List of Monuments of National Importance in Haryana

This is a list of Monuments of National Importance (ASI) as officially recognized by and available through the website of the Archaeological Survey of India in the Indian state Haryana.[1] The monument identifier is a combination of the abbreviation of the subdivision of the list (state, ASI circle) and the numbering as published on the website of the ASI. 90 Monuments of National Importance have been recognized by the ASI in Haryana.[2]

List of monuments of national importance

SL. No. Description Location Address District Coordinates Image
N-HR-1 Ambala Kos Minar Ambala city Ambala district
N-HR-2 Naurangabad mound Naurangabad Bhiwani district
N-HR-3 Alapur Kos Minar No. 18 Alapur Palwal district
N-HR-4 Anagpur Dam Surajkund Faridabad district
N-HR-5 Aurangabad Kos Minar No. 22 Aurangabad Palwal district
N-HR-6 Banchari Kos Minar No. 24 Banchari Palwal district
N-HR-7 Banchari Kos Minar No. 25 Banchari Palwal district
N-HR-8 Bhulwana Kos Minar No. 27 Bhulwana Palwal district
N-HR-9 Gadhpuri Kos Minar No. 16 Gadhpuri Palwal district
N-HR-10 Gadhpuri Kos Minar No. 17 Gadhpuri Palwal district
N-HR-11 Hodal Kos Minar No. 26 Hodal Palwal
N-HR-12 Khatela Sarai Kos Minar No. 23 Khatela Sarai Palwal district
N-HR-13 Bamani Khera Kos Minar No. 21 Bamani Khera
(Khera Sarai, old name)
Palwal district
N-HR-14 Khusropur Kos Minar No. 20 Khusropur (Kusali pur) Palwal district
N-HR-15 Faridabad Kos Minar No. 10 Khawaza Sarai
(Ghosi pur Sarai)
sector 37, city Faridabad district
N-HR-16 Buriya Nala Mughal bridge Khawaza Sarai
(Ghosi pur Sarai)
sector 37, city Faridabad district
N-HR-17 Surajkund Masonry Lakkarpur locality in Faridabad Faridabad
N-HR-18 Faridabad Kos Minar No. 11 Mawai Sector - 29, Faridabad city Faridabad
N-HR-19 Faridabad Kos Minar No. 13 Mujesar Sector 24 of Faridabad city Faridabad
N-HR-20 Palwal Kos Minar No. 19 Palwal city Palwal district
N-HR-21 Sikri Fridabad Kos Minar No. 15 Sikri Ballabhgarh tehsil Faridabad district
N-HR-22 Ancient site Banawali (Sjotar) Fatehabad district
N-HR-23 Fatehabad Humaun's Mosque Fatehabad Fatehabad district
N-HR-24 Ashoka Lat of Feroz Shah Fatehabad city Fatehabad district
N-HR-25 Baoli Ghaus Ali Shah Farrukhnagar Gurgaon district
N-HR-26 Mosque of Ala Vardi Khan Sarai Ala Vardi Khan Gurgaon district
N-HR-27 Agroha Mound Agroha city Hisar district
N-HR-28 Barsi gate Hansi city Hisar district
N-HR-29 Asigarh Fort (Prithviraj Chauhan's Fort) Hansi city Hisar district
N-HR-30 Ferozshah Palace & Tehkhana Hisar city Hisar district
N-HR-31 Gujri Mahal Hisar city Hisar district
N-HR-32 Lat ki Masjid Hisar city Hisar district
N-HR-33 Rakhigarhi Indus Valley Civilization site Rakhigarhi Hisar district
N-HR-34 Bhaini Kalan Kos Minar Bhaini Kalan Karnal district
N-HR-35 Daha Kos Minar Daha, Karnal Karnal district
N-HR-36 Gharuanda Gateways of Old Mughal Sarai Gharaunda Karnal district
N-HR-37 Gharaunda north Kos Minar Gharaunda (North) Karnal district
N-HR-38 Gharaunda south Kos Minar Gharaunda (South) Karnal district
N-HR-39 Karnal Cantonment Church Tower Karnal city Karnal district
N-HR-40 Karnal European Soldier's Grave Karnal city Karnal district
N-HR-41 Karnal Namaste Chowk Kos Minar Karnal city Namaste Chowk Karnal district
N-HR-42 Karnal city Kos Minar Karnal city Area Karnal district
N-HR-43 Kohande Kos Minar Kohande Karnal district
N-HR-44 Kutail Kos Minar Kutail Karnal district
N-HR-45 Taraori north Kos Minar Taraori (North) Karnal district
N-HR-46 Taraori south Kos Minar Taraori (South) Karnal district
N-HR-47 Theh Polar Indus Valley Civilization mound Polar, Haryana Polar Siwan Kaithal district
N-HR-48 Ancient Brick Temple including Prachin Shivalaya Marvana, Kalayat Kaithal district
N-HR-49 Amin Kos Minar Amin, Kurukshetra Kurukshetra district
N-HR-50 Amin Ancient Mound Amin, Kurukshetra Kurukshetra district
N-HR-51 Adhaun Kos Minar Adhaun Kurukshetra district
N-HR-52 Bhawani Khera Kos Minar Bhawani Khera Kurukshetra district
N-HR-53 Fattupur Kos Minar Fattupur Kurukshetra district
N-HR-54 Mohari Kos Minar Mohari Kurukshetra district
N-HR-55 Raja Karan ka Quila mound Thanesar (Mirzapur) Kurukshetra district
N-HR-56 Dera Kalan Kos Minar Dara Kalan Thanesar Kurukshetra district
N-HR-57 Thanesar Pathar Masjid Thanesar Kurukshetra district
N-HR-58 Sheikh Chilli's Tomb Thanesar Kurukshetra district
N-HR-59 Raja Harsh ka Tila mound Thanesar Kurukshetra district
N-HR-60 Sarai Sukhi Kos Minar Sarai Sukhi Kurukshetra district
N-HR-61 Shahbad Kos Minar Shahbad Kurukshetra district
N-HR-62 Zainpur Kos Minar Zainpur Kurukshetra district
N-HR-63 Narnaul Jal Mahal Narnaul Mahendragarh district
N-HR-64 Shah Ibrahim's Tomb Narnaul Mahendragarh district
N-HR-65 Shah Quli Khan's Tomb Narnaul Mahendragarh district
N-HR-66 Jatipur Kos Minar Jatipur, Panipat Panipat district
N-HR-67 Kala Amb Battle of Panipat Obelisk, Commemorating Third battle of Panipat Kala Amb locality Panipat district
N-HR-68 Kiwana Kos Minar Kiwana Panipat district
N-HR-69 Manana Kos Minar Manana, Haryana Panipat district
N-HR-70 Bab-e-Faiz gate Panipat city Panipat district
N-HR-71 Kabuli Bagh Mosque with enclosure wall Panipat city Panipat district
N-HR-72 Ibrahim Lodi's Tomb Panipat city Panipat district
N-HR-73 Panipat Taraf Unsar north Kos Minar & Panipat Taraf Unsar south Kos Minar Panipat Taraf Unsar Panipat district
N-HR-74 Taraf Afghan Kos Minar Taraf Afghan Panipat district
N-HR-75 Sewah Kos Minar Sewah (Siuuali - old name) Panipat district
N-HR-76 Bayanpur Kos Minar Bayanpur near railway track, outskirts of city on Kharkhoda road Sonipat district
N-HR-77 Ancient site Khokra Kot near Shitala Mata mandir, Jind road. Rohtak district
N-HR-78 Choron-ki-Baoli (Shah Jahan-ki-Baoli) Maham Rohtak district
N-HR-79 The Indus Valley Civilization Mound Sirsa city Sirsa district
N-HR-80 Akbarpur Barota Mughal Kos Minar Akbarpur Barota Sonepat district
N-HR-81 Ganaur Mughal Kos Minar Ganaur Sonepat district
N-HR-82 Jagdishpur Mughal Kos Minar Jagdishpur Sonepat district
N-HR-83 Jawahri Mughal Kos Minar Jawahri Sonepat district
N-HR-84 Panchi Gujran Mughal Kos Minar Panchi Gujran Sonepat district
N-HR-85 Rajpur Mughal Kos Minar Rajpur, Sonipat Sonepat district
N-HR-86 Khwaja Khizr Tomb Sonipat city Sonipat district
N-HR-87 Sonepat Mughal Kos Minar Sonepat city Sonepat district
N-HR-88 Jarasandha-ka-Qila (Kushan Buddhist Stupa) Karnal city Karnal district
N-HR-89 Group of Monuments at Jhajjar Jhajjar city Jhajjar district
N-HR-90 Nabha House opposite Sannihit Sarovar Kurukhetra district
N-HR-91 Archaeological sites and Remains Adi Badri Yamunanagar district

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