List of Detroit Tigers managers

The Detroit Tigers are a professional baseball team based in Detroit, Michigan. The Tigers are members of the American League Central Division in Major League Baseball. In baseball, the head coach of a team is called the manager, or more formally, the field manager. The duties of the team manager include team strategy and leadership on and off the field.[1][2] The team initially began in the now defunct Western League in 1894, and later became one of the American League's eight charter franchises in 1901. Since the inception of the team in 1894, it has employed 47 different managers.[3] The Tigers' current manager is Ron Gardenhire, who was hired for the 2018 season.[4]

The franchise's first manager after the team's arrival in the American League was George Stallings, who managed the team for one season. Hall of Famer Hughie Jennings, who managed the team from 1907 to 1920, led the team to three American League championships. Jennings however was unable to win the World Series, losing to the Chicago Cubs in 1907 and 1908 and the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1909. The Detroit Tigers did not win their first World Series until 1935 under the leadership of player-manager Mickey Cochrane. Steve O'Neill later led the Tigers to another World Series victory again in 1945. The Tigers would not win another World Series until 1968 World Series when the Tigers, led by Mayo Smith, defeated the St. Louis Cardinals. Sparky Anderson's 1984 Detroit Tigers team was the franchise's last World Series victory, and marked the first time in Major League Baseball history that a manager won the World Series in both leagues. In total, the Tigers have won the American League pennant 10 times, and the World Series 4 times.

The longest tenured Tiger manager was Sparky Anderson. Anderson managed the team for 2,579 games from 1979 to 1995. Hughie Jennings, Bucky Harris and Jim Leyland are the only other Detroit Tiger managers who have managed the team for more than 1,000 games. Anderson's 1331 wins and 1248 losses also lead all Tiger managers, while Cochrane's winning percentage of .582 is the highest of any Tiger manager who has managed at least one full-season. Seven Hall of Famers have managed the Tigers: Ed Barrow, Jennings, Ty Cobb, Cochrane, Joe Gordon, Bucky Harris and Anderson. Barrow was elected as an executive, Jennings and Anderson were elected as managers; the others were elected as players.


# Number of managers[a]
G Regular season games managed; may not equal sum of wins and losses due to tie games
W Regular season wins
L Regular season losses
Win% Winning percentage
PA Playoff appearances: number of years this manager has led the franchise to the playoffs
PW Playoff wins
PL Playoff losses
LCLeague Championships: number of League Championships, or pennants, achieved by the manager
WSWorld Series Championships: number of World Series victories achieved by the manager
Ref Reference(s)
Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame primarily as a manager or executive
* Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame primarily as a player


Western League

1Bob Glenalvin1894
2Con Strouthers1895–96
3George Stallings1896
4Bob Allen1897
5Frank Graves1897–98
6Ollie Beard1898
7Tony Mullane1898
8George Stallings1898–1900

American League

Through October 1, 2017
1George Stallings19017461.548[5]
2Frank Dwyer19025283.385[5]
3Ed Barrow1903–190497117.453[5]
4Bobby Lowe19043044.405[5]
5Bill Armour1905–1906150152.497[5]
6Hughie Jennings1907–19201131972.538341230[5][6]
7Ty Cobb*1921–1926479444.519[5]
8George Moriarty1927–1928150157.489[5]
9Bucky Harris1929–1933355410.464[5]
10Del Baker1933201.000[5][7]
11Mickey Cochrane*1934–1936259166.60927621[5][8]
Del Baker19361816.529[5][7]
Mickey Cochrane*19374233.560[5][8]
Del Baker19374123.641[5][7]
12Cy Perkins193769.400[5]
Mickey Cochrane*19384751.480[5][8]
Del Baker1938–1942356316.53013410[5][7]
13Steve O'Neill1943–1948509414.55114311[5][9]
14Red Rolfe1949–1952278256.521[5]
15Fred Hutchinson1952–1954155235.397[5]
Bucky Harris1955–1956161147.523[5]
16Jack Tighe1957–195899104.488[5]
17Bill Norman1958–19595864.475[5]
18Jimmy Dykes1959–1960118115.506[5]
19Billy Hitchcock1960101.000[5]
20Joe Gordon*19602631.456[5]
21Bob Scheffing1961–1963210173.548[5]
22Chuck Dressen1963–1964140124.530[5]
23Bob Swift19652418.571[5]
Chuck Dressen1965–19668165.555[5]
Bob Swift19663225.561[5]
24Frank Skaff19664039.506[5]
25Mayo Smith1967–1970363285.56014311[5][10]
26Billy Martin1971–1973248204.54912300[5][11]
27Joe Schultz19731414.500[5]
28Ralph Houk1974–1978363443.450[5]
29Les Moss19792726.509[5]
30Dick Tracewski1979201.000[5]
31Sparky Anderson1979–199513311248.51628511[5][12]
32Buddy Bell1996–1998184277.399[5]
33Larry Parrish1998–199982104.441[5]
34Phil Garner2000–2002145185.439[5]
35Luis Pujols200255100.355[5]
36Alan Trammell2003–2005186300.383[5]
37Jim Leyland2006–2013700597.5404252320[5][13][14]
38Brad Ausmus2014–2017314332.48610300[5]
39Ron Gardenhire2018–present0000000[5][4]

Managers with multiple tenures

# Manager Seasons G W L Win% PA PW PL LC WS Ref
9 Bucky Harris 1929–1933
10 Mickey Cochrane* 1934–1936, 1937, 1938 600348250.582 27621
11 Del Baker 1933, 1936, 1937, 1938–1942 675417355.540
22 Chuck Dressen 1963–1964
23 Bob Swift 1965, 1966 995643.566


  • a A running total of the number of managers of the Tigers. Thus, any manager who has two or more separate terms as a manager is only counted once.


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