List of LGBT periodicals

The following is a list of periodicals (printed magazines, journals and newspapers) aimed at the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) demographic by country.


  • Bombastic, online and print magazine[1]


  • ("Bekum" democracy support centre NGO)  , online media[2]


The most comprehensive holdings of LGBT periodicals is found at the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives; their holdings are listed in ALGA Periodicals Collection Catalogue.


Out of print


  • COXX – Vienna Gay News. (eDate Advertising GmbH) 
  • Pride. (Linz : Verein zur Förderung der Information über Schwule, Lesben und TransGender-Personen)  OCLC 52802306.
  • queerbook. (queermedia)  , national
  • Vangardist – Progressives Männer Magazin. (Vangardist Medien OG) 
  • XTRA!. (XTRA! Verein für Gesundheitsinformationt)  , national
  • Lambda Nachrichten. (Homosexuelle Initiative Wien)  OCLC 30122454. , launch 1979

Out of print

  • Tamtam. (Kulturverein Schwulesbisch in Gumpendorf)  OCLC 24646763.


  • Gay Magazine.   OCLC 320452597.
  • ILGA-Europe. (International Lesbian & Gay Association, European Region)  ISSN 1378-577X.
  • LABELS Magazine. (LABELS Media & Publishing)  [6]
  • ZiZo Magazine. (çavaria)  [7]


Out of print


Probably the most comprehensive list and largest collection of Canadian and international LGBT periodicals is at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives in Toronto. See the following website:

Out of print

China, People's Republic of

See also separate list at: Hong Kong

Costa Rica

Czech Republic


Out of print


  • Jeanne Magazine

Out of print


  • Me Magazine. (Inclusive Foundation)  ISSN 1512-2395. , bilingual (Georgian-English), launch 2006


Out of print

  • Der Eigene, art and culture, 1896–1931
  • Die Freundschaft, art and culture, 1919-1933
  • Gigi – Zeitschrift für sexuelle Emanzipation Förderverein des wissenschaftlich-humanitären komitees (whk) e.V., national (sexually emancipated)
  • HAW-Info (or Homosexuelle Aktion Westberlin)
  • Homosexuelle Emanzipation Verlag Emanzipation; ISSN 0171-6026
  • Jahrbuch für sexuelle Zwischenstufen, scientific, 1899-1923
  • Magnus, Magnus Verlag, Jackerth Verlag, national

Hong Kong

For a more complete list of current and discontinued HK lgbt periodicals, see "Towards Full Citizenship" bibliography (HK LGBT Periodicals section in that bibliography). "Towards Full Citizenship" is posted on the Pink Alliance (Hong Kong) website, at, under their LGBT Hong Kong tab.

  • Contacts Magazine, primarily in English, published 1993-1998
  • Dimsum Magazine, Chinese and English. ca. 2002, now in electronic format[8]
  • Hong Kong Ten Percent Journal, primarily in Chinese, published 1993-1998
  • East Tide (東壽), ca. 1980
  • Pink Triangle (粉紅三角), ca. 1980, continued by East Tide
  • Satsanga Newsletter (同健), 1995-1997



See also the web page at: . Click on "Magazines and Journals" at this page for lengthy list of current and discontinued Indian/South Asian lgbt periodicals.

  • Bombay Dost, India's only registered LGBT magazine, launched 1991, global distribution twice a year
  • Gaylaxy Hindi.   , India's first LGBT Hindi webzine, launched 1 January 2014
  • Gaylaxy Magazine.   , India's largest LGBT webzine, launched 2010
  • Pink Pages.   , launch July 2009, global quarterly distribution


The following four Indonesian titles are noted by the Australian Gay and Lesbian Archives:

  • G - Gaya Hidup Ceria 1982-83
  • G.A.Y.A. Nusantara, Jakarta, 1987-?
  • JAKA, Yogyakarta, 1986 Dec.-Jan.
  • JAKA JAKA, Yogyakarta, 1992-



  • Lui Guidemagazine
  • Pride

Out of print


Out of print

  • Adon (アドン), 1974-1996
    • MLMW (ムルム), 1978-1981
  • Adonisv(アドニス), Yukio Mishima was concerned with foundation of a periodical, 1952-1962
  • Anise (アニース)
  • Bara (薔薇), launch 1964
  • Barakomi (バラコミ), launch 1986
  • Carmilla (カーミラ)
  • doukou (同好), launch 1959
  • Fabulous (ファビュラス), launch 1999
  • The Gay (ザ ゲイ), launch 1978
  • Kuia Japan – Queer Japan. (Keisō Shobō-2001)  OCLC 43906181. , launch 1999
  • Niji ()
  • P-NUTS (P-NUTS), launch 1996
  • Sabu (さぶ), 1974-2002
  • Super Monkey (スーパーモンキー), launch 1979
  • yes (yes), launch 2006



Out of print

  • Barra


  • Anal Magazine
  • Gay PV
  • GHOM magazine
  • OHM
  • Ulisex!Mgzn

Out of print

  • +Kulino
  • Apolo
  • Boys & Toys
  • Del Otro Lado
  • Diferente
  • Hermes
  • Macho Tips
  • Q-eros
  • SerGay

The Netherlands

Out of print


Out of print

  • Dečko magazine


Out of print


Out of print

  • 1xy. (Škuc Magnus) 
  • eLmagazin. (MKC Maribor) 
  • Lesbo. (Škuc LL)  OCLC 442867867.
  • Kekec. (Škuc Magnus) 
  • Legebitrina Oznanila. (Legebitra) 
  • Revolver. (Škuc)  ISSN 1318-2668.
  • Sestre.  


  • Entiendes? 1989- ISSN 1575-1635
  • Gay Hotsa, bilingual Basque and Spanish, OCLC 289381704
  • MagLes magazine
  • Shangay magazine
  • Zero (out of business)


See the Australian National University project website for many archived Thai LGBT periodicals in electronic format.


United Kingdom

  • {{List journal|work=

GNI MAG (LGBTQ Magazine in N.Ireland )|publisher= Lamb Promotions Ltd


  • Boyz. (Windmill Europe Ltd)  ISSN 1750-7944.
  • FS Magazine. (GMFA)  ISSN 1750-7162. , free
  • Galha News. (Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association)  ISSN 0953-8763.
  • Gscene. (James Ledward) 
  • Schools OUT UK's Official Guide to LGBT History Month. (Sugar Media & Marketing / Schools OUT UK)  , free annual listings and lifestyle magazine for LGBT History Month
  • Midlands Zone. (What's On Magazine Group)  , free monthly lifestyle magazine
  • Out in the City. (Squarepeg Media) 
  • QB - Nottinghamshire's Queer Bulletin.  
  • QX. (FirstStar, Ltd)  ISSN 1356-6903.
  • ScotsGay. (John Hein) 
  • UnDividingLines.   , free LGBT/queer magazine produced for and by Scottish Highlanders

Out of print

United States

News and information

  • The Advocate. (LPI Media)  ISSN 0001-8996.
  • biMagazine. (American Institute of Bisexuality)  , covering the arts, culture and society
  • Compete Magazine. (Media Out Loud LLC)  , coverage of sports events and stories about athletes within the gay community
  • Edge Media Network, national network covering LGBT news and entertainment
  • Desert Daily Guide, oldest gay weekly, since 1994 gay owned and operated, Palm Springs, California
  • GALA Magazine | LGBT Artists (GALA Magazine, LLC), print and online magazine; a voice for unseen, unheard, and undiscovered artists within the LGBT community
  • The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide. (Gay & Lesbian Review, Inc)  ISSN 1532-1118.
  • GaySOFLA Magazine Online.   , South Florida
  • G.L.A.M. (Gay & Lesbian Alternative Magazine). (GLAM Magazine, LLC)  , magazine for GLBT artists and musicians
  • Lambda book report made reference to a bookstore operated by Lambda Rising from 1974 to 2010 in Washington, D.C.
  • Lambda Literary Foundation, a LGBT literary organization
  • Lesbian News. (Ella Matthes, LN Publishing Inc.)  [13] (Jinx Beers, founder)[14]
  • (Gay Nichols Publishing, LLC)  , covering LGBT activism from the intelligent view
  • LGBTNation.  
  • LivingOUT, a biweekly newspaper published by LivingOUT Media Group in Minnesota from June, 2004 through June, 2005[15]
  • National Gay News. (Norm E. Kent) 
  • OMG! Magazine. (OMG Multimedia Companies, LLC) 
  • OUTCOAST (Travel and Event Marketing Services for Florida's Gulf Coast)
  • Out In Jersey magazine, The statewide LGBT publication in New Jersey
  • Out Front. (Q Publishing Group) 
  • Pink Magazine. (David Cohen) 
  • The Rainbow Times, largest LGBT newspaper in New England
  • Queer'd Magazine. (Queerd Entertainment) 
  • The TransGen Times[16]
  • XY (XY Publishing; ISSN 1522-8614)




  • A Bear's Life Magazine (Bear Brothers)
  • Connextions Magazine. (Connextions Magazine LLC)  ISSN 2160-4355.
  • Curve (Outspoken Enterprises; ISSN 1087-867X)
  • Echo Magazine (ACE Publishing)
  • Elska Magazine (ISSN 2059-707X), a bi-monthly queer photography and culture publication, each issue dedicated to a different city, with local boys and local stories
  • Envy Man (Envy Media Group)
  • FTM Magazine (The Self Made Men LLC)
  • Hello Mr. (ISSN 2201-8220)
  • Gay Parent Magazine (Gay Parent; ISSN 1545-6714)
  • GayWebMoney Magazine
  • Icarus, the Magazine of Gay Speculative Fiction
  • Instinct, as of July 31, 2015, Instinct Publishing ceased publishing Instinct Magazine and closed their operations. Instinct was acquired by Juki Media who now offer it as an online media source.[19]
  • JustUsBoys Magazine
  • Lavender Magazine (Lavender Lifestyles Marketing; ISSN 1542-3611)
  • LGBT Living & Weddings Magazine
  • MetroSource (Metrosource Publishing, Inc.; ISSN 1529-935X )
  • My Comrade
  • Next Door Magazine
  • noiZe Magazine (The Premier Guide to Dance, Festival and Circuit Events Worldwide; ISSN 1944-5741 )
  • OMG! Magazine (publisher= OMG Multimedia Companies, LLC)
  • Out (LPI Media; ISSN 1062-7928)
  • OUTCOAST (Travel and Event Marketing Services for Florida's Gulf Coast)
  • OUT THERE (publisher= Brown Tiger; ISSN 2043-9210 Parameter error in {{issn}}: Invalid ISSN.)
  • Pride & Equality Magazine
  • Qr Magazine (Qr Media; ISSN 2027-9531)
  • Queerd
  • R* (evedesasas; ISSN 1948-5042)
  • The Rainbow Times, New England's LGBT largest LGBT newspaper; available as print or online.
  • RFD Magazine (RFD Press Inc.; ISSN 0149-709X)
  • 10 Thousand Couples, free online emagazine that publishes articles, editorials, news, and video content of particular interest to same-sex couples, unions, and domestic partners around the globe
  • She Magazine (She Girls, LLC)
  • Transgender Tapestry. (I.F.G.E)  ISSN 1083-0006. OCLC 32692689.
  • Velvetpark (Velvetpark Magazine; ISSN 1540-3777)
  • VizionsMagazine.NET (QNA Media Group, LLC)
  • Xodus USA (Xodus USA; ISSN 1542-2755)
  • Zeus (Fenocia Publishing Company, Inc; ISSN 1948-5042)


  • POZ Magazine. (Smart + Strong)  ISSN 1075-5705. , launched 1994


Out of print


Historical research resources

  • International Directory of Gay and Lesbian Periodicals (Oryx Press, 1987), ISBN 0-89774-297-4
  • Lesbian Periodicals Index (1986), ISBN 0-930044-74-6
  • Lesbian Sources: A Bibliography of Periodical Articles, 1970–1990 (1993), ISBN 0-8153-0782-9
  • Our Own Voices: A Directory of Lesbian and Gay Periodicals, 1890–1990: Including the Complete Holdings of the Canadian Gay Archives (Canadian Gay Archives, 1991), ISBN 0-9690981-6-2
  • Women's and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Movements (LGBT) Periodicals Collection, 1968–2005, Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library, Duke University[21]

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