List of Maryland Confederate Civil War units

This is a list of Civil War regiments from Maryland which fought in the Confederate States Army.[1] The list of Maryland Union Civil War units is shown separately.


  • 1st Maryland Artillery, CSA (a.k.a. Dement's Artillery)
  • 2nd Maryland Artillery, CSA (a.k.a. Baltimore Light Artillery)
  • 3rd Maryland Artillery, CSA (a.k.a. Ritter's Battery)
  • 4th Maryland Artillery, CSA (a.k.a. Chesapeake Battery)



Maryland units serving in Other State's Regiments

  • Zarvona's Zouaves - 47th Virginia Infantry
    • Also known as:
      • Zarvona's Independent Zouave Company,
      • 47th VA Inf., Co. H,
      • Maryland Zouaves,
      • Zarvona's Zouaves
  • Maryland Guard, Co. B, 21st Virginia Infantry
  • Maryland Guerilla Zouaves, 2nd Co. C, Nelligan's Louisiana Infantry
  • 1st Stuart's Horse Artillery (John Pelham Battery - a Maryland Confederate unit), Virginia Horse Artillery


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