List of airlines of Iran

Iran has several private and public airline companies in operation. The oldest is the Iranian Airways Company, founded in 1944 (known as Iran Air since 1961).

As of June 2009, Iranian planes fly 45 international flight routes. Most of the fleet of Iranian airlines today consist of old Boeings and used or leased Airbus and regional jets like British Aerospace 146 and Fokker 100.[1] Sanctions from the United States prevents Iran from purchasing most new western made aircraft to update its rapidly aging fleet. Iran's own poor safety regulations and mismanagement on behalf of the Iran civil aviation authorities has also been a known factor to blame.[2] This has resulted in a series of ongoing disasters and incidents.[3] Because of this, in the last 25 years there have been 17 plane crashes, and 1500 deaths (From 2000 to 2006, 11 Iranian plane crashes claimed about 700 lives).[4][5]

Iran has initiated manufacturing aircraft on its own such as the IR.AN-140.[6] A number of 108 airliners have been added to the fleet of Iranian passenger planes during the last five years.[7] As at July 2015, Iran had 251 commercial planes with 41,218 seats and 6 cargo planes, many (around 100) of which are not functional because of a lack of spare parts.[8][9]

Commercial Airlines

Airline IMAGE IATA ICAO Callsign Commenced
Hub Notes
Iran AirIRIRAIRANAIR1961 Tehran-Imam Khomeini, Tehran-Mehrabad Flag carrier of Iran
Mahan AirW5IRMMAHAN AIR1992 Kerman, Tehran-Imam Khomeini
Iran Aseman AirlinesEPIRCASEMAN1980 Tehran-Imam Khomeini, Tehran-Mehrabad
Zagros AirlinesZVIZGZAGROS2005 Abadan
ATA AirlinesI3TBZATAAIR2010 Tabriz
Kish AirY9IRKKISHAIR1989 Kish Island
Qeshm AirlinesQBIRQQESHM AIR1996 Qeshm Island
Meraj AirlinesJIMRJMERAJ2010 Tehran-Imam Khomeini, Tehran-Mehrabad Operating for the Government of Iran
Taban AirHHTBMTABAN AIR2006 Mashhad
Iran Air ToursB9IRBAIRTOUR1973 Mashhad-Tabriz
Caspian AirlinesRVCPNCASPIAN1993 Tehran-Imam Khomeini
Taftan Air-SBTTAFTAN2004 Zahedan
Atrak AirAKATRATRAK2013 Bojnord Airport
Karun AirlinesNVIRGNAFT1992 Ahwaz, Isfahan
Saha AirlinesIRZSAHA1990Tehran-Imam Khomeini
Sepehran AirlinesISSHISHIRAZI2016 Shiraz

Cargo Airlines

Fars Air Qeshm-QFZFARSAIR2003 Tehran-Imam Khomeini
Payam Air2FIRPPAYAMAIR2008 Karaj-Payam
Pouya Cargo Air-PYAPOUYA2008 Tehran-Mehrabad

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