List of LGBT-themed speculative fiction

Many science fiction and fantasy stories involve queer characters, or otherwise represent themes that are relevant to LGBT issues and the LGBT community. This is a list of notable stories, and/or stories from notable series or anthologies, and/or by notable authors; it is not intended to be all-inclusive.

Novels with LGBT characters and themes, alphabetical by author surname

TitleAuthorYearLGBT content[1][2][3]
Empire of the SenselessKathy Acker1988Bisexual main character[4]
The Dark Light YearsBrian Aldiss1964Gender-shifting aliens, gay male characters[4]
All the Birds in the SkyCharlie Jane Anders2016Non-binary and asexual characters
Virgin PlanetPoul Anderson1959All-female world, lesbian characters
The Gods ThemselvesIsaac Asimov1972Alien species with three sexes[4]
The Handmaid's TaleMargaret Atwood1985Lesbian character
ShadowdanceRobin Wayne Bailey1991Gay protagonist
Tithe: A Modern Faerie TaleHolly Black2002Gay major characters
Darkover SeriesMarion Zimmer Bradley1962–1988Gay and lesbian protagonists
The Heritage of HasturMarion Zimmer Bradley1975Gay male protagonist and antagonist[4]
The Shattered ChainMarion Zimmer Bradley1976All-female society, lesbian themes[4]
Warrior WomanMarion Zimmer Bradley1985Lesbian main characters, positive portrayal of lesbian relationships[4]
Beauty QueensLibba Bray2011Transgender and lesbian major characters
A Civil CampaignLois McMaster Bujold1999Transgender character
Ethan of AthosLois McMaster Bujold1986Gay Male Protagonist
The Wanting SeedAnthony Burgess1962Homophobic dystopia
DawnOctavia Butler1987Alien race that has three sexes, polyamorous marriages[4]
FledglingOctavia Butler2005Bisexual characters
PatternmasterOctavia Butler1976Bisexual female protagonist
An Anglo-American AllianceGregory Casparian1906A trans man marries his early love, and they live happily ever after.
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & ClayMichael Chabon2000Gay protagonist
Spartan PlanetBertram Chandler1969All-male world, gay characters
The Conqueror's Child Suzy McKee Charnas1999All-female world
The FuriesSuzy McKee Charnas1994All-female world
MotherlinesSuzy McKee Charnas1978All-female world
Walk to the End of the WorldSuzy McKee Charnas1974All-female world
The Mortal Instruments seriesCassandra Clare2007–2014One of the protagonist's best friends is gay, and has a relationship with a bisexual warlock.
Imperial EarthArthur C. Clarke1976Bisexual/gay male protagonist
Sardia: A Story of LoveCora Linn Morrison Daniels1891Bisexual female vampire is the protagonist.[4]
Babel-17Samuel R. Delany1966Gay major characters
DhalgrenSamuel R. Delany1975Bisexual major character and other LGBT characters
The Einstein IntersectionSamuel R. Delany1967Gay major character
EquinoxSamuel R. Delany1973Gay major character
Stars In My Pocket Like Grains Of SandSamuel R. Delany1984Gay major character
Through the Valley of the Nest of SpidersSamuel R. Delany2012Gay major characters
TritonSamuel R. Delany1976
The Door Into FireDiane Duane1979Major bisexual characters
SolitaireKelley Eskridge2002Lesbian protagonist
Infinity's WebSheila Finch1985Lesbian protagonist[4]
Casket of SoulsLynn Flewelling2012Gay main characters
Luck in the ShadowsLynn Flewelling1996Gay main characters
Shadows ReturnLynn Flewelling2008Gay main characters
Shards of TimeLynn Flewelling2014Gay main characters
Stalking DarknessLynn Flewelling1997Gay main characters
Traitor's MoonLynn Flewelling1999Gay main characters
The White RoadLynn Flewelling2010Gay main characters
Daughters of a Coral DawnKatherine V. Forrest1984All-female world, lesbian protagonists
Bouncing Off the MoonDavid Gerrold2001
The Man Who Folded HimselfDavid Gerrold1973
Halfway HumanCarolyn Ives Gilman1998
HerlandCharlotte Perkins Gilman1915All-female utopic world
The Gilda StoriesJewelle Gomez1991Lesbian main character
The Kappa ChildHiromi Goto2001
AmmoniteNicola Griffith1992All-female world with mainly lesbian characters
Slow RiverNicola Griffith1995Lesbian main character
Nontraditional LoveRafael Grugman2008Alternative future where heterosexuality is outlawed
The Forever WarJoe Haldeman1974Future society where homosexuality is the norm
Champion of the Scarlet Wolf, Book One and Book Two (Cadeleonian Series 3, 4)Ginn Hale2014Gay protagonists
Lord of the White Hell, Book One and Book Two (Cadeleonian Series 1, 2)Ginn Hale2010Gay protagonists
The Rifter 1: The Shattered GatesGinn Hale2012Gay protagonists
The Rifter 2: The Holy RoadGinn Hale2012Gay protagonists
The Rifter 3: His Sacred BonesGinn Hale2013Gay protagonists
Wicked GentlemenGinn Hale2007Gay protagonists
The Gumshoe, the Witch, and the Virtual CorpseKeith Hartman1999
The Salt RoadsNalo Hopkinson2003Lesbian major characters
The Wild SwansPeg Kerr1999
Murder of Angels Caitlin R. Kiernan2004
TurnskinNicole Kimberling[5]2008Gay protagonists
Maximum LightNancy Kress1997
SwordspointEllen Kushner1987Gay protagonists, bisexual characters
Magic's Pawn Mercedes Lackey1989Gay main characters
Magic's Price Mercedes Lackey1990Gay main characters
Magic's Promise Mercedes Lackey1990Gay main characters
Salt Fish GirlLarissa Lai2002Lesbian protagonists
Pantomime (Micah Grey Trilogy)Laura Lam2013intersex protagonist
CarmillaSheridan Le Fanu1872Lesbian vampire story
The Left Hand of DarknessUrsula K. Le Guin1969Genderqueer main and major characters
The TellingUrsula K. Le Guin2000Lesbian protagonist
Dark Water's EmbraceStephen Leigh1998
AshMalinda Lo2009
Ἀληθῆ διηγήματαLucian125–180 CE (c)All-male world, male hero is given the king's son in marriage
ItinerariaJean de Mandeville (pseudonym)1357–1371An Amazon island and an island of the "third sex"[1]
Out of TimePaula Martinac1990Lesbian protagonist is haunted by lesbians from the 1920s.
China Mountain ZhangMaureen F. McHugh1992Gay major character
StarfarersVonda N. McIntyre1989Bisexual main characters, poly relationship[4]
The Painter KnightFiona Patton1998
2312Kim Stanley Robinson2012Genderqueer major characters, society in which nonbinary and fluid gender and sexuality is embraced
And Chaos DiedJoanna Russ1970Gay protagonist
The Female ManJoanna Russ1975Lesbian major characters, partially about an all-female world
WasGeoff Ryman1992Gay main characters
Burning BrightMelissa Scott1993Bisexual major characters, lesbian protagonist
A Choice of DestiniesMelissa Scott1986Gay male protagonists
DreamshipsMelissa Scott1993Many gay characters
The JazzMelissa Scott2000Bisexual protagonist
Mighty Good RoadMelissa Scott1990Lesbian protagonist
Night Sky MineMelissa Scott1996Lesbian and gay main characters
Shadow ManMelissa Scott1995
Trouble and Her FriendsMelissa Scott1994Lesbian protagonists
Sword of the GuardianMerry Shannon2006Lesbian fantasy romance with crossdressing protagonist
The Porcelain DoveDelia Sherman1993Lesbian fairy tale
Grasshopper JungleAndrew A. Smith2015Gay and questioning main characters
GlasshouseCharles Stross2006Posthuman world in which consciousness can be put into other bodies
Venus Plus XTheodore Sturgeon1960Set in a future utopia where everyone is one neuter gender[4]
Hollow WorldMichael J. Sullivan2014Homogenous world lacking genders where a man from the ancient past has to come to grips with the difference between love and sexual attraction[6]
Queen of the AmazonsJudith Tarr2004Bisexual protagonist
Houston, Houston, Do You Read?James Tiptree Jr.1976Set in a future where all men have died off
PalimpsestCatherynne M. Valente2009
The House at Pelham FallsBrenda Weathers1986Lesbian protagonists and main characters[4]
Orlando: A BiographyVirginia Woolf1928Genderqueer themes, gender-switching
Briar RoseJane Yolen1992Gay major character

Short fiction with LGBT characters and themes

TitleAuthorYearFirst published inLGBT content[1][2][3]
"Desire"Kim Antieau1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"The Stars Are Tears"Robin Wayne Bailey1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"Love's Last Farewell"Richard A. Bamberg1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"In Memory Of"Don Bassingthwaite1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"Who Plays With Sin"Don Bassingthwaite1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"Sun-Drenched"Stephen Baxter1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"Tangents"Greg Bear1986OmniGay male protagonist, positive uplifting story about a nonsexual relationship[4]
"Magicked Tricks"K. L. Berac1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"In the House of the Man in the Moon"Richard Bowes1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"Anthem"Lela E. Buis1997
Sex Crime
Competitive Fauna
Lesbian protagonist
"Ascension"Lela E. Buis1997
Icarus & Angels
Storm and Shadow
Gay protagonist
"The Dress"Lela E. Buis2016CaninesLesbian protagonist
"Enigma Variations"Lela E. Buis1996
Cyber-magick: Lesbian SF
Competitive Fauna
Lesbian protagonist
"My Little Town"Lela E. Buis2014Competitive FaunaLesbian protagonist
"That December"Lela E. Buis2015Young Love, Old HeartsLesbian protagonist
"A Study of Competitive Fauna"Lela E. Buis2014Competitive FaunaLesbian protagonist
"Expression of Desire"Dominick Cancilla1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
The Bane ChroniclesCassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson and Sarah Rees Brennan2013–2014Short e-booksMain character is bisexual
"Aye, and Gomorrah"Samuel R. Delany1967Dangerous VisionsGenderqueer characters
"The Cage"[7]A. M. Dellamonica2010Tor.comLesbian protagonists
"A Plant (Whose Name is Destroyed)"[8]Seth Dickinson2013Strange HorizonsGay protagonists
"Dance at the Edge"L. Timmel Duchamp1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"A Hollow Play"Amal El-Mohtar2013Glitter & Mayhem AnthologyLesbian protagonist, transgender and genderqueer characters
"Catman"Harlan Ellison1974Final Stage: The Ultimate Science Fiction AnthologySociety where bisexuality is the norm; most characters are gay or bisexual[4]
"Eye of the Storm"Kelley Eskridge1998Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers
"Frost Painting"Carolyn Ives Gilman1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"It Takes Two"Nicola Griffith2010Eclipse ThreeLesbian protagonist
"Free in Asveroth"Jim Grimsley1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"Miss Ogilvy Finds Herself"Radclyffe Hall1934Lesbian protagonist, gender-switching themes
"Sex, Guns, and Baptists"Keith Hartman1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"Lonely Land"Denise Lopes Heald1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"-All You Zombies-"Robert A. Heinlein1959Fantasy and Science FictionIntersex protagonist
"Fisherman"Nalo Hopkinson2001Skin Folk
"In Mysterious Ways"Tanya Huff1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"Cloudmaker"Charlee Jacob1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"The Rendez-Vous"Nancy Johnston1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"Sex with Ghosts"[9]Sarah Kanning2008Strange Horizons
"Full Moon and Empty Arms"M. W. Keiper1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"Galapagos"Caitlin R. Kiernan2009Eclipse ThreeLesbian main characters
"Time Gypsy"Ellen Klages1998Bending the Landscape: Science FictionLesbian protagonist
"State of Nature"Nancy Kress1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"A Wild and Wicked Youth"Ellen Kushner2009Fantasy and Science Fiction
"The Fall of the Kings"Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"Nine Lives"Ursula K. Le Guin1969PlayboyBisexual protagonists[4]
"A Real Girl"Shariann Lewitt1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"Water Snakes"Holly Wade Matter1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"Sea of Cortez"Sandra McDonald2011Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica
"Useless Things"Maureen F. McHugh2009Eclipse Three
"Bridesicle"Will McIntosh2010Asimov's Science FictionLesbian major character
"Looking for Satan"Vonda N. McIntyre1981Thieves' World IIILesbian/bisexual love story[4]
"Powertool"Mark McLaughlin1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"Prince of the Dark Green Sea"Mark McLaughlin1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"Three Letters from the Queen of Elfland"Sarah Monette2002Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet
"The King's Folly"James A. Moore1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"Silent Passion"Kathleen O'Malley1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"Half in Love with Easeful Rock and Roll"Rebecca Ore1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"The Beautiful People"Wendy Rathbone1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"The City in Morning"Carrie Richerson1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"Proserpine When It Sizzles"Tansy Rayner Roberts2009New Ceres Nights
"Existence"Joanna Russ1975Epoch
"Nobody's Home"Joanna Russ1972Women of Wonder
"The Second Inquisition"Joanna Russ1970More Women of Wonder
"When It Changed"Joanna Russ1972Again, Dangerous VisionsLesbian protagonist
"Young Lady Who Loved Caterpillars"Jessica Amanda Salmonson1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"Selected Program Notes from the Retrospective Exhibition of Theresa Rosenberg Latimer"Kenneth Schneyer2013Clockwork Phoenix 4Lesbian protagonist
"Brooks Too Broad for Leaping"Charles Sheffield1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"Gary, in the Shadows"Mark Shepherd1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"There Are Things Which Are Hidden from the Eyes of the Everyday"Simon Sheppard1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"The Faerie Cony-Catcher"Delia Sherman1998Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers
"The Sound of Angels"Lisa S. Silverthorne1997Bending the Landscape : Fantasy
"On Vacation"Ralph A. Sperry1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"The Flying Triangle"Allen Steele1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"The World Well Lost"Theodore Sturgeon1953Universe
"Another Coming"Sonya Taaffe2004Not One of Us
"The Home Town Boy"B. J. Thrower1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"The Night Train"[10]Lavie Tidhar2010Strange HorizonsTrans protagonist
"Gestures Too Late on a Gravel Road"Mark W. Tiedemann1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"Surfaces"Mark W. Tiedemann1998Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"Your Faces, O My Sisters! Your Faces Filled with Light"James Tiptree Jr.1976Aurora: Beyond EqualityWoman from an all-female society is the protagonist.[4]
"Mahu"Jeff Verona1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"… Suspends ton vol"Élisabeth Vonarburg1992Translated as "Stay Thy Flight" in Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
"Beside the Well"Leslie What1997Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
"The Metamorphosis Bud"Liu Wen Zhuang (pen name of Cynthea Liu)1996Genderflex


Bending the Landscape: FantasyNicola Griffith and Stephen Pagel1997White Wolf Publishing
Bending the Landscape: HorrorNicola Griffith and Stephen Pagel2001White Wolf Publishing
Bending the Landscape: Science FictionNicola Griffith and Stephen Pagel1998White Wolf Publishing
Beyond Binary: Genderqueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative FictionBrit Mandelo2013Lethe Press
Brothers of the Night: Gay Vampire StoriesMichael Rowe and Thomas S. Roche1997Cleis Press
Cyber-magick: Lesbian SFGary Bowen1996Obeliesk Books
Flying Cups & Saucers: Gender Explorations in Science Fiction & FantasyDebbie Notkin and the Secret Feminist Cabal1998Edgewood Press
Gay City 5: Ghosts in Gaslight, Monsters in Steam[11]Vincent Kovar and Evan J. Peterson2013Minor Arcana Press and Gay City Health Project
Grave Passions: Tales of the Gay SupernaturalWilliam J. Mann1997Badboy
Icarus & Angels, Flights of Fantasy: Gay SFGary Bowen1996Obeliesk Books
Irregulars: A Shared-World Anthology – Stories by Nicole Kimberling, Josh Lanyon, Astrid Amara and Ginn Hale. LGBT FantasyNicole Kimberling and J.D. Hope2012Blind Eye Books
Kindred Spirits: An Anthology of Gay and Lesbian Science Fiction StoriesJeffrey M. Elliot1984Alyson
Queer DimensionsJames EM Rasmussen2009Queered Fiction
Swords of the Rainbow: Science Fiction and FantasyEric Garber and Jewelle Gomez1996Alyson
Tangle Anthology, XY Edition. Fiction with a Twist.Nicole Kimberling2008Blind Eye Books
Tangle Girls Anthology. Fiction with a Twist.Nicole Kimberling2009Blind Eye Books
Things Invisible to See: Gay and Lesbian Tales of Magic RealismLawrence Schimel1998Circlet Press
Time Well Bent: Queer Alternative Histories[12]Connie Wilkins2009Lethe Press
Worlds Apart: An Anthology of Lesbian and Gay Science Fiction and FantasyCamilla Decarnin, Eric Garber, and Lyn Paleo1986Alyson


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