List of Ukrainian oblasts and territories by area

This is a list of the Ukrainian oblasts and territories, in order of descending area.

RankingPrefectureArea (km²)
1Odesa Oblast33,310
2Dnipropetrovsk Oblast31,914
3Chernihiv Oblast31,865
4Kharkiv Oblast31,415
5Zhytomyr Oblast29,832
6Poltava Oblast28,748
7Kherson Oblast28,461
8Kiev Oblast28,131
9Zaporizhia Oblast27,180
10Luhansk Oblast26,684
11Donetsk Oblast26,517
12Vinnytsia Oblast26,513
14Mykolaiv Oblast24,598
15Kirovohrad Oblast24,588
16Sumy Oblast23,834
17Lviv Oblast21,833
18Cherkasy Oblast20,900
19Khmelnytskyi Oblast20,645
20Volyn Oblast20,144
21Rivne Oblast20,047
22Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast13,900
23Ternopil Oblast13,823
24Zakarpattia Oblast12,777
25Chernivtsi Oblast8,097
25Kiev (Municipality)839
26Autonomous Republic of Crimea[nb 1]26,081


  1. Since the 2014 Crimean crisis, the status of the Crimea and of the city of Sevastopol is under dispute between Russia and Ukraine; Ukraine and the majority of the international community considers the Crimea and Sevastopol an integral part of Ukraine, while Russia, on the other hand, considers the Crimea and Sevastopol an integral part of Russia, with Sevastopol functioning as a federal city (Russian authorities are in control of both).[1]


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