List of airlines of China

This is a list of airlines which have a current Air Operator Certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (Chinese: 中国民用航空局).

Passenger Airlines

Domestic and International

Chinese Name IMAGE IATA ICAO Callsign Hub(s) Commenced


Air China中国国际航空CACCAAIR CHINABeijing Capital International Airport
Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Beijing Capital Airlines首都航空JDCBJCAPITAL JETBeijing Capital International Airport2010
China Eastern Airlines中国东方航空MUCESCHINA EASTERNShanghai Hongqiao International Airport
Shanghai Pudong International Airport
China Express Airlines华夏航空G5HXACHINA EXPRESSChongqing Jiangbei International Airport2006
China Southern Airlines中国南方航空CZCSNCHINA SOUTHERNGuangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Beijing Capital International Airport
Chongqing Airlines重庆航空OQCQNCHONG QINGChongqing Jiangbei International Airport2007
Donghai Airlines东海航空DZEPADONGHAI AIRShenzhen Bao'an International Airport2006
Hainan Airlines海南航空HUCHHHAINANHaikou Meilan International Airport
Beijing Capital International Airport
Hebei Airlines河北航空NSHBHHEBEI AIRShijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport2010
Juneyao Airlines吉祥航空HODKHAIR JUNEYAOShanghai Hongqiao International Airport
Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Kunming Airlines昆明航空KYKNAKUNMING AIRKunming Changshui International Airport2009
Lucky Air祥鹏航空8LLKELUCKY AIRKunming Changshui International Airport2004
Okay Airways奥凯航空BKOKAOKAYJETTianjin Binhai International Airport2005
Shandong Airlines山东航空SCCDGSHANDONGJinan Yaoqiang Airport1994
Shanghai Airlines上海航空FMCSHSHANGHAI AIRShanghai Hongqiao International Airport
Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Shenzhen Airlines深圳航空ZHCSZSHENZHEN AIRShenzhen Bao'an International Airport1993
Sichuan Airlines四川航空3UCSCSI CHUANChengdu Shuangliu International Airport
Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport
Spring Airlines春秋航空9CCQHAIR SPRINGShanghai Hongqiao International Airport2005
Tianjin Airlines天津航空GSGCRCHINA DRAGONTianjin Binhai International Airport2007
Tibet Airlines西藏航空TVTBATIBETLhasa Gonggar Airport
Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
West Air西部航空PNCHBWEST CHINAChongqing Jiangbei International Airport2010
XiamenAir厦门航空MFCXAXIAMEN AIRXiamen Gaoqi International Airport
Fuzhou Changle International Airport


Airline Chinese Name IMAGE IATA ICAO Callsign Hub(s) Commenced


9 Air九元航空AQJYH9 AIRGuangzhou Baiyun International Airport2015
Air Guilin桂林航空GTCGHWELKINGuilin Liangjiang International Airport2016
Air Chang'an长安航空9HCGNCHANGANXi'an Xianyang International Airport1992
Chengdu Airlines成都航空EUUEAJIN XIUChengdu Shuangliu International Airport2005
China Flying Dragon Aviation中国飞龙专业航空公司FLCFAFEILONGHarbin Taiping International Airport1981
China United Airlines中国联合航空KNCUALIANHANGBeijing Nanyuan Airport1986
China Xinhua Airlines中国新华航空XWCXHXINHUABeijing Capital International Airport1992
Colorful Guizhou Airlines多彩贵州航空GYCGZCOLORFULGuiyang Longdongbao International Airport2015
Dalian Airlines大连航空CACCDXIANGJIANDalian Zhoushuizi International Airport2011
Fuzhou Airlines福州航空FUFZASTRAIT AIRFuzhou Changle International Airport2014
Grand China Air大新华航空CNGDCGRAND CHINAHaikou Meilan International Airport2007
Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines北部湾航空GXCBGSPRAYNanning Wuxu International Airport2015
Hongtu Airlines云南红土航空A6HTUHONGLANDKunming Changshui International Airport2016
Jiangxi Air江西航空RYCJXAIR CRANENanchang Changbei International Airport2016
Joy Air幸福航空JRJOYJOY AIRXi'an Xianyang International Airport2009
Longjiang Airlines龙江航空Harbin International Airport2017
Loong Air长龙航空GJCDCHUALONGHangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport2012
Meiya Air美亚航空Sanya Phoenix International Airport2012
Nanshan Jet南山公务机Yantai Laishan Airport2011
Qingdao Airlines青岛航空QWQDASKY LEGENDQingdao Liuting International Airport2014
Ruili Airlines瑞丽航空DRRLHSENDIKunming Changshui International Airport2014
Urumqi Air乌鲁木齐航空UQCUHLOU LANUrumqi International Airport2014
Suparna Airlines金鹏航空Y8YZRYANGTZE RIVERShanghai Hongqiao International Airport2003
ZYB Lily Jet中一太客商务航空MZTShenyang Taoxian International Airport2008

Cargo Airlines

Airline Chinese Name IMAGE IATA ICAO Callsign Hub(s) Commenced


Air China Cargo中国国际货运航空CACAOAIRCHINA FREIGHTBeijing Capital International Airport
Shanghai Pudong International Airport
China Cargo Airlines中国货运航空CKCKKCARGO KINGShanghai Pudong International Airport
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
China Postal Airlines中国邮政航空8YCYZCHINA POST Nanjing Lukou International Airport1997
China Southern Cargo中国南方航空CZCSNCHINA SOUTHERNShanghai Pudong International Airport
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Donghai Airlines Cargo东海航空J5EPADONGHAI AIRShenzhen Bao'an International Airport2006
SF Airlines顺丰航空公司O3CSSSHUN FENGShenzhen Bao'an International Airport2009
Longhao AirlinesGILHAAIR CANTONGuangzhou Baiyun International Airport2015
Uni-Top Airlines友和道通航空UWUTPUNITOPWuhan Tianhe International Airport2009
YTO Cargo AirlinesYGHYTQUICK AIR2015

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