611°S 31.77639°E / -26.73611; 31.77639 (Tambuti Airfield)
Big Bend FDUB Ubombo Ranches Airfield 730 m (2,400 ft) unpaved 26°46′07″S 031°56′12″E / 26.76861°S 31.93667°E / -26.76861; 31.93667 (Ubombo Ranches Airfield)
Bhunya Bhunya Airfield 1,250 m (4,100 ft) Gravel 26°35′0″S 30°56′35″E / 26.58333°S 30.94306°E / -26.58333; 30.94306 (Bhunya Airfield)
Kubuta FDKS / FDKB Kubuta Airfield 847 m (2,779 ft) grass 26°52′54″S 031°29′23″E / 26.88167°S 31.48972°E / -26.88167; 31.48972 (Kubuta Airfield)[1][2]
Manzini FDMS MTS Matsapha (International) Airport 2,600 m (8,500 ft) paved 26°31′44″S 031°18′27″E / 26.52889°S 31.30750°E / -26.52889; 31.30750 (Matsapha Airport)
Manzini FDSK SHO King Mswati III International Airport 3,600 m (11,800 ft) Asphalt 26°21′24″S 31°43′01″E / 26.35667°S 31.71694°E / -26.35667; 31.71694 (King Mswati III Airport)
Mhlume FDMH Mhlume Airfield 709 m (2,326 ft) unpaved 26°01′33″S 031°48′36″E / 26.02583°S 31.81000°E / -26.02583; 31.81000 (Mhlume Airfield)
Ngonini FDNG Piggs Peak Airfield 823 m (2,700 ft) unpaved 25°47′53″S 031°24′43″E / 25.79806°S 31.41194°E / -25.79806; 31.41194 (Piggs Peak)
Nhlangano FDNH Nhlangano Airfield 671 m (2,201 ft) unpaved 27°07′12″S 031°12′45″E / 27.12000°S 31.21250°E / -27.12000; 31.21250 (Nhlangano)
Nsoko FDNS Nsoko Airfield 671 m (2,201 ft) unpaved 27°01′06″S 031°56′07″E / 27.01833°S 31.93528°E / -27.01833; 31.93528 (Nsoko Airfield)
Simunye FDSM Simunye Airfield 1,100 m (3,600 ft) unpaved 26°11′46″S 031°55′48″E / 26.19611°S 31.93000°E / -26.19611; 31.93000 (Simunye Airfield)
Siteki FDST Siteki Airfield 1,006 m (3,301 ft) unpaved 26°28′19″S 031°56′35″E / 26.47194°S 31.94306°E / -26.47194; 31.94306 (Siteki Airfield)
Tambankulu FDTM Tambankulu Airfield 875 m (2,871 ft) unpaved 26°06′22″S 031°55′11″E / 26.10611°S 31.91972°E / -26.10611; 31.91972 (Tambankulu Airfield)
Tshaneni FDTS Tshaneni Airfield 756 m (2,480 ft) unpaved 25°59′06″S 031°45′07″E / 25.98500°S 31.75194°E / -25.98500; 31.75194 (Tshaneni Airfield)

The airstrip at Tshaneni is not to be confused with "Tshaneni Airport", a planned transportation hub based around the airstrip in Mkuze, a nearby town on the other side of the South African border.

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