List of UniMás affiliates

UniMás is an American Spanish language broadcast television television network owned by Univision Communications, which was launched on January 14, 2002 as TeleFutura. As of October 2015, the network currently has 26 owned-and-operated stations, and current affiliation agreements with 19 other television stations.[1] UniMás maintains a national cable network feed that is distributed directly to cable, satellite and IPTV providers in various media markets not listed in this article, as an alternative method of distribution in areas without either the availability or the demand for a locally based owned-and-operated or affiliate station.

This article is a listing of current UniMás affiliates in the continental United States and U.S. possessions (including subchannel affiliates, satellite stations and select low-power translators), with outlets owned by network parent company Univision Communications separated from privately owned affiliates. All stations listed are arranged alphabetically by state, and based on the station's city of license and followed in parentheses by the Designated Market Area if it differs from the city of license. There are links to and articles on each of the broadcast stations and international channels, describing their histories, local programming and technical information, such as broadcast frequencies.

The station's virtual (PSIP) channel number follows the call letters. The table listing the network's owned-and-operated outlets displays the station's actual digital channel number in parentheses following the PSIP number; the digital channel number is listed as a separate column in the list of private affiliates.

Owned-and-operated stations


1) Two boldface plus signs appearing following a station's call letters (++) indicate a station that was owned by USA Broadcasting prior to its acquisition by Univision Communications in 2002;
2) This list does not include Univision Communications-owned stations affiliated with the Univision television network; a list is available in the article List of Univision affiliates.
City of license/market Station Channel
TV (DT)[1]
Year of affiliation Owned since
Douglas, Arizona KFTU-CD
(repeater of KFTU-DT)
18 (N/A) N/A N/A
FlagstaffPhoenix KFPH-DT[n1 1] 13 (13) 2002 2002
Tucson, Arizona KFTU-DT 3 (36) 2002 2002
Bakersfield, California KBTF-CD
[n1 2]
31 (31)
4 (44)
StocktonSacramentoModesto KTFK-DT 64 (26) 2004 2003
OntarioLos Angeles KFTR-DT ++ 46 (29) 2002 2002
PortervilleFresno KTFF-DT 61 (48) 2003 2003
VallejoSan FranciscoOaklandSan Jose KFSF-DT ++ 66 (34) 2002 2002
BoulderDenver KTFD-DT 50 (26) 2005 2002
HollywoodMiamiFort Lauderdale WAMI-DT ++ 69 (47) 2002 2002
MelbourneOrlandoDaytona Beach WOTF-DT[n1 3] 26 (49) 2002 2001
TampaSt. Petersburg WFTT-DT ++ 62 (25) 2002 2002
AthensAtlanta WUVG-DT2 ++ 34.2 (48) 2002 2002
AuroraChicago WXFT-DT ++ 60 (50) 2002 2002
MarlboroughBoston WUTF-DT ++[n1 3] 27 (29) 2002 2002
NewarkNew York City WFUT-DT ++ 68 (30) 2002 2002
SmithtownNew York City WFTY-DT ++
(satellite of WFUT-DT)
67 (23) 2002 2002
Albuquerque KTFQ-DT[n1 3] 41 (42) 2003 2003
FayettevilleRaleighDurham WTNC-LD[n1 4] 26 (40) N/A N/A
Cleveland WQHS-DT 61.2 (34) 2009 2002
VinelandPhiladelphia WFPA-CD[n1 5] 65 (29) 2002 2002
San JuanCaguas, Puerto Rico WLII-DT[n1 6] 11.2 (11) 2002 2005
Austin, TexasWacoKilleen KTFO-CD[n1 7] 31 (36) 2002 2002
IrvingDallasFort Worth KSTR-DT ++ 49 (48) 2002 2002
Alvin, TexasHouston, Texas KFTH-DT ++ 67 (36) 2002 2002
BlancoSan Antonio, Texas KNIC-DT[n1 8] 17 (18) 2006 2006
ProvoSalt Lake City, Utah KUTH-DT 32 (32) 2004 2008

UniMás-affiliated stations

Current affiliates

City of license/market Station Virtual
Year of
Owner Notes
(El CentroYuma, Arizona)
KAJB54.1362002Calipatria Broadcasting Company, LLC
(operated under a joint sales agreement by Entravision Communications)
ChicoReddingKKTF-LD30.1302002Sainte Partners II, L.P
EurekaKECA-LD29N/A2002Translator of KKTF-LD
IndioPalm SpringsKEVC-CD5.2362002Entravision Communications
KSMS-DT267.2312009Simulcast of KDJT-CD
San Diego, CaliforniaTijuana
Tecate, Baja California, Mexico
Santa BarbaraSanta Maria
San Luis Obispo
KPMR-DT238.2212009Simulcast of KTSB-CA
PuebloColorado SpringsKGHB-CD27.1272002Entravision Communications
KVSN-DT48.2482009Simulcast of KGHB-CD
HartfordNew HavenWUTH-CD47472002Entravision Communications
WUVN-DT318.3462009Simulcast of WUTH-CD
Washington, D.C.WMDO-CD47.1222005Entravision Communications
Fort MyersNaplesWUVF-LD18.2182002Media Vista Group, LLC
WLZE-LP51.2512002Translator of WUVF-LP/LD
Las VegasKELV-LD27152002Entravision Communications
KINC-DT215.2162009Simulcast of KELV-LD
PortlandKOXO-CD51412002WatchTV, Inc
NashvilleWLLC-LP42.2412014[n1 9]JKB Associates, Inc
Corpus ChristiKCRP-CD41412002Entravision Communications
El PasoKTFN65.1512002[n1 10]
KNVO-DT248.2492009Simulcast of KTFV-CD
San AngeloKEUS-LD41.2412013

Former affiliates

City of license/Market Station Channel
Years of affiliation Current status
Arlington, Virginia
Washington, D.C.
WFDC-DT 14 (15) 2002−2005 Univision owned station operated by Entravision Communications
Amarillo, Texas KAMT-LP 5 (50) 2005–2010 Defunct
San Angelo, Texas KEUS-LP 31 (31) 2002–2013 KANG-LP, a Univision affiliate owned by Entravision Communications

Notes and references

Station notes

  1. KFPH-DT's signal is rebroadcast on the second digital subchannel of co-owned Univision outlet KTVW-DT (virtual channel 33.2, digital channel 33).
  2. KBTF-CD's signal is rebroadcast on the third digital subchannel of co-owned Univision outlet KUVI-DT (virtual channel 45.3, digital channel 45).
  3. 1 2 3 Univision Communications holds the license to this station, though it is operated by Entravision Communications.
  4. WTNC-CD's signal is rebroadcast on the second digital subchannel of co-owned Univision outlet WUVG-DT (virtual channel 40.2, digital channel 38).
  5. WFPA-CD's signal is rebroadcast on the second digital subchannel of co-owned Univision outlet WUVP-DT (virtual channel 65.2, digital channel 29).
  6. WLII was operated by Univision Communications under a local marketing agreement with Raycom Media from 2002 to 2005, when Univision purchased the station.
  7. KTFO-CD's signal is rebroadcast on the second digital subchannel of co-owned Univision outlet KAKW-DT (virtual channel 62.2, digital channel 13).
  8. KNIC-DT is the only UniMás station to be built and signed on by Univision Communications.
  9. TeleFutura/UniMás was previously affiliated with WLLC's main channel from 2004 to 2014.
  10. KTFN's signal is rebroadcast on the second digital subchannel of co-owned Entravision outlet KINT-TV (virtual channel 26.2, digital channel 25).


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