List of Russian bandy champions

Russian bandy champion (Russian: Чемпион России по хоккею с мячом) is a title held by the winners of the final of the highest Russian bandy league played each year, currently the Bandy Super League.

The championship is for men's teams. There is also a women's bandy championship.

The Russian championship is seen as a direct continuation of the Soviet Union championship. Many Russian bandy clubs were formed during the Soviet years. Therefore, this list also include the Soviet Union champions until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.


The first national bandy championship in the then Soviet Union was held in 1936 but wasn't resumed for the next 14 years. Starting in 1950, the Soviet Union Bandy Championship became annual and continued to exist up until the 1990-91 season, when mid-season, the Soviet Union was dissolved, so the 1991 champion was instead named Champion of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

For the following season, 1991-92, the Russian Bandy League was formed and the champion has since become Russian Champion. The league is ended with a play-off for the Russian Bandy Championship. Starting with the 2011-12 season, the league was rearranged and renamed the Russian Bandy Super League.

Until the 2008-09 season, a bronze game was held, but since then, the third place is shared by the two semi-final losing teams.

List of winners

Soviet Union Champions

SeasonGold medalistsSilver medalistsBronze medalists
1936Dynamo MoscowYagoda TK BolshevDynamo Leningrad
SeasonGold medalistsSilver medalistsBronze medalists
1950SKA SverdlovskDynamo MoscowSpartak Moscow
1951Dynamo MoscowSKA SverdlovskSpartak Moscow
1952Dynamo MoscowLenin IVF LeningradSKA Sverdlovsk
1953SKA SverdlovskODO RigaTraktor Krasnoyarsk
1954CDSA MoscowDynamo MoscowBurevestnik Moscow
1955CDSA MoscowSKA SverdlovskODO Khabarovsk
1955–56SKA SverdlovskCDSA MoscowDynamo Moscow
1956–57CSK MO MoscowSKA SverdlovskBurevestnik Moscow
1957–58OSK SverdlovskCSK MO MoscowBurevestnik Moscow
1958–59SKVO SverdlovskDynamo MoscowCSK MO Moscow
1959–60SKA SverdlovskCSKA MoscowDynamo Moscow
1960–61Dynamo MoscowSKA SverdlovskCSK MO Moscow
1961–62SKA SverdlovskCSK MO MoscowDynamo Moscow
1962–63Dynamo MoscowSKA SverdlovskVympel Kaliningrad
1963–64Dynamo MoscowSKA KhabarovskSKA Sverdlovsk
1964–65Dynamo MoscowSKA SverdlovskSKA Khabarovsk
1965–66SKA SverdlovskDynamo MoscowDynamo Alma-Ata
1966–67Dynamo MoscowSKA SverdlovskDynamo Alma-Ata
1967–68SKA SverdlovskDynamo MoscowSKA Khabarovsk
1968–69Dynamo MoscowSKA SverdlovskSKA Khabarovsk
1969–70Dynamo MoscowSKA KhabarovskSKA Sverdlovsk
1970–71SKA SverdlovskDynamo MoscowDynamo Alma-Ata
1971–72Dynamo MoscowVolga UlyanovskSKA Khabarovsk
1972–73Dynamo MoscowDynamo Alma-AtaKuzbass Kemerovo
1973–74SKA SverdlovskDynamo MoscowDynamo Alma-Ata
1974–75Dynamo MoscowDynamo Alma-AtaSKA Sverdlovsk
1975–76Dynamo MoscowDynamo Alma-AtaVolga Ulyanovsk
1976–77Dynamo Alma-AtaDynamo MoscowVolga Ulyanovsk
1977–78Dynamo MoscowDynamo Alma-AtaYenisey Krasnoyarsk
1978–79Zorky KrasnogorskDynamo Alma-AtaSKA Khabarovsk
1979–80Yenisey KrasnoyarskStart GorkyZorky Krasnogorsk
1980–81Yenisey KrasnoyarskDynamo Alma-AtaSKA Khabarovsk
1981–82Yenisey KrasnoyarskSKA KhabarovskZorky Krasnogorsk
1982–83Yenisey KrasnoyarskZorky KrasnogorskDynamo Alma-Ata
1983–84Yenisey KrasnoyarskDynamo MoscowSKA Khabarovsk
1984–85Yenisey KrasnoyarskZorky KrasnogorskSKA Khabarovsk
1985–86Yenisey KrasnoyarskSKA KhabarovskDynamo Moscow
1986–87Yenisey KrasnoyarskDynamo MoscowZorky Krasnogorsk
1987–88Yenisey KrasnoyarskDynamo MoscowSKA Khabarovsk
1988–89Yenisey KrasnoyarskSKA KhabarovskZorky Krasnogorsk
1989–90Dynamo Alma-AtaYenisey KrasnoyarskSKA Sverdlovsk
1990–91Yenisey KrasnoyarskZorky KrasnogorskDynamo Moscow

Commonwealth of Independent States Champions

SeasonGold medalistsSilver medalistsBronze medalists
1991–92Zorky KrasnogorskSKA-Zenit YekaterinburgDynamo Alma-Ata

Russian Champions

YearGold medalistsSilver medalistsBronze medalists
1994Zorky KrasnogorskStroitel SyktyvkarVodnik Arkhangelsk
1994SKA-Zenit YekaterinburgSibselmash NovosibirskSayany Abakan
1995Sibselmash NovosibirskStart Nizhny NovgorodSibskana Irkutsk
1996Vodnik ArkhangelskSibselmash NovosibirskStart Nizhny Novgorod
1997Vodnik ArkhangelskSibselmash NovosibirskVolga Ulyanovsk
1998Vodnik ArkhangelskSibskana IrkutskStart Nizhny Novgorod
1999Vodnik ArkhangelskYenisey KrasnoyarskSibskana Irkutsk
2000Vodnik ArkhangelskYenisey KrasnoyarskStart Nizhny Novgorod
2001Yenisey KrasnoyarskVodnik ArkhangelskKuzbass Kemerovo
2002Vodnik ArkhangelskStart Nizhny NovgorodKuzbass Kemerovo
2003Vodnik ArkhangelskYenisey KrasnoyarskKuzbass Kemerovo
2004Vodnik ArkhangelskKuzbass KemerovoZorky Krasnogorsk
2005Vodnik ArkhangelskKuzbass KemerovoSKA-Neftyanik Khabarovsk
2006Dynamo MoscowKuzbass KemerovoRodina Kirov
2007Dynamo MoscowZorky KrasnogorskKuzbass Kemerovo
2008Dynamo MoscowZorky KrasnogorskKuzbass Kemerovo
2009Dynamo MoscowKuzbass KemerovoDynamo Kazan
2010Dynamo MoscowZorky KrasnogorskKuzbass Kemerovo
Yenisey Krasnoyarsk
2011Dynamo KazanDynamo MoscowZorky Krasnogorsk
2012Dynamo MoscowDynamo KazanYenisey Krasnoyarsk
Zorky Krasnogorsk
2013Dynamo MoscowZorky KrasnogorskDynamo Kazan
Yenisey Krasnoyarsk
2014Yenisey KrasnoyarskDynamo MoscowDynamo Kazan
Zorky Krasnogorsk
2015Yenisey KrasnoyarskDynamo MoscowBaykal-Energiya Irkutsk
SKA-Neftyanik Khabarovsk
2016Yenisey KrasnoyarskBaykal-Energiya IrkutskDynamo Moscow
SKA-Neftyanik Khabarovsk
2017SKA-Neftyanik KhabarovskBaykal-Energiya IrkutskYenisey Krasnoyarsk
2018SKA-Neftyanik KhabarovskYenisey KrasnoyarskBaykal-Energiya Irkutsk


Number of titles per club

22Dynamo Moscow1936, 1951, 1952, 1961, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1969, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1976, 1978, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013
15Yenisey Krasnoyarsk1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991, 2001, 2014, 2015, 2016
12SKA-Sverdlovsk1950, 1953, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1962, 1966, 1968, 1971, 1974, 1994
9Vodnik Arkhangelsk1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
3CDSA/CSK MO Moscow1954, 1955, 1957
2Dynamo Alma-Ata1977, 1990
Zorky Krasnogorsk1979, 1992
SKA-Neftyanik2017, 2018
1Sibselmash Novosibirsk1995
Dynamo Kazan2011
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