List of Greek Protected Designations of Origin cheeses

In 1996, 19 cheeses from Greece were awarded Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status defining their areas of origin and methods of production. Feta received the same status in 2002 and Xigalo Sitias in 2008. The designated cheeses are made from fresh milk by traditional methods. They contain predominantly sheep or sheep and goat's milk.

The use of cow's milk is not traditional in Greece as the nature of much of the terrain favours the farming of sheep and goats. Such cow's milk as is produced is mainly destined for drinking or the production of processed cheese. Only two Greek cheeses containing cow's milk have PDO status: Graviera Naxos and San Michali Metsovone (which also contains sheep's milk).

Cow's milk cheeses

Sheep's milk cheeses

  • Kasseri (Κασέρι)
  • Graviera Kritis (Γραβιέρα Κρήτης) (may include some goat's milk)
  • Kalathaki Limnou (Καλαθάκι Λήμνου)
  • Formaella Arachovas Parnassou (Φορμαέλλα Αράχωβας Παρνασσού)

Mixed milk cheeses



  • Feta (Φέτα) - the most popular of Greek cheeses
  • Kefalograviera (Κεφαλογραβιέρα)
  • Kopanisti (Κοπανιστή), a pink, spicy cheese that owes its hotness to fungal growth; from Mykonos Island and the surrounding Cyclades
  • Manouri (Μανούρι), a semi-soft fresh whey cheese
  • Xynomizithra
  • Anevato (Ανεβατό)
  • Galotiri (Γαλοτύρι)
  • Katiki Domokou (Κατίκι Δομοκού), a spreadable, moist, slightly spicy white cheese; from Domokos, Thessaly
  • Ladotyri Mytilinis (Λαδοτύρι Μυτιλήνης), a sharp, salty cheese that matures immersed in jars of olive oil; from Mytilini Island
  • Batzos (Μπάτζος)
  • Pichtogalo Chanion (Πηχτόγαλο Χανίων)
  • Sfela (Σφέλα) - also referred to as "Fire Feta", a mildly spicy soft white cheese; from Messenia, Peloponnese
  • Xygalo Siteias (Ξύγαλο Σητείας)

Goat's milk cheese

There are several types of cheese made solely from goat's milk in Greece, but no applications have been submitted for PDO status, yet.

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