List of WAKO Amateur World Championships

W.A.K.O. held its first amateur world championships in 1978 in West Berlin,[1] after having previously staged two European championships the two years previously. It followed this with a second world championships a year later in Tampa, Florida. During the 1980s the world championships were held every other year except for in 1985 when a feud within the W.A.K.O. organization led to two versions of the championships being held on the same date – one in London, the other in Budapest.[2]

In the 1990s W.A.K.O. held its world championships intermittently with at least one every other year although in 1993 the organization again had a temporary political dispute which like 1985 meant two championships in one year.[3] Also, the outbreak of the Balkan War resulted in the 1995 world championships being moved to Kiev and in 1997 to Gdańsk.[4] By the turn-of-the-twemtieth-century, the organization began introducing two different world championships every two years - one typically covering forms of kickboxing such as full-contact, semi-contact and musical forms, while the other types such as Thai-boxing, low-kick kickboxing and later K-1 rules. Of late W.A.K.O. have begun to get involved with the SportAccord World Combat Games, hosting male and female full contact, semi contact and low kick kickboxing competitions at the 2010 event,[5] with the 2009 world championships (both events) being used as qualifiers.[6] [7]

List of World Championships

WAKO World Championships (Seniors and Masters)

W.A.K.O. Amateur Kickboxing World Championships

Edition Year Host City Country Events
11978West Berlin Germany7
21979Tampa United States14
31981Milan Italy7
41983London United Kingdom16
51985London United Kingdom22
51985Budapest Hungary20
61987Munich Germany24
71990Mestre Italy32
81991London United Kingdom28
91993Atlantic City United States34
91993Budapest Hungary30
101995Kiev Ukraine
111997Gdańsk Poland
121999Bishkek Kyrgyzstan
121999Caorle Italy66
132001Maribor Slovenia39
132001Belgrade Serbia and Montenegro42
142003Paris France+37
142003Yalta Ukraine
152005Agadir Morocco
152005Szeged Hungary
162007Belgrade Serbia
162007Coimbra Portugal
172009Villach Austria
172009Lignano Italy
182011Skopje Macedonia
182011Dublin Ireland
192013Guarujá Brazil
192013Antalya Turkey
202015Belgrade Serbia
202015Dublin Ireland
212017Budapest Hungary136

WAKO World Championships (Cadets and Juniors)

  • Cadets first time add to championship from 2004 (5th)
Edition Year Host City Country Events
62006Zadar Croatia
72008Naples Italy
82010Belgrade Serbia
92012Bratislava Slovakia
102014Rimini Italy
112016Dublin Ireland230

WAKO World University Championships (Students)

Edition Year Host City Country Events
12014Ufa Russia

All time medal table

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total

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