List of Internet Explorer extensions

This is a list of Internet Explorer extensions, software add-ons designed for Internet Explorer web browsers.

  • Turn Off the Lights, a lamp button inside the browser to bring focus to the video element.
  • Alexa Toolbar, includes a popup blocker, a search engine entry box, related links and information about the Alexa ranking of the current website; Alexa uses it to measure website statistics.
  • DealPly, shows price comparisons from other retailers while a user is browsing.
  • Fiddler, a HTTP debugging proxy
  • IE7pro, aims to enhance the Internet Explorer feature set
  • Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar aims to aid in design and debugging of web pages. It allows validating of CSS and HTML.[1][2] It allows the viewing of the page's source as well as of the DOM source and the CSS selectors that were applied to an element.[3]
  • Vivisimo MiniBar offers search and pop-up blocking [4]
  • Altavista toolbar offers search, translations, and pop-up blocker [4]
  • SpoofStick aids defending from phishing [4]
  • Earthlink toolbar offers search, phishing defense, and pop-up blocker[4]
  • LuckyTabSave allows saving an Internet Explorer's tabbed browsing session into a file and open it later.

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