List of Philadelphia Eagles broadcasters

The Eagles games were first broadcast in 1939 on WCAU (as in Where Cheer Awaits U] and have been continuously broadcast since. Beginning with the 2008 season, Eagles games were broadcast on both WYSP (now WIP-FM) and Sports Radio 610 WIP, as both stations are owned and operated by CBS Radio. Merrill Reese, who joined the Eagles in the mid-1970s, is the play-by-play announcer, and former Eagles wide receiver Mike Quick is the color analyst. Former Eagles linebacker Bill Bergey is among several Eagles post-game commentators on the FM.

Most preseason games are televised on WPVI, the local ABC owned and operated station. Television announcers for these preseason games are Scott Graham and Brian Baldinger. For the 2015 season, NBC owned and operated station, WCAU would take over the preseason games from ABC owned WPVI with the new broadcasters that are yet to be announced.

Eagles radio announcers

Years Flagship station Play-by-Play Color Commentator
1939 WCAU Taylor Grant Bob Hall and Harry McTique
1940-41 WCAU Byrum Saam Bob Hall
1942-44 WCAU Byrum Saam Chuck Thompson
1945 WCAU Byrum Saam Claude Haring
1946-49 WIBG Byrum Saam Claude Haring
1950 WPEN Franny Murray Del Parks and Jules Rind
1951 WCAU Bill Sears
1952-54 WCAU Byrum Saam Claude Haring
1955 WCAU Byrum Saam Claude Haring and Bill Bransome
1956 WCAU Bill Campbell Bill Bransome
1957 WCAU Bill Campbell Bill Bransome and Ed Romance
1958-59 WCAU Bill Campbell Bill Bransome
1960 WCAU Bill Campbell Ed Harvey and Russ Hall
1961 WCAU Bill Campbell Ed Harvey, Russ Hall, Jack Buck, or Tommy Roberts
1962 WCAU Bill Campbell Bobby Thomason and Tom Brookshier
1963 WCAU Bill Campbell Tom Brookshier
1964 WCAU Bill Campbell Byrum Saam and Tom Brookshier
1965 WCAU Andy Musser Charlie Gauer and Stan Hochman
1966-67 WCAU Andy Musser Charlie Gauer and Ed Harvey
1968 WCAU Andy Musser Charlie Gauer
1969 WIP Charlie Swift Clarence Peaks and Thacher Longstreth
1970 WIP Charlie Swift Al Pollard, Clarence Peaks, or Thacher Longstreth
1971-76 WIP Charlie Swift Al Pollard
1977 WIP Charlie Swift
Merrill Reese
Merrill Reese
Herb Adderley
1978-81 WIP Merrill Reese Jim Barniak
1982 WIP Merrill Reese Jim Barniak and Bill Bergey
1983 WIP Merrill Reese Bill Bergey
1984-91 WIP Merrill Reese Stan Walters
1992-97 WYSP Merrill Reese Stan Walters
1998-2007 WYSP Merrill Reese Mike Quick
2008-Present WIP-AM/WTEL and WYSP/WIP-FM Merrill Reese Mike Quick
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