List of New Jersey Devils draft picks

The New Jersey Devils are a professional ice hockey team based in Newark, New Jersey. The club was founded in Kansas City, Missouri, as the Kansas City Scouts in 1974, moved to Denver, Colorado, as the Colorado Rockies after only two seasons, and then settled in New Jersey in 1982. Since arriving in New Jersey, the Devils have drafted 324 players.

New Jersey's first draft pick was Rocky Trottier, taken eighth overall in the 1982 NHL Entry Draft. Fourteen picks would go on to play over 1,000 NHL games: Brendan Shanahan, Pat Verbeek, Kirk Muller, Ken Daneyko, Scott Niedermayer, Brian Rolston, Martin Brodeur, John MacLean, Bill Guerin, Eric Weinrich, Patrik Elias, Petr Sykora, Steve Sullivan and Jason Smith.

By nationality, the Devils have drafted 156 Canadians, 92 Americans, 26 Russians, 14 Swedes, 11 Finns, nine Czechs, six Slovaks, three Germans, one Briton, one Kazakh, one Latvian, one Pole, one Austrian, one Belarusian, and one Swiss. The Devils have drafted 12 players from the Oshawa Generals of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), more than from any other team; the OHL also comprises the greatest number of draftees by league for the Devils, as 69 OHL players have been drafted. 184 forwards, 110 defensemen and 30 goaltenders have been drafted.

The Devils hosted the 2013 NHL Entry Draft at their home arena, the Prudential Center, in Newark, New Jersey.[1] It was here where the Devils traded their first round selection, the ninth overall, to the Vancouver Canucks to acquire starting goaltender Cory Schneider.[1]

After winning the 2017 NHL Entry Draft lottery, the Devils selected Swiss center Nico Hischier with the team's first ever first overall pick.


Draft picks

Statistics are complete as of the 2017–18 NHL season and show each player's career regular season totals in the NHL. Wins, losses, ties, overtime losses and goals against average apply to goaltenders and are used only for players at that position. This list includes players drafted by the team in New Jersey only.

Year Round Pick Player Nationality Pos GP G A Pts PIM W L T OT GAA
198218Rocky Trottier CanadaC3864102
1982118Ken Daneyko CanadaD1283361421782516
1982343Pat Verbeek CanadaRW142452254110632905
1982354Dave Kasper CanadaC
1982585Scott Brydges United StatesD
19826106Mike Moher CanadaRW901128
19827127Paul Fulcher CanadaLW
19828148John Hutchings CanadaD
19829169Alan Hepple Great BritainD
198210190Brent Shaw CanadaRW
198211211Scott Fusco United StatesC
198212232Dan Dorion United StatesRW41122
198316John MacLean CanadaRW11944134298421331
1983224Shawn Evans CanadaD91012
1983585Chris Terreri United StatesG4060131337151172433.07
19836105Gord Mark CanadaD8531013187
19837125Greg Evtushevski CanadaRW
19838145Viacheslav Fetisov RussiaD54636192228656
19839165Jay Octeau United StatesD
198310185Aleksandr Chernykh RussiaC
198311205Alan Stewart CanadaLW646410243
198312225Alexei Kasatonov RussiaD38338122160326
198412Kirk Muller CanadaC13493576029591223
1984223Craig Billington CanadaG33206642110149313.63
1984344Neil Davey United StatesD
1984474Paul Ysebaert CanadaLW532149187336217
1984586Jon Morris United StatesC10316334947
19846107Kirk McLean CanadaG6120232358245261723.26
19847128Ian Ferguson CanadaD
19848149Vladimir Kames Czech RepublicC
19849170Mike Roth United StatesD
198410190Mike Peluso United StatesD4583852901951
198411211Jarkko Piiparinen FinlandLW
198412231Chris Kiene United StatesD
198513Craig Wolanin United StatesD69540133173894
1985224Sean Burke CanadaG8200282831032434110192.96
1985232Eric Weinrich United StatesD115770318388825
1985345Myles O'Connor CanadaD4334769
1985466Greg Polak United StatesLW
19856108Bill McMillan CanadaRW
19857129Kevin Schrader United StatesD
19858150Ed Krayer United StatesLW
19859171Jamie Huscroft CanadaD352533381065
198510192Terry Shold United StatesLW
198511213Jamie McKinley CanadaRW
198512234David Williams United StatesD173115364157
198613Neil Brady CanadaC899223195
1986224Todd Copeland United StatesD
1986345Janne Ojanen FinlandC9821234428
1986362Marc Laniel CanadaD
1986466Anders Carlsson SwedenC1047263334
19866108Troy Crowder CanadaRW1509716433
19867129Kevin Todd CanadaC38370133203225
19868150Ryan Pardoski CanadaLW
19869171Scott McCormack United StatesD
198610192Frederic Chabot CanadaG3200024842.95
198611213John Andersen CanadaC
198612236Doug Kirton CanadaRW
1986S113Glen Engevik CanadaRW
1986S214Tim Barakett United StatesRW
198712Brendan Shanahan CanadaLW152465669813542489
1987223Ricard Persson SwedenD229104454262
1987465Brian Sullivan United StatesRW20110
1987586Kevin Dean United StatesD33174855138
19876107Ben Hankinson United StatesRW4333645
19877128Tom Neziol CanadaLW
19878149Jim Dowd United StatesC72871168239390
19879170John Blessman CanadaD
198710191Pete Fry CanadaG
198711212Alain Charland CanadaC
1987S110John Walker GermanyLW
1987S211Jeff Madill CanadaRW1440446
1988112Corey Foster CanadaD45561124
1988223Jeff Christian CanadaLW1822417
1988354Zdeno Ciger SlovakiaLW35294134228101
1988465Matt Ruchty CanadaLW
1988475Scott Luik CanadaRW
1988596Chris Nelson United StatesD
19886117Chad Johnson United StatesC
19887138Chad Erickson United StatesG200001104.50
19888159Bryan LaFort United StatesG
19889180Sergei Svetlov RussiaRW
198810201Bob Woods CanadaD
198810207Alexander Semak RussiaC2898391174187
198811222Chuck Hughes United StatesG
198812243Michael Pohl GermanyC
1988S317Tim Budy United StatesLW
198915Bill Guerin United StatesRW11854084038111585
1989118Jason Miller CanadaC60000
1989226Jarrod Skalde CanadaC11513213462
1989347Scott Pellerin CanadaLW53672126198320
1989589Mike Heinke United StatesG
19896110David Emma United StatesRW3456112
19898152Sergei Starikov RussiaD160118
19899173Andre Faust CanadaLW471071714
198911215Jason Simon CanadaLW500034
198912236Peter Larsson SwedenC
1989S15C. J. Young United StatesRW43771432
1989S210Mark Romaine United StatesG
1990120Martin Brodeur CanadaG126624547122691397105492.24
1990224David Harlock CanadaD21221416188
1990229Chris Gotziaman United StatesRW
1990353Mike Dunham United StatesG394055161411783952.74
1990356Brad Bombardir CanadaD35684654127
1990464Mike Bodnarchuk CanadaRW
1990595Dean Malkoc CanadaD116134299
19905104Petr Kuchyna Czech RepublicD
19906116Lubomir Kolnik SlovakiaRW
19907137Chris McAlpine United StatesD28962430245
19909179Jaroslav Modry Czech RepublicD72549201250510
199010200Corey Schwab CanadaG147066534263132.89
199011221Valeri Zelepukin RussiaLW595117177294527
199012242Todd Reirden United StatesD183113546181
1990S315Mike Haviland United StatesRW
199113Scott Niedermayer CanadaD1263172568740784
1991111Brian Rolston United StatesLW1256342419761472
1991233Donevan Hextall CanadaC
1991355Fredrik Bremberg SwedenRW80002
1991477Brad Willner United StatesD
19916121Curtis Regnier CanadaLW
19917143Dave Craievich CanadaD
19918165Paul Wolanski CanadaD
19919187Dan Reimann United StatesD
199111231Kevin Riehl CanadaC
199112253Jason Hehr CanadaD
1991S317Rob Kruhlak United StatesG
1992118Jason Smith CanadaD1008411281691099
1992242Sergei Brylin RussiaC765129179308273
1992366Cale Hulse CanadaD6191679951000
1992490Vitali Tomilin RussiaC
1992494Scott McCabe United StatesD
19925114Ryan Black CanadaLW
19926138Dan Trebil United StatesD8544832
19927162Geordie Kinnear CanadaD400013
19928186Stephane Yelle CanadaC99196169265490
19929210Jeff Toms CanadaLW23622335559
199210234Heath Weenk CanadaD
199211258Vladislav Yakovenko RussiaLW
1993113Denis Pederson CanadaC4355771128398
1993232Jay Pandolfo United StatesLW899100126226164
1993239Brendan Morrison CanadaC934200401601452
1993365Krzysztof Oliwa Poland4101728451447
19935110John Guirestante CanadaRW
19936143Steve Brule CanadaRW20000
19937169Nikolai Zavarukhin RussiaC
19938195Thom Cullen CanadaD
19939221Judd Lambert CanadaG
199310247Jimmy Provencher CanadaRW
199311273Mike Legg CanadaRW
1994125Vadim Sharifijanov RussiaLW9216213750
1994251Patrik Elias Czech RepublicLW12404086171025549
1994371Sheldon Souray CanadaD7581091913001145
19944103Zdenek Skorepa Czech RepublicLW
19945129Christian Gosselin CanadaD
19946134Ryan Smart United StatesC
19946155Luciano Caravaggio CanadaG
19947181Jeff Williams CanadaLW
19948207Eric Bertrand CanadaLW150004
19949233Steve Sullivan CanadaC1011290457747587
199410259Scott Swanjord United StatesG
199411269Mike Hanson United StatesC
1995118Petr Sykora Czech RepublicC1017323398721455
1995244Nathan Perrott CanadaRW89459251
1995370Sergei Vyshedkevich RussiaD3025716
1995378David Gosselin CanadaLW1321311
1995479Alyn McCauley CanadaC4886997166116
1995496Henrik Rehnberg SwedenD
19955122Chris Mason CanadaG317134121371131312.66
19956148Adam Young CanadaLW
19957174Richard Rochefort CanadaC
19958200Frederic Henry CanadaG
19959226Colin O'Hara CanadaD
1996110Lance Ward CanadaD20941216391
1996238Wes Mason CanadaLW
1996241Josh DeWolf United StatesD
1996247Pierre Dagenais CanadaLW2847046116116
1996249Colin White CanadaD79721108129869
1996363Scott Parker CanadaRW30871421699
1996491Josef Boumedienne SwedenD474121636
19964101Josh MacNevin CanadaD
19965118Glenn Crawford CanadaLW
19966145Sean Ritchlin United StatesRW
19967173Daryl Andrews CanadaD
19968199Willie Mitchell CanadaD90734146180787
19968205Jay Bertsch CanadaRW
19969225Pasi Petrilainen FinlandD
1997124Jean-Francois Damphousse CanadaG600001302.45
1997238Stanislav Gron SlovakiaLW10000
19974104Lucas Nehrling CanadaD
19975131Jiri Bicek SlovakiaLW62671329
19976159Sascha Goc GermanyD220004
19977188Mathieu Benoit CanadaRW
19978215Scott Clemmensen United StatesG191022473590242.79
19979241Jan Srdinko Czech RepublicD
1998126Mike Van Ryn CanadaD3533099129260
1998127Scott Gomez United StatesC1079181575756655
1998237Christian Berglund SwedenC8611162742
1998382Brian Gionta United StatesRW1026291304595377
1998496Mikko Jokela FinlandD10000
19984105Pierre Dagenais CanadaLW14235235858
19985119Anton But RussiaLW
19985143Ryan Flinn CanadaLW3110184
19986172Jacques Lariviere CanadaLW
19987199Erik Jensen United StatesRW
19988227Marko Ahosilta FinlandC
19989257Ryan Held CanadaC
1999127Ari Ahonen FinlandG
1999242Mike Commodore CanadaD4842383106683
1999250Brett Clouthier CanadaLW
1999395Andre Lakos AustriaD
19994100Teemu Kesa FinlandD
19996185Scott Cameron CanadaLW
19997214Chris Hartsburg United StatesC
19998242Justin Dziama United StatesRW
2000122David Hale United StatesD32742529242
2000239Teemu Laine FinlandRW
2000256Alexander Suglobov RussiaRW181014
2000257Matt DeMarchi United StatesD
2000262Paul Martin United StatesD87050270320238
2000367Max Birbraer KazakhstanLW
2000376Michael Rupp United StatesLW609544599855
20004125Phil Cole CanadaD
20005135Mike Danton CanadaC879514182
20005164Matus Kostur SlovakiaG
20006194Deryk Engelland CanadaD5482782109524
20007198Ken Magowan CanadaLW
20008257Warren McCutcheon CanadaC
2001128Adrian Foster CanadaC
2001244Igor Pohanka SlovakiaC
2001248Tuomas Pihlman FinlandLW1511212
2001260Victor Uchevatov RussiaD
2001367Robin Leblanc CanadaRW
2001372Brandon Nolan CanadaC60110
20014128Andrei Posnov RussiaLW
20015163Andreas Salomonsson SwedenLW71591436
20016194James Massen United StatesRW
20018229Aaron Voros CanadaRW162181937395
20018257Evgeny Gamalei RussiaRW
2002251Anton Kadeykin RussiaD
2002253Barry Tallackson United StatesRW201122
2002364Jason Ryznar United States80002
2002384Marek Chvatal Czech RepublicD
2002385Ahren Nittel CanadaLW
20024117Cam Janssen United StatesRW3366814774
20025154Krisjanis Redlihs LatviaD
20026187Eric Johansson CanadaC
20027218Ilkka Pikkarainen FinlandRW3113410
20028250Dan Glover CanadaD
20029281Bill Kinkel United StatesLW
2003117Zach Parise United StatesC872333352685344
2003242Petr Vrana Czech RepublicC161012
2003393Ivan Khomutov RussiaC
20035167Zach Tarkir United StatesD
20036197Jason Smith CanadaG
20038261Joey Tenute CanadaC10000
20039292Arseny Bondarev RussiaLW
2004120Travis Zajac CanadaC842167294461290
20045155Alexander Mikhailishin RussiaD
20046185Josh Disher CanadaG
20047216Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond CanadaRW41033101
20047217Tyler Eckford CanadaD70114
20048250Nathan Perkovich United StatesRW
20049282Valeri Klimov RussiaD
2005123Niclas Bergfors SwedenRW17335488320
2005238Jeff Frazee United StatesG100000.00
2005384Mark Fraser CanadaD21941822302
2005499Patrick Davis United StatesLW91010
20055155Mark Fayne United StatesD389174865131
20056170Sean Zimmerman United StatesD
20057218Alexander Sundstrom SwedenC
2006130Matt Corrente CanadaD3406668
2006258Alexander Vasyunov RussiaLW181450
2006367Kirill Tulupov
2006377Vladimir Zharkov RussiaRW822121410
20064107T. J. Miller United StatesD
20065148Olivier Magnan CanadaD180004
20066178Tony Romano United StatesC
20067208Kyell Henegan CanadaRW
2007257Mike Hoeffel United StatesLW
2007379Nick Palmieri United StatesRW8713122520
2007387Corbin McPherson United StatesD
20074117Matthew Halischuk CanadaRW28033427557
20076177Vili Sopanen FinlandRW
20077207Ryan Molle CanadaD
2008124Mattias Tedenby SwedenLW12010203042
2008252Brandon Burlon CanadaD
2008254Patrice Cormier CanadaC4914518
2008382Adam Henrique CanadaC512142151293158
20084112Matt Delahey CanadaD
20085142Kory Nagy CanadaC
20086172David Wohlberg United StatesC
20087202Harry Young CanadaD
20087205Jean-Sebastien Berube CanadaLW
2009120Jacob Josefson SwedenC31520446484
2009254Eric Gelinas CanadaD18914415592
2009373Alexander Urbom SwedenD3431428
20094114Seth Helgeson United StatesD5013450
20095144Derek Rodwell CanadaLW
20096174Ashton Bernard CanadaLW
20097204Curtis Gedig CanadaD
2010238Jon Merrill United StatesD25073239110
2010384Scott Wedgewood CanadaG24710053.05
20104114Joe Faust United StatesD
20106174Maxime Clermont CanadaG
20107204Mauro Jorg  SwitzerlandD
201114Adam Larsson SwedenD4161784101244
2011375Blake Coleman United StatesC10214132777
2011499Reid Boucher United StatesC13220224218
20115129Blake Pietila United StatesLW191236
20116159Reece Scarlett CanadaD
20117189Patrick Daly United StatesD
2012129Stefan Matteau United StatesC6434727
2012260Damon Severson CanadaD279187593154
2012390Ben Johnson United StatesLW
2012496Ben Thomson CanadaLW
20125135Graham Black CanadaC
20125150Alexander Kerfoot CanadaC7919244328
20126180Artur Gavrus BelarusLW
2013242Steven Santini United StatesD754131737
2013373Ryan Kujawinski CanadaC
20134100Miles Wood United StatesLW137272249170
20136160Myles Bell CanadaLW
20137208Anthony Brodeur United StatesG
2014130John Quenneville CanadaC141342
2014242Josh Jacobs United StatesD
2014371Connor Chatham CanadaRW
20145131Ryan Rehill CanadaD
20146152Joey Dudek United StatesC
20146161Brandon Baddock CanadaLW
201516Pavel Zacha Czech RepublicC14016355149
2015242Mackenzie Blackwood CanadaG
2015367Blake Speers CanadaC30000
2015497Colton White CanadaD
20156157Brett Seney CanadaLW
2016112Michael McLeod CanadaC
2016241Nathan Bastian CanadaRW
2016373Joey Anderson United StatesRW
2016380Brandon Gignac CanadaC
20164102Mikhail Maltsev RussiaLW
20164105Evan Cormier CanadaG
20165132Yegor Rykov RussiaD
20166162Jesper Bratt SwedenLW7413223518
20167192Jeremy Davies CanadaD
201711Nico Hischier  SwitzerlandC8220325226
2017236Jesper Boqvist SwedenC
2017363Fabian Zetterlund SwedenC
2017381Reily Walsh United StatesD
2017498Nikita Popugayev RussiaRW
20175129Gilles Senn  SwitzerlandG
20175143Marian Studenic SlovakiaRW
20176160Aarne Talvitie FinlandC
20177191Jocktan Chainey CanadaD
20177205Yegor Zaitsev RussiaD
20177214Matthew Hellickson United StatesD
2018117Ty Smith CanadaD

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