List of LGBT writers

This list of LGBT writers includes writers who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender or otherwise non-heterosexual who have written about LGBT themes, elements or about LGBT issues (such as Jonny Frank). Works of these authors are part of LGBT literature.

As this list includes writers from antiquity until the present, it is clearly understood that the term "LGBT" may not ideally describe the identity of all authors, particularly for those who wrote before the nineteenth century. In some cases, it is more useful to consider such authors as persons who expressed attractions for persons of the same sex (for example, Sappho or Plato), and avoid the anachronistic use of contemporary labels. Inclusion in this list follows general scholarly and academic norms, specified in references, that attempt to establish a genealogy or history of LGBT literature written by LGBT people. There are many additional non-LGBT authors who have written works on LGBT topics. All new additions to this list should include a reference.



Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Caio Fernando Abreu1948-1996BrazilianwriterMorangos Mofados, dragões não conhecem o paraíso
Barry D. AdamCanadianscholarThe Rise of a Gay and Lesbian Movement, The Global Emergence of Gay and Lesbian Politics
Evan Adamsb. 1966Canadianplaywright[1]
Etel Adnanb. 1925Lebanese-AmericanpoetSea and Fog[2]
Will AitkenAmerican-Canadiannovelist, film criticTerre Haute, Realia[3]
Magaly Alabaub. 1945Cuban Americanpoetry[4]
Francisco X. Alarcónb. 1954ChicanopoetryFrom the Belly Button of the Moon: And Other Summer Poems, Poems to Dream Together = Poemas para soñar juntos[5]
Edward Albee1928–2016AmericanplaywrightWho's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?[6]
Sandra Allandb. 1973Canadianpoetry, fiction[7]
Kimball Allenb. 1982Americanwriter, playwright, performer, gay activistSecrets of a Gay Mormon Felon
Be Happy Be Mormon
Paula Gunn Allen1939–2008Native Americanpoet, literary criticAs Long as the Rivers Flow: The Stories of Nine Native Americans,[6]
Dorothy Allisonb. 1949AmericannovelistBastard Out of Carolina[6]
Anne-Marie Alonzo1951-2005Canadianpoetry, fiction, drama[3]
Lisa Altherb. 1944AmericannovelistStormy Weather & Other Stories; Blood Feud: The Hatfields and the McCoys: The Epic Story of Murder and Vengeance; Washed in the Blood; Kinflicks: A Novel[6]
Rebecca AlpertAmerican
Noel AlumitFilipino-Americanplaywright, novelistMr. and Mrs. La Questa Go Dancing, Letters to Montgomery Clift[8]
Gordon Stewart Anderson1958-1991CanadiannovelistThe Toronto You Are Leaving[9]
Debra AndersonCanadiannovelist, playwrightCode White[10]
Nahshon Dion Andersonb. 1978Americanmemoir & nonfictionShooting Range[11]
Patrick Anderson1915-1979English/Canadianpoet[3][12]
Albalucía Angelb. 1939Colombian[5]
Núria Añób. 1973SpanishnovelistNúvols baixos[13]
Trey AnthonyCanadianplaywrightDa Kink in My Hair
Salvatore Antoniob. 1976CanadianplaywrightIn Gabriel's Kitchen[14]
Gloria Anzaldúa1942–2004ChicanaBorderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza[5][15]
Bert Archerb. 1968Canadianjournalist, criticThe End of Gay (and the death of heterosexuality)[16]
Reinaldo Arenas1943–1990CubanBefore Night Falls[5][6]
Rafael Arévalo Martínez1884–1975Guatemalan[5]
Lawrence AronovitchCanadianplaywrightThe Lavender Railroad, Galatea[17]
Rane Arroyob. 1954Puerto RicanpoetryPale Ramón[5][18]
John Ashberyb. 1927Americanpoetry[6]
Damien Atkinsb. 1975CanadianplaywrightReal Live Girl, Lucy, The Gay Heritage Project[19]
W. H. Auden1907–1973Englishpoetry[6]
Ellis AveryAmericannovelistThe Teahouse Fire, The Last Nude
Manuel Azaña1880–1940Spanish[6]


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Cheryl B1972-2011Americanpoet, autobiographer[20]
Mette BachCanadian
Sir Francis Bacon1561–1626Englishessayist, novelist[6]
Bruce BagemihlCanadianscientist
James Robert Baker1946–1997AmericannovelistBoy Wonder, Tim and Pete[21]
John Roman Bakerb. 1944Englishpoet, playwright, novelist[22][23]
James Baldwin1924–1987Americanpoet, playwright, novelistGiovanni's Room[6]
Honoré de Balzac1799–1850FrenchnovelistLa Comédie humaine[6]
Victor J. Banisb. 1937AmericannovelistThe Man from C.A.M.P.
Keith BannerAmericannovelist, short storiesThe Life I Lead, Next to Nothing[24]
Kaushalya BannerjiCanadianpoet
Ann Bannonb. 1932AmericannovelistBeebo Brinker[6]
Porfirio Barba Jacob1883–1942Columbianpoet[5]
Djuna Barnes1892–1982AmericannovelistLadies Almanack, Nightwood[6]
Allen Barnett1955-1991Americanshort story writerThe Body and Its Dangers[25]
Natalie Clifford Barney1876–1972Americanpoet, memoirist[6]
Richard Barnfield1574–1627Englishpoet[6]
Roland Barthes1915–1980Frenchsemiotician[6]
John Bartonb. 1957Canadianpoet[26]
Jean Basile1932-1992Canadiannovelist, essayistLa Jument des mongols, Le Grand Khan, Les Voyages d'Irkoutsk[27]
Jaime Baylyb. 1965Peruvianjournalist, novelist[28]
Neil Bartlettb. 1958Englishplaywright[6]
Sylvia Beach1887–1962Americaneditor, memoiristFounder of Shakespeare and Company (bookshop)[6]
William Beckford1760–1844Englishnovelist, travel writer[6]
Aphra Behnc. 1640–1689Englishdramatist, poet and novelist[6]
Billy-Ray BelcourtCanadianpoetThis Wound Is a World[29]
Gwen BenawayCanadianpoetCeremonies for the Dead, Passage[29]
Bruce Bendersonb. 1946Americannovelist, essayist[30]
E. F. Benson1867–1940Englishnovelist[6]
Jeremy Bentham1748–1832Englishphilosopher[6]
S. Bear BergmanAmerican-Canadian
Leonard BernsteinAmerican
Mattilda Bernstein SycamoreAmericannovelist[31]
José Bianco1909–1986Argentineessayist[5]
Anthony Bidulkab. 1962Canadiannovelist[32]
Aristide von Bienefeldt1959-2016DutchnovelistBekentenissen van een Stamhouder ("Confessions of a Son and Heir")[33]
Imogen BinnieAmericannovelistNevada[34]
Elizabeth Bishop1911–1979Americanpoet, short story writerNorth and South, Questions of Travel [6]
bill bissettCanadianpoet
Persimmon Blackbridgeb. 1951Canadiannovelist, non-fiction writer[35]
Marie-Claire Blaisb. 1939Canadiannovelist, playwrightA Season in the Life of Emmanuel, Mad Shadows, Augustino and the Choir of Destruction[3][6]
Robin BlaserCanadianpoet
Ali BlytheCanadianpoetTwoism[36]
Charlie Bondhusb. 1981AmericanpoetAll the Heat We Could Carry[37]
Gregory Bonsignoreb. 1983Americanplaywright, librettist, lyricist, TV writerAtomic, Squad 85[38]
Walter BordenCanadianplaywright
Barrie Jean BorichAmericanmemoiristMy Lesbian Husband, Body Geographic[39]
Michel Marc BouchardCanadianplaywright[12]
Elizabeth Bowen1899–1973IrishnovelistEva Trout[6]
Jane Bowles1917–1973Americannovelist, playwrightTwo Serious Ladies[6]
Paul Bowles1910–1999Americannovelist, poet, translatorThe Sheltering Sky[6]
John Boyneb. 1971Irishnovelist[40]
Lawrence Ytzhak BraithwaiteCanadiannovelist
Christopher Bramb. 1952AmericannovelistFather of Frankenstein[25]
Dionne Brandb. 1953Canadiannovelist, poetLand to Light On, What We All Long For, Sans Souci[41]
Beth BrantCanadian
André BrassardCanadianplaywright
Bertolt Brecht1898–1956Germanplaywright[6]
Poppy Z. Briteb. 1967Americannovelist[6]
Lynn BreedloveAmericannovelist[42]
Michael Bronskib. 1949AmericanhistorianA Queer History of the United States[43]
Carellin BrooksCanadiannovelist, non-fictionOne Hundred Days of Rain, Wreck Beach[44]
Brigid Brophyb. 1929Englishnovelist[6]
Nicole Brossardb. 1943French Canadianpoet, novelist[3][6][12]
Olga Broumasb. 1949Greek-Americanpoet[6]
Rebecca Brownb. 1956AmericannovelistThe Gifts of the Body[45]
Rita Mae Brownb. 1944AmericannovelistRubyfruit Jungle[6]
Nathan BurgoineCanadiannovelist, short storiesLight[46]
Ronnie BurkettCanadianplaywright
John Horne Burns1916–1953AmericannovelistThe Gallery[6]
William S. Burroughs1914–1997AmericannovelistNaked Lunch, Queer[47]
Aldo Busib. 1948Italiannovelist[48]
Alec ButlerCanadianplaywright
Lady Eleanor Butler1739–1829Anglo-Irishdiarist[6]
Samuel Butler1835–1902Englishnovelist[6]
Lord Byron1788–1824Englishpoet[6]


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Patrick Califiab. 1954Americannon-fiction Public Sex: The Culture of Radical Sex
Anne CameronCanadian
Elspeth CameronCanadian
Peter Cameronb. 1959AmericannovelistSomeday This Pain Will Be Useful To You[25]
Rafael CampoAmericanpoet
Truman Capote1924–1984Americannovelist, non-fictionBreakfast at Tiffany's, In Cold Blood[6]
Pat CapponiCanadian
Tom CardamoneAmericanspeculative fictionGreen Thumb[49]
Nancy Cárdenasb. 1934Mexican[5]
Dale CarpenterAmericannon-fictionFlagrant Conduct: The Story of Lawrence v. Texas
Edward Carpenter1844–1929English[6]
Michael CarrollAmericanshort storiesLittle Reef[50]
Julián del Casal1863–1893Cubanpoet[5]
Sue-Ellen CaseAmericanplaywright, critic
Stacie CassarinoAmerican
Clint Catalystb. 1971American[51]
Willa Cather1873–1947AmericanMy Ántonia[6]
Catullusca 85-ca 55 B.C.Romanpoet[6]
Constantine P. Cavafy1863–1933Greekpoet[6]
Kate CayleyCanadianpoet, dramatist, short storiesHow You Were Born, The Hangman in the Mirror, After Akhmatova[52]
Luis Cernuda1902–1963Spanishpoet[6]
Robert ChafeCanadian
Paul Chamberlandb. 1939Canadianpoet, essayistL'Afficheur hurle, En nouvelle barbarie[53]
Jane Chambers1937–1983American[6]
Jessie Chandlerb. 1968AmericanShay O'Hanlon Caper Series[54]
George Chaunceyb. 1953AmericanhistorianGay New York: Gender, Urban Culture, and the Making of the Gay Male World, 1890-1940
John Cheever1912–1982Americannovelist, short stories[6]
Wayson ChoyCanadian
Hélène Cixousb. 1937French[6]
John Cleland1710–1789EnglishnovelistFanny Hill[6]
Kate Clintonb. 1947 Americancomedian
Jean Cocteau1889–1963French[6]
Christopher Coe1953-1994AmericannovelistI Look Divine, Such Times[55]
Henri ColeAmericanpoet
Colette1873–1954FrenchClaudine series[6]
Joey ComeauCanadian
Ivy Compton-Burnett1884–1969English[6]
Timothy Conigrave1959–1994AustralianHolding the Man
Bernard CooperAmerican[25]
Dennis CooperAmerican[25][56]
Copi (pseudonym of Raúl Damonte)1941–1987Argentine/French[5]
Rick CoppAmericanmystery writerThe Actor's Guide to Murder, The Actor's Guide to Adultery, The Actor's Guide to Greed, Where the Bears Are
Steven Corbin1953-1995AmericannovelistFragments That Remain[57]
Jeanne CordovaAmerican
Marie Corelli1855–1924Scottish[6]
Carl Corley 1919-2016 American A Chosen World [58]
Brenda CossmanCanadian
Douglas CouplandCanadian
Dani CoutureCanadian
Noël Coward1899–1973Englishplaywright[6]
Daniel Allen CoxCanadian
Ivan CoyoteCanadian
Caleb Crainb. 1967Americannovelist, criticNecessary Errors, American Sympathy[59]
Hart Crane1899–1933American[6]
Eva CrockerCanadianshort storiesBarrelling Forward[36]
Mart Crowleyb. 1935AmericanplaywrightThe Boys in the Band
Countee Cullen1903–1946American[6]
Nancy Jo CullenCanadianpoet, short stories[60]
Tom CulliganCanadian
Michael Cunninghamb. 1952AmericannovelistThe Hours[25]
Peter Cureton1965-1994CanadianplaywrightPassages[61]
Jameson Currierb. 1955Americannovelist, short storiesDancing on the Moon, Where the Rainbow Ends, The Wolf at the Door[62]
Jen CurrinAmerican/CanadianpoetThe Inquisition Yours[63]


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Jean-Paul Daoustb. 1946Canadianpoet, novelist, short storiesLes Cendres bleues, Black Diva[64]
Christopher Davisb. 1953Americannovelist, short storiesValley of the Shadow, Philadelphia[65]
Tanya DavisCanadianpoet[66]
Amber DawnCanadiannovelist[67]
Samuel R. Delanyb. 1942Americannovelist, literary criticHogg, Dhalgren, The Motion of Light in Water, Dark Reflections[68]
A. M. Dellamonicab. 1968CanadiannovelistIndigo Springs[69]
David DemchukCanadiannovelist, playwrightThe Bone Mother, Touch, If Betty Should Rise[70]
Joel Derfnerb. 1973Americanmemoirist, author, essayist, humoristGay Haiku, Swish, Lawfully Wedded Husband[71]
Augusto D'Halmar1882–1950Chileannovelist[5]
Emily Dickinson1830–1886Americanpoet[6]
Joe DiPietrob. 1961AmericanplaywrightMemphis, Fucking Men[72]
Thomas DischAmericannovelist, poetOn Wings of Song[73]
Farzana DoctorCanadiannovelist[74]
John Donne1572–1631Englishpoet[6]
Nisa DonnellyAmericannovelistThe Bar Stories: A Novel After All, The Love Songs of Phoenix Bay[75]
Emma Donoghueb. 1969Irish/Canadiannovelist, short story writer[76]
José Donoso1925–1996ChileannovelistHell Has No Limits[5]
John Donovan1928-1992Americanyoung adult novelist, dramatistI'll Get There. It Better Be Worth the Trip[77]
H.D., born Hilda Doolittle1886–1961Americanpoet[6]
Fernand Dorais1928-2003Canadianacademic literature, eroticaEntre Montréal Sudbury, Témoins d'errances en Ontario français, Hermaphrodismes[78]
Mark Dotyb. 1953Americanpoet and memoiristHeaven's Coast, Fire to Fire[79]
Lord Alfred Douglas1870–1945Englishpoet[6]
Norman Douglas1868–1952Scottish-Austriannovelist[6]
Brian DraderCanadianplaywrightProk, The Fruit Machine, The Norbals[80]
Neal DrinnanAustraliannovelist[81]
Peter DubéCanadiannovelist, short story writer[82]
Maureen Duffyb. 1933Englishnovelist, poet, playwright[6]
Stella Duffyb. 1963?English/New Zealandnovelist[83]
Robert Duncan1919–1988Americanpoet[6]
Warren Dunfordb. 1963CanadianmysterySoon to Be a Major Motion Picture, Making a Killing, The Scene Stealer[84]
Kristyn Dunnionb. 1969Canadiannovelist, short story writerThe Dirt Chronicles[85]
Larry Duplechanb. 1956AmericannovelistBlackbird, Got 'til It's Gone[86]
Elana Dykewomonb. 1949Americannovelist, poet[6]


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Jim Egan1921-2000Canadianactivist, journalistChallenging the Conspiracy of Silence[87]
Bret Easton Ellisb. 1964AmericannovelistAmerican Psycho, Glamorama
Guy ÉdoinCanadianscreenwriterMarécages[88]
Chike Frankie EdozienNigerian-Americanjournalist, memoiristLives of Great Men: Living and Loving as an African Gay Man[89]
Jorge Eduardo Eielson1924–2006Peruvianpoetry[5]
Lars Eighnerb. 1948Americannon-fiction, erotica
Deborah EllisCanadiannon-fiction, young adult literatureThe Breadwinner, The Heaven Shop[90]
Sarah Ellisb. 1952Canadianchildren'sOdd Man Out, Pick Up Sticks[90]
T. S. Eliot1888–1965EnglishpoetThe Waste Land [6]
Gloria Escomelb. 1941Uruguayan-Canadiannovelist, dramatist, journalistPièges, Fruit de la passion[3]
Michael Estok1939-1989CanadianpoetA Plague Year Journal[91]


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Evan Fallenbergb. 1961American-IsraelinovelistLight Fell, When We Danced on Water[92]
Sara FarizanAmericanyoung adult literatureIf You Could Be Mine[93]
David B. Feinberg1956–1994AmericanjournalistQueer and Loathing
Leslie Feinberg1949–2014Americannovelist, non-fictionStone Butch Blues[94]
Anderson FerrellAmericannovelistWhere She Was, Home for the Day, Have You Heard[95]
Robert Ferro1941–1988American[6]
Hubert Fichte1935–1986German[6]
Edward Fieldb. 1924Americanpoetry[6]
Harvey Fiersteinb. 1954AmericanplaywrightTorch Song Trilogy[96]
Connie Fifeb. 1961CanadianpoetryBeneath the Naked Sun, Poems for a New World[3]
Timothy Findley1930–2002Canadiannovelist, playwrightThe Wars, Headhunter, Elizabeth Rex[3][97]
Lois FineCanadiandramatistFreda and Jem's Best of the Week[98]
Larry Finebergb. 1945CanadianplaywrightEve, Human Remains, Failure of Nerve[99]
Ronald Firbank1886–1926English[6]
Janet Flanner1892–1978American[6]
Lisa FoadCanadianshort storiesThe Night Is a Mouth[100]
Waawaate FobisterCanadianplaywrightAgokwe[101]
Michael Thomas Fordb. 1968Americannovelist, non-fictionAlec Baldwin Doesn't Love Me, That's Mr. Faggot to You[102]
E. M. Forster1879–1970EnglishnovelistMaurice, A Passage to India, A Room With A View, Howards End[103]
Guy Mark FosterAmericanshort storiesThe Rest of Us[104]
Marion Foster1924-1997CanadianmysteriesThe Monarchs Are Flying, Legal Tender[84]
Michel Foucault1926–1984FrenchphilosopherL’Histoire de la sexualité [6]
Brian FrancisCanadiannovelistFruit[105]
Judith FrankAmericannovelist, short storiesCrybaby Butch, All I Love and Know[106]
Brad Fraserb. 1959CanadianplaywrightUnidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love, Poor Super Man[3]
Mary Eleanor Wilkins FreemanAmerican[6]
Alice French1850–1934American[6]
Ladislav FuksCzechnovelistThe Cremator
Janine Fullerb. 1958Canadiannon-fictionRestricted Entry: Censorship on Trial, Forbidden Passages: Writings Banned in Canada[107]
Wes Funk1969-2015CanadiannovelistDead Rock Stars, Cherry Blossoms[108]


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Patrick Galeb. 1962Britishnovelist[109]
Federico García Lorca1898–1936Spanishpoet and playwright[6]
Magali García Ramisb. 1946Puerto Ricannovelist, essayistHappy Days, Uncle Sergio[5]
Nancy Gardenb. 1938AmericannovelistAnnie on My Mind[110]
Ken GarnhumCanadianplaywrightPants on Fire[111]
C. E. Gatchalianb. 1974Canadianplaywright[112]
Daniel Gawthropb. 1963Canadianjournalist, biographerAffirmation: The AIDS Odyssey of Dr. Peter, The Rice Queen Diaries, The Trial of Pope Benedict[113]
Jean Genet1910–1986Frenchnovelist, playwright, poetOur Lady of the Flowers[6]
Stefan George1868–1933Germanpoet[6]
Hyeong-do Gi1960–1989KoreanpoetBlack Leaf in My Mouth[114]
André Gide1869–1951FrenchnovelistThe Immoralist[6]
Sky GilbertCanadianplaywright[3]
John Gilgunb. 1935Americannovelist, poet, short storiesMusic I Never Dreamed Of[115]
Allen Ginsberg1926–1997AmericanpoetHowl[6]
M-E GirardCanadianyoung adult literatureGirl Mans Up[116]
John Glassco1909-1981Canadianpoet[3][12]
Nikolai Gogol1809–1852Ukrainiannovelist, playwright[6]
Michael GoldingAmericannovelist, screenwriterA Poet of the Invisible World, Silk[117]
Andrea Goldsmithb. 1950Australiannovelist[118]
Agustín Gómez-Arcos1933-1998Spanishnovelist, playwrightL'Agneau carnivore, Ana non[119]
Ibis Gómez-Vegab. 1952Cubannovelist, playwrightSend My Roots Rain[120]
Brad Goochb. 1952Americanpoet, essayist, biographer[25]
Paul Goodman1911–1972Americanpoet[6]
Daphne Gottliebb. 1968Americanpoet, fiction, nonfiction, graphic novel
Juan Goytisolob. 1931Spanishpoet, essayist, novelist[6]
Judy Grahnb. 1940Americanpoet[6]
Camarin Graeb. 1941Americanscience fictionThe Secret in the Bird, Slick, Stranded[121]
R. W. GrayCanadianshort stories, novelist, poetCrisp, Entropic[122]
Thomas Gray1716–1771Englishpoet[6]
Nick GreenCanadianplaywrightBody Politic[123]
Harlan GreeneAmericannovelist, historian[124]
Garth Greenwellb. 1978AmericannovelistWhat Belongs to You
Robert Joseph Greeneb. 1973Canadianshort story writer[125]
Matthew GriffinAmericannovelistHide[126]
Doris Grumbachb. 1918Americannovelist, biographer, essayist[6]
Hervé Guibert1955–1991Frenchnovelist[127]
Thom Gunn1929–2004EnglishpoetThe Man with Night Sweats [6]


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Saleem Haddadb. 1983Kuwaiti-BritishnovelistGuapa[128]
Radclyffe Hall1880–1943EnglishnovelistThe Well of Loneliness[6]
Richard Hall1926–1992Americannovelist, short stories, drama, criticismCouplings[6]
Aaron Hamburgerb. 1973Americannovelist, short story writer[56]
Jane Eaton HamiltonCanadianpoet, short story writer, memoirist, novelistLove Will Burst into a Thousand Shapes, Hunger, Body Rain, No More Hurt,Weekend[129]
Dena Hankinsb. 1975Americannovelist, short story writerBlue Water Dreams[130]
Joseph Hansen1923–2004Americannovelist, poet[6]
Robin Hardy1952-1995Canadiannovelist, journalist, founding member of Publishing Triangle[131]
Bertha Harrisb. 1937Americannovelist[6]
Michael Harrisb. 1980Canadiannon-fiction, young adult literatureThe End of Absence: Reclaiming What We’ve Lost in a World of Constant Connection[132]
Adam Haslettb. 1970Americannovelist, short story writerYou Are Not A Stranger Here, Imagine Me Gone
Trebor Healeyb. 1962Americannovelist, poet[133]
Scott Heimb. 1969Americannovelist[25]
Essex Hemphill1957–1995Americanpoet, activist[47]
Philip Hensherb. 1965Englishnovelist, critic, journalist[134]
John Herbert1926-2001CanadianplaywrightFortune and Men's Eyes[135]
Catherine HernandezCanadianplaywright, novelistScarboorough[136]
Greg HerrenAmericannovelist[137]
Patricia Highsmith1921–1995Americannovelist[6]
Scott Hightowerb. 1952Americanpoet[6]
Tomson HighwayCanadiannovelist, playwright[3]
Thorn Kief HillsberyAmericannovelist[56]
Daryl Hineb. 1936Canadianpoet[3][6][12]
Guy Hocquenghem1946–1988Frenchtheorist[6]
Susan HolbrookCanadianpoetMisled, Joy Is So Exhausting, Throaty Wipes[138]
Andrew Holleran (pseudonym of Eric Garber)b. 1944Americannovelist, essayistDancer from the Dance[6][25]
Alan Hollinghurstb. 1954EnglishnovelistThe Swimming Pool Library, The Folding Star, The Spell, The Line of Beauty[25][47]
Ike Holterb. 1985AmericanplaywrightHit the Wall, Exit Strategy, The Wolf at the End of the Block[139]
Gerard Manley Hopkins1844–1889Englishpoet[6]
Horace65-8 B.C.Romanpoet[6]
Leah HorlickCanadianpoetRiot Lung, For Your Own Good[140]
A. E. Housman1859–1936Englishpoet[6]
Richard Howardb. 1929Americanpoet[6]
James Howeb. 1946Americanchildren's writer[141]
Tanya Huffb. 1957Canadiannovelist[142]
Langston Hughes1902–1967Americanpoet[6]
Jay Hulmeb.1997Britishpoet[143]
Bo Huston1959-1993Americannovelist, short storiesDream Life, The Listener[144]
Joris-Karl Huysmans1848–1907FrenchnovelistAgainst the Grain (À rebours, 1884)[6]
Maureen HynesCanadianpoet[145]


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
John Ibbitsonb. 1955Canadianjournalist, playwright, children's writer1812: Jeremy's War, The Landing, The Big Shift: The Seismic Change in Canadian Politics, Business, and Culture and What It Means for Our Future[146]
Nnanna IkpoNigeriannovelistFimí Sílẹ̀ Forever[147]
George K. Ilsleyb. 1958Canadianshort stories, novelistRandom Acts of Hatred, ManBug[100][148]
William Inge1913–1973AmericanplaywrightCome Back, Little Sheba, Picnic[6]
Malcolm Ingramb. 1968CanadianscreenwriterTail Lights Fade, Small Town Gay Bar, Continental[149]
Juana Inés de la Cruz1648?-1695Mexicanpoet, playwright[5]
Christopher Isherwood1904–1986Englishnovelist, autobiographerI Am a Camera, Down There on a Visit, A Single Man, Christopher and His Kind[47]
Arturo Islas1938–1991AmericanThe Rain God[150]
Harish Iyerb. 1979Indianjournalist[151][152][153]


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Derek Jarman1942–1994Englishauthor and filmmakerAt Your Own Risk [6]
Alfred Jarry1873–1907FrenchUbu Roi[6]
Sarah Orne Jewett1849–1909AmericanThe Country of the Pointed Firs[6]
Craig JohnsonAmericanscreenwriter, film directorTrue Adolescents, The Skeleton Twins[154]
June Jordan1936–2002Americanpoet[6]
Claude Jutra1930-1986CanadianscreenwriterMon oncle Antoine, Kamouraska


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Karin Kallmakerb. 1960Americanromance, erotica, science fiction
Christopher KellyAmericannovelist, journalistA Push and a Shove[155]
Jonathan Kempb. 1967EnglishnovelistLondon Triptych[156]
Randall Kenanb. 1963AmericanLet the Dead Bury Their Dead[25]
Maurice Kennyb. 1929Native Americanpoet[6]
Jack Kerouac1922–1969AmericannovelistOn the Road, The Subterraneans[47]
Gary Kinsmanb. 1955CanadiansociologistThe Regulation of Desire: Homo and Hetero Sexualities[157]
Heinrich von Kleist1777–1811Prussian[6]
Todd Klinckb. 1974Canadiannovelist, journalist, screenwriterTacones, Sugar
Tamai Kobayashib. 1965Canadiannovelist, short story writerPrairie Ostrich[3]
Wayne Koestenbaumb. 1958Americanpoet and cultural criticThe Queen's Throat[158]
Bernard-Marie Koltès1948–1989FrenchplaywrightLa Nuit juste avant les forêts, Dans la solitude des champs de coton
Bill KonigsbergAmericansportswriter, young adult literatureOut of the Pocket, Openly Straight
Greg Kramer1961–2013British/Canadiannovelist, playwrightThe Pursemonger of fugu, Hogtown Bonbons[159]
Larry Kramerb. 1935Americannovelist, journalist, playwrightFaggots, The Normal Heart[47]
Ellen KushnerAmerican
Tony Kushnerb. 1956AmericanplaywrightAngels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes[47]
Mikhail Kuzmin187?–1936Russian[6]
Lydia Kwab. 1959Singaporean-CanadiannovelistThis Place Called Absence, The Walking Boy[3]


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Lawrence La Fountain-Stokesb. 1968Puerto Ricanpoet, playwright, scholarUñas pintadas de azul/Blue Fingernails[18]
Richard Labontéb. 1949Canadianliterary critic, anthologist[160]
Edward A. Lacey1938–1995Canadianpoet[3]
Ben Ladouceurb. 1978CanadianpoetOtter[161]
Jean-Luc Lagarce1957–1995FrenchplaywrightJuste la fin du monde
Selma Lagerlöf1859–1940Swedishnovelist, playwright[6]
Lori L. Lakeb. 1960Americannovelist[162]
Michael LannanAmericanscreenwriterLooking[163]
Benjamin LawAustralianjournalist[118]
D. H. Lawrence1885–1930Englishnovelist, playwrightThe Rainbow, Lady Chatterley's Lover[6]
David Leavittb. 1961AmericannovelistThe Lost Language of Cranes[6][25]
Konstantin Leontiev1831–1891Russianliterary critic, philosopher[164]
Violette Leduc1907–1972FrenchnovelistLa Batarde, Therese and Isabelle[6]
John Alan Lee1933–2013CanadiansociologistThe Colours of Love, Getting Sex[165]
Vernon Lee1856–1935Frenchessayist[6]
Douglas LePan1914–1998CanadianpoetThe Wounded Prince, Bright Glass of Memory, Macalister[12]
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Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Bryden MacDonaldb. 1960Canadianplaywright[172]
Lee MacDougallCanadianplaywrightHigh Life, The Gingko Tree[173]
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Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Hasan Namirb. 1987CanadiannovelistGod in Pink[193]
Nathanaël (Nathalie Stephens)b. 1971CanadianpoetThe Middle Notebooks, Touch to Affliction[138]
Michael Navab. 1954Americanmystery novels[5]
Abdi Nazemianb. 1977Iranian/Americannovelist, screenwriterThe Walk-In Closet, The Quiet[194]
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Patrick Nessb. 1971AmericannovelistChaos Walking
Anaïs Nin1903–1977Frenchdiarist[6]
Salvador Novo1904–1974Mexican[5]
Katia NoyesAmerican


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Achy Obejasb. 1956Cuban/AmericanMemory Mambo[5]
Frank O'Hara1926–1966Americanpoetry[6]
Joe OkonkwoAmericannovelistJazz Moon[196]
Jamie O'Neillb. 1962IrishnovelistAt Swim, Two Boys[197]
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Lawrence O'TooleCanadianfilm critic, memoiristHeart's Longing: Newfoundland, New York and the Distance Home[198]
Wilfred Owen1893–1918Englishpoet[6]


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Morris Panychb. 1952CanadianplaywrightGirl in the Goldfish Bowl, The Ends of the Earth[199]
Arleen ParéCanadianpoet, novelistPaper Trails, Leaving Now, Lake of Two Mountains[200]
Sophia Parnok1885–1933Russianpoet[6]
Pier Paolo Pasolini1922–1975Italiannovelist, playwright[6]
Benito Pastoriza Iyodob. 1954Puerto Ricanpoet, narrator, essayistCartas a la sombra de tu piel[201]
Walter Pater1839–1894Britishnovelist, essayist, literary critic[6]
Fiona Pattonb. 1962Canadiannovelist[142]
Robert Patrickb. 1937Americanplaywright[6]
Karleen Pendleton Jiménezb. 1971American/CanadianmemoiristHow to Get a Girl Pregnant[202]
Sandro Penna1906–1977Italianpoet[6]
Cristina Peri Rossib. 1941Uruguayannovelist, poet[5]
Néstor Perlongher1949–1992Argentinepoet[5]
Fernando Pessoa1888–1935Portuguesepoet, literary critic[6]
Petroniusca 27-66RomannovelistThe Satyricon[6]
Katherine Philips1632–1664Englishpoet[6]
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-SamarasinhaCanadianpoet[161]
János Pilinszky1921–1981Hungarianpoet[203]
Sarah PinderCanadianpoetCutting Room, Common Place
Virgilio Piñera1912–1979Cubanpoet, novelist, playwrightRene's Flesh[5]
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Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Yair Qedarb. 1969Israelijournalist, screenwriterGay Days[206]
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Cheryl Rainfieldb. 1972Canadiannovels, short storiesScars
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Adrienne Rich1929-2012AmericanpoetryThe Dream of a Common Language, Diving into the Wreck [6]
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Bill Richardsonb. 1955CanadianhumoristBachelor Brothers' Bed and Breakfast[90]
Nancy Richlerb. 1957CanadiannovelistYour Mouth Is Lovely, The Impostor Bride
Arthur Rimbaud1854–1891FrenchpoetryA Season in Hell[6]
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Mireya Roblesb. 1934Cuban[5]
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Nelson Rodrigues1912–1980Brazilian[5]
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Sinclair Ross1908-1996CanadiannovelistAs For Me and My House
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Elizabeth Ruthb. 1968CanadiannovelistTen Good Seconds of Silence
Patrick RyanAmerican[56]
Geoff Rymanb. 1951Canadian/Britishscience fiction/fantasyLust, The Unconquered Country


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Rami Saarib. 1963IsraelipoetBehold, I've Found My Home, Men at the Crossroad, Introduction to Sexual Linguistics
Umberto Saba1883–1957Italianpoet, novelist[6]
Vita Sackville-West1892–1962Britishnovelist[6]
Marquis de Sade1740–1814Frenchnovelist, philosopher, playwrightThe 120 Days of Sodom, Justine, Philosophy in the Bedroom, Juliette[6]
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George Santayana1863–1952Spanish-Americannovelist, poet, philosopher[6]
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Sapphoca 630? B.C.Greekpoet[6]
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Frank Sargeson1903–1982New Zealandershort story writer[6]
May Sarton1912–1995Belgian-Americanpoet, novelist, memoirist[6]
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Shawn Symsb. 1970Canadianjournalist, short storiesNothing Looks Familiar


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
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Mariko TamakiCanadiangraphic novelistSkim[252]
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Joelle TaylorBritishpoet and playwrightThe Woman Who Was Not There, Songs My Enemy Taught Me[254]
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Peterson Toscanob. 1965Americanplaywright[214]
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Matthew J. TraffordCanadianshort storiesThe Divinity Gene[261]
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Christos Tsiolkasb. 1965AustraliannovelistThe Slap[81]
Marina Tsvetaeva1892–1941Russianpoetry[6]
Karen X. TulchinskyCanadiannovelist, screenwriterThe Five Books of Moses Lapinsky[263]


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Karl Heinrich Ulrichs1825-1895Germannon-fictionResearch on the Riddle of Man-Manly Love
Luz María Umpierreb. 1947Puerto RicanpoetryThe Margarita Poems[5][15][18]


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Fernando Vallejob. 1942ColombiannovelistOur Lady of the Assassins[5]
Ruth Vanitab. 1955IndianSappho and the Virgin Mary: Same-Sex Love and the English Literary Imagination, Queering India: Same-Sex Love and Eroticism in Indian Culture and Society, Love's Rite: Same-Sex Marriage in India and the West
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Carl Van Vechten1880–1964American[6]
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Paul Verlaine1844–1896Frenchpoet[6]
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David Viñasb. 1929Argentine[5]
Virgil70-19 B.C.Romanpoet[6]
Renée Vivien1877–1909Anglo-French[6]
Bruno Vogel1898–1983German[6]
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Rinaldo WalcottCanadianacademic, cultural studiesBlack Like Who?: Writing Black Canada
Alice Walkerb. 1944AmericanfictionThe Color Purple[6]
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Sylvia Townsend Warner1893–1978English[6]
Patricia Nell Warrenb. 1936AmericanfictionThe Front Runner[6]
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Walt Whitman1819–1892AmericanpoetLeaves of Grass[6]
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Oscar Wilde1854–1900English-Irishfiction, playsThe Picture of Dorian Gray, The Importance of Being Earnest[6]
Thornton Wilder1897–1975Americanfiction, playsOur Town
Michael Willhoiteb. 1948Americanchildren's literatureDaddy's Roommate[269]
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Angus Wilson1913–1991EnglishHemlock and After[6]
Douglas Wilson1950-1992Canadianjournalist, novelistLabour of Love
Jonathan WilsonCanadianactor and playwrightMy Own Private Oshawa[270]
Martin Wilsonb. 1973AmericanfictionWhat They Always Tell Us[271]
Jia Qing Wilson-YangCanadiannovelistSmall Beauty[272]
Johann Joachim Winckelmann1717–1768German[6]
Donald Windham1920-2010American[6]
Christa Winsloe1888–1944GermanfictionYesterday and Today[6]
Jeanette Wintersonb. 1959EnglishfictionOranges Are Not the Only Fruit[6]
Monique Wittig1935–2003FrenchphilosopherLe Corps Lesbien[6]
Rita Wongb. 1968Canadianpoet[138]
Alan WooCanadianpoet, short stories, children's literatureMaggie's Chopsticks[273]
Jaime WooCanadiannon-fictionMeet Grindr[274]
Marnie Woodrowb. 1969CanadiannovelistSpelling Mississippi
Virginia Woolf1882–1941EnglishnovelistOrlando: A Biography[6]


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Bart Yatesb. 1962AmericannovelistLeave Myself Behind, Brothers Bishop, The Distance Between Us[56]
d'bi youngCanadianpoet, playwrightrivers and other blackness between us, word! sound! powah, blood.claat: one womban story[275]
Ian Youngb. 1945Canadianpoet, non-fictionThe Gay Muse, The Male Homosexual in Literature[276][12]
Perry Deane Youngb. 1941Americanjournalist, playwrightTwo of the Missing, The David Kopay Story[277]
Marguerite Yourcenar1903–1987FrenchnovelistMemoirs of Hadrian[6]
Josée Yvon1950-1994Canadianplaywright, poetDanseuse-mamelouk, Maîtresses-Cherokees[278]


Name Lifetime Nationality Genre Notable works References
Luis Zapatab. 1951Mexicannovelist[5][6]
Eve Zarembab. 1930Polish/Canadianmystery novelistA Reason to Kill, The Butterfly Effect[3]
Jerzy Zawieyski1902-69Polishpoetry, novels
Fiona Zeddeb. 1976Jamaican-AmericannovelistBliss
Cyd Zeigler, Jr.b. 1973AmericansportswriterThe Outsports Revolution: Truth and Myth in the World of Gay Sports[279]
Alexander Ziegler1944-87Swissjournalist, novelistDie Konsequenz
Richard Zimlerb. 1956American/PortuguesenovelistThe Last Kabbalist of Lisbon, Hunting Midnight, The Search for Sana, The Seventh Gate, The Warsaw Anagrams[280]
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