List of East Asian stock exchanges

This is a list of East Asian stock exchanges. Note: Entries in italics indicate a market that has been merged with another.


Economy Exchange Location Founded Listings Link
Mainland China Shanghai Stock Exchange Shanghai 1990 SSE
Shenzhen Stock Exchange Shenzhen 1991 SZSE
Hong Kong Hong Kong Stock Exchange Hong Kong 1891 SEHK
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Hong Kong 2000 HKEx
 Japan Tokyo Stock Exchange Tokyo 1878 TSE
Mothers Tokyo Mothers
OSE NEO Tokyo merged into JASDAQ 4/1/2010
Osaka Securities Exchange Osaka 1878 OSE
Hercules formerly Nasdaq Japan Osaka (OSE) Hercules
Nagoya Stock Exchange Nagoya 1886 NSE
Centrex Nagoya Centrex
Fukuoka Stock Exchange Fukuoka 1949 FSE(in Japanese)
Q-Board Fukuoka QB(in Japanese)
Sapporo Securities Exchange Sapporo SSE(in Japanese)
Ambitious Sapporo AMB(in Japanese)
 Mongolia Mongolian Stock Exchange Ulan Bator 1991 MSE
 South Korea Korea Exchange Busan 2005 KRX
 Taiwan Taiwan Stock Exchange Taipei 1961 758 (until 2010) TWSE
Taipei Exchange Taipei 1994 TPEx

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