List of Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology keynote speakers

The following is a list of Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) keynote speakers.

ISMB is an academic conference on the subjects of bioinformatics and computational biology organised by the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB). The conference has been held annually since 1993 and keynote talks have been presented since 1994. Keynotes are chosen to reflect outstanding research in bioinformatics. The recipients of the ISCB Overton Prize and ISCB Accomplishment by a Senior Scientist Award are invited to give keynote talks as part of the programme.

Keynote speakers include eight Nobel laureates: Richard J. Roberts (1994, 2006), John Sulston (1995), Manfred Eigen (1999), Gerald Edelman (2000), Sydney Brenner (2003), Kurt Wüthrich (2006), Robert Huber (2006) and Michael Levitt (2015).[1][2][3]

List of Speakers

ConferenceKeynote SpeakersTitleNotes
ISMB 1994[4] Bruce Buchanan
Lawrence Hunter Plenary speaker
Richard J. Roberts Plenary speaker
ISMB 1995[5] Douglas Brutlag
John Sulston
Janet Thornton
ISMB 1996[6] Robert Waterston
David Haussler
Russell Doolittle
Chris Sander
ISMB 1997[5] Richard H. Lathrop
Marcie McClure
Hans Westerhoff
ISMB 1998[7] Robert Cedergren
Michael Waterman
Shoshana Wodak
ISMB 1999[8] Manfred Eigen The Origin of Biological Information
Amos Bairoch Swiss-Prot in the 21st century!
Richard M. Karp Combinatorial Problems in Gene expression Analysis Using DNA microarrays
Anthony R. Kerlavage Computational genomics: Biological Discovery in Complete Genomes
Eugene Koonin Comparative genomics: Is it changing the paradigm of evolutionary biology?
David Balaban Genes, Chips, and Genomes
Matthias Mann Gene Function via the Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Multi-Protein Complexes
Michael Sternberg Exploiting Protein Structure in the Post-genome Era
ISMB 2000[5] Gerald Edelman
Leroy Hood
Minoru Kanehisa
J. Andrew McCammon
Eugene Myers
Harold Scheraga
David Searls
ISMB 2001[5] Christopher Burge
Chris Dobson
Sean Eddy
David Eisenberg
Bernardo Huberman
Chris Sander
Gunnar von Heijne
ISMB 2002[9] Stephen Altschul Assessing the accuracy of database search methods, and improving the performance of PSI-BLAST
Michael Ashburner
Ford Doolittle
Terry Gaasterland
Barry Honig
David Baker 2002 ISCB Overton Prize winner
John Reinitz
Isidore Rigoutsos
ISMB 2003[10] Sydney Brenner The Evolution of Genes and Genomes
David Haussler Identifying functional elements in the human genome by tracing the evolutionary history of the bases: a key challenge for comparative genomics
Yoshihide Hayashizaki Dynamic Eukaryotic Transcriptome
Jim Kent Patching and Painting the Human Genome 2003 ISCB Overton Prize winner
John Mattick Programming of the autopoietic development of complex organisms: the hidden layer of noncoding RNA
David Sankoff The Parameters of Genome Rearrangement 2003 ISCB Senior Scientist Award winner
Ron Shamir Reconstructing Genetic Networks
Michael Waterman Dynamic Programming Algorithms for Haplotype Block Partitioning
ISMB/ECCB 2004[11] Leroy Hood Systems Biology: Strategies for Deciphering Life
Denis Noble Computational systems biology of the heart
Eric D. Green Decoding the Human Genome by Multi-Species Sequence Comparisons
Svante Pääbo Evolution of the primate transcriptome
Matthias Mann Organellar and time resolved proteomics
Anna Tramontano Progress, assessment and perspectives in protein structure prediction
Uri Alon Simplicity in complex biological networks 2004 ISCB Overton Prize winner
David J. Lipman Message and meaning in sequence comparison: is systems biology possible? 2004 ISCB Senior Scientist Award winner
ISMB 2005[12] Howard Cash Biology of Life and Death: Disaster, DNA and the Information Science of Human Identification
Gunnar von Heijne Membrane Proteins in vivo and in silico - Getting the Best of Two Worlds
Jill Mesirov Gene Expression Analysis: A Knowledge-based Approach
Pavel A. Pevzner Transforming Men into Mice: Fragile versus Random Breakage Models of Chromosome Evolution
Peter Hunter Computational Physiology and the IUPS Physiome Project
Satoru Miyano Computational Challenges for Gene Networks
Ewan Birney Genomes to Systems Biology 2005 ISCB Overton Prize winner
Janet Thornton From Proteins to Life - Old and New Challenges 2005 ISCB Senior Scientist Award winner
ISMB 2006[13] Robert Huber Molecular machines for protein degradation
Tom Blundell Structural biology, informatics and the discovery of new medicines
Kurt Wüthrich Computational Aspects of NMR Studies with Proteins in Solution
Mathieu Blanchette What mammalian genomes tell us about our ancestors, and vice versa 2006 ISCB Overton Prize winner
Elena Conti Molecular mechanisms in RNA degradation
Charles DeLisi New Approaches to Biomarker Discovery
Richard J. Roberts The need of Bioinformatics for experimental biologists
Michael Waterman Whole Genome Optical Mapping 2006 ISCB Senior Scientist Award winner
ISMB/ECCB 2007[14] Eran Segal Quantitative Models for Chromatin and Transcription Regulation 2007 ISCB Overton Prize winner
Temple F. Smith Computational Biology: What is next? 2007 ISCB Senior Scientist Award winner
Søren Brunak Understanding interactomes by data integration
Stephen K. Burley Fragment-based discovery of BCR-ABL inhibitors for treatment of chronic myelogenous leukemia
Michael Eisen Understanding and exploiting the evolution of the sequences that control gene expression
Anne-Claude Gavin Interaction Networks Probed by Mass Spectrometry
John Mattick The majority of the genome of complex organisms is devoted to an RNA regulatory system that directs differentiation and development
Erin K. O'Shea Dissecting Transcriptional Network Structure and Function
Renée Schroeder Genomic SELEX for the identification of novel non-coding RNAs independent of their expression level
Terry Speed Genome-wide genotyping: the great classification challenge
ISMB 2008[15] Aviv Regev Modular biology: the function and evolution of molecular networks 2008 ISCB Overton Prize winner
David Haussler 100 Million Years of Evolutionary History of the Human Genome 2008 ISCB Senior Scientist Award winner
Claire M. Fraser-Liggett Microbial Communities in Health and Disease
David Jaffe Tiny bits and pieces: new sequencing technologies and what they can do for you
Eugene Myers Imaging Bioinformatics
Morag Park Profiling the Breast Tumor Microenvironment
Bernhard Palsson Systems Biology: an era of reconstruction and interrogation
Hanah Margalit Intriguing roles for small non-coding RNAs in the cellular regulatory networks
ISMB/ECCB 2009[16] Trey Ideker New Challenges and Opportunities in Network Biology 2009 ISCB Overton Prize winner
Webb Miller Bioinformatics Methods to Study Species Extinctions 2009 ISCB Senior Scientist Award winner
Pierre-Henri Gouyon Information and Biology
Daphne Koller Individual Genetic Variation: From Networks to Mechanisms
Thomas Lengauer Chasing the AIDS Virus
Eugenia María del Pino Veintimilla The comparative analysis reveals independence of developmental processes during early development in frogs
Tomaso Poggio Computational Neuroscience: Models of the Visual System
Mathias Uhlén A global view on protein expression based on the Human Protein Atlas
ISMB 2010[17] Steven E. Brenner Ultraconserved nonsense: gene regulation by splicing & RNA surveillance 2010 ISCB Overton Prize winner
Susan Lindquist Protein Folding and Environmental Stress REDRAW the Relationship between Genotype and Phenotype
Svante Pääbo Analyses of Pleistocene Genomes
Chris Sander Systems Biology of Cancer Cells 2010 ISCB Senior Scientist Award winner
David Altshuler Genomic Variation and the Inherited Basis of Common Disease
George M. Church BI/O: Reading and Writing Genomes
Robert Weinberg Cancer Stem Cells and the Evolution of Malignancy Special Public Lecture
ISMB/ECCB 2011[18] Bonnie Berger Computational biology in the 21st century: making sense out of massive data
Olga Troyanskaya Integrating computation and experiments for a molecular-level understanding of human disease 2011 ISCB Overton Prize winner
Janet Thornton The Evolution of Enzyme Mechanisms and Functional Diversity ECCB 10th Anniversary Keynote
Alfonso Valencia Challenges for Bioinformatics in Personalized Cancer Medicine 2011 ISCB Fellow
Luis Serrano M. pneumoniae (Towards a full quantitative understanding of a free-living system)
Michael Ashburner From sequences to ontologies - adventures in informatics 2011 ISCB Senior Scientist Award winner
ISMB 2012[19] Richard H. Lathrop & Lawrence Hunter Seeing forward by looking back ISMB 20th Anniversary Keynote
Ziv Bar-Joseph Data integration for understanding dynamic biological systems 2012 ISCB Overton Prize winner
Barbara Wold Analysis of transcriptome structure and chromatin landscapes
Richard M. Durbin Progress, challenges and opportunities in population genome sequencing 2012 ISCB Fellow
Andrej Šali Integrative Structural Biology
Gunnar von Heijne The other Third: Coming to grips with membrane proteins 2012 ISCB Senior Scientist Award winner
ISMB/ECCB 2013[20] Gil Ast How Chromatin organization and epigenetics talk with alternative splicing
Gonçalo Abecasis Insights from Sequencing Thousands of Human Genomes 2013 ISCB Overton Prize winner
Lior Pachter Sequencing based functional genomics (analysis)
Gary Stormo Searching for Signals in Sequences 2013 ISCB Fellow
Carole Goble Results may vary: what is reproducible? why do open science and who gets the credit?
David Eisenberg Protein Interactions in Health and Disease 2013 ISCB Senior Scientist Award winner
ISMB 2014[21] Isaac Kohane Biomedical Quants of the World Unite! We only have our disease burden to lose
Eugene Myers DNA Assembly: Past, Present, and Future 2014 ISCB Senior Scientist Award winner
Michal Linial Good Things Come in Small Packages – Replicators and Innovators
Dana Pe'er A multidimensional single cell approach to understand cellular behavior 2014 ISCB Overton Prize winner
Robert S. Langer Biomaterials and biotechnology: From the discovery of the first angiogenesis inhibitors to the development of controlled drug delivery systems and the foundation of tissue engineering
Russ Altman Informatics for understanding drug response at all scales 2014 ISCB Fellow
ISMB 2015[3] Michael Levitt Birth & Future of Multiscale Modeling of Macromolecules
Curtis Huttenhower Understanding microbial community function and the human microbiome in health and disease 2015 ISCB Overton Prize winner
Eileen Furlong Genome regulation during embryonic development
Kenneth H Wolfe TBA
Cyrus Chothia TBA 2015 ISCB Senior Scientist Award winner
Amos Bairoch TBA 2015 ISCB Fellow
ISMB 2016[22] Ruth Nussinov Ras signaling: a challenge to the biological sciences 2016 ISCB Fellow
Debora Marks 2016 ISCB Overton Prize winner
Sandrine Dudoit Identification of Novel Cell Types in the Brain Using Single-Cell Transcriptome Sequencing
Sarah Teichmann Understanding Cellular Heterogeneity
Serafim Batzoglou 2016 ISCB Innovator Award winner
Søren Brunak 2016 ISCB Senior Scientist Award winner


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