List of Presidents of Romania by time in office

This is a list of Presidents of Romania by time in office. This is based on the difference between dates; if counted by number of calendar days all the figures would be one greater.

The party in the table below denote the party that sustained the candidacy, as the President is forbidden to be a member of any party. Still, Nicolae Ceauşescu was President under a different constitution, and he was both a member of the PCR and President of Romania. Also, Traian Băsescu was the only President suspended twice.

Nº in office President Political party Time in office Rank
1st Nicolae Ceauşescu PCR 15 years, 276 days 1
2nd Ion Iliescu FSN/PSD 10 years, 343 days 2
4th Traian Băsescu D.A. (PD/PDL) 10 years, 0 days1 3
3rd Emil Constantinescu CDR (PNȚ-CD) 4 years, 33 days 4
5th Klaus Johannis PNL 3 years, 229 days 5
Crin Antonescu (interim) PNL 48 days
Nicolae Văcăroiu (interim) PSD 31 days


1 Suspended from office for 31 days in 2007, then once more in 2012 for 48 days.

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