List of Governors of Trinidad and Tobago

This page lists Governors of Trinidad and Tobago.[1]

Governors of Trinidad and Tobago 1889-1962

Term Incumbent Notes
1 January 1889–1891Sir William Robinsonhad been governor of Trinidad since 1885
19 August 1891-1896Sir Frederick Napier Broome
2 June 1897-December, 1900Sir Hubert Edward Henry Jerningham
4 December 1900-August 1904Sir Cornelius Alfred Moloney[2]
30 August 1904-29 August 1908Sir Henry Moore Jackson
11 May 1909-January 1916Sir George Ruthven Le Hunte
1 June 1916- 31 December 1921Sir John Robert Chancellor
1 January 1922-1924Sir Samuel Herbert Wilson
22 November 1924-1930Sir Horace Archer Byatt
22 March 1930-1936Sir Alfred Claud Hollis
17 September 1936-10 January 1938Sir Murchison Fletcher
8 July 1938 - 1942Sir Hubert Winthrop Young
8 June 1942-1947Sir Bede Edmund Hugh Clifford
7 March 1947-1950Sir John Valentine Wistar Shaw
19 April 1950-1955Sir Hubert Elvin Rance
23 June 1955-1960Sir Edward Betham Beetham
4 July 1960-31 August 1962Sir Solomon Hochoy

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