List of Korean drinks

This list of Korean drinks includes drinks, traditional or modern, which are distinctive to or closely identified with Korea. Brands and companies are South Korean unless noted.

Alcoholic drinks


Non-alcoholic drinks


All Korean traditional non-alcoholic drinks are referred to as "eumcheongnyu" (음청류 ). According to historical documents regarding Korean cuisine, almost 200 items of eumcheongnyu are found.[1][2][3] Eumcheongnyu can be divided into the categories

of cha (차 tea), tang (탕 boiled water), jang (장 fermented grain juice with sour taste), suksu (숙수), galsu (갈수 thirst water), hwachae (화채 fruit punch), sikhye (식혜 sweet rice drink), sujeonggwa (수정과 persimmon drink), milsu or kkulmul (밀수, 꿀물 honeyed water), jeup (즙 juice) and milk by their ingredient materials and preparation methods. Among the eumcheongnyu, cha, hwachae, sikhye, and sujeonggwa are still widely favored and consumed; however, tang, jang, suksu, and galsu have almost disappeared in the present.[4][5]


A more extensive list can be found in: Korean tea, See also: Korean tea ceremony


  • Hwachae is a group of Korean traditional drinks made with fruits, flower petals, and honey, or sugar.


  • Ogamcha, a drink with alder, licorice, chaga and ginseng
  • Sikhye, a malt drink
  • Solhinun, a pine bud drink made by Lotte
  • Sujeonggwa, a persimmon and cinnamon drink


  • 2% fruit flavored water; peach, lemon, apple, grape and pomegranate
  • 815 Cola (discontinued and relaunched in 2014)
  • Achimhatsal, rice milk
  • Bacchus-F[6]
  • Banana Flavored Milk
  • Chilsung Cider, a clear carbonated sugar soda (not lemon-lime like Sprite)
  • Dooyoo, a soybean/milk drink
  • McCOL, a barley-made cola
  • Milkis, a creamy soda
  • Sac Sac, a Mandarin orange-flavored drink (not pure juice) with bits of pulp, found in small aluminum cans with a peel-off tab
  • Vita 500, an energy drink launched in 2001 [7]

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