List of Chinese by net worth

The following are partial lists of the Forbes list of Chinese billionaires (converted into USD) and is based on an annual assessment of wealth and assets compiled and published by Forbes magazine in 2017.[1] In 2015 China had over 200 billionaires which put the country second in the world, after the United States.[2]

2017 Chinese billionaires top 30 list

Rank Name Net worth (USD) Citizenship Sources of wealth
1Xu Jiayin (Hui Ka Yan)42.5 billion Chinareal estate
2Ma Huateng39 billion Chinainternet media
3Jack Ma38.6 billion Chinae-commerce
4Wang Jianlin25.2 billion Chinareal estate
5Wang Wei22.3 billion Chinapackage delivery
6Yang Huiyan20.7 billion Chinareal estate
7He Xiangjian18.7 billion Chinahome appliances
8Robin Li17.1 billion Chinainternet search
9William Ding16.9 billion Chinaonline games
10Li Shufu16.5 billion Chinaautomobiles
11Wang Wenyin13.5 billion Chinamining, copper products
12Zhang Zhidong13.4 billion Chinainternet media
13Zhou Qunfei10.6 billion Chinasmartphone screens
14Sun Hongbin10.4 billion Chinareal estate
15Gong Hongjia10.3 billion Chinainvestments
16Guo Guangchang10 billion Chinaconglomerate
17Xu Shihui9.5 billion Chinasnacks, beverages
18Liu Qiangdong9.4 billion Chinae-commerce
19Pan Zhengmin9.3 billion Chinaelectronics
20Zong Qinghou9.1 billion Chinabeverages
21Yao Zhenhua8.2 billion Chinaconglomerate
22Xu Rongmao (Hui Wing Mau)7.2 billion Chinareal estate
23Sun Piaoyang7.1 billion Chinapharmaceuticals
24Wu Yajun6.9 billion Chinareal estate
25Lei Jun6.8 billion Chinasmartphones
26Yan Zhi6.7 billion Chinareal estate
27Zhang Jinmei6.5 billion Chinaconglomerate
28Liu Yongxing6.4 billion Chinaagribusiness
29Wang Wenxue6.35 billion Chinareal estate
30Wei Jianjun6.2 billion Chinaautomobiles

Source: Forbes

2015 Chinese billionaires top 50 list

China Rank Name Net worth (USD) Citizenship Sources of wealth
1Jack Ma40 billion Chinae-commerce
2Wang Jianlin24.2 billion Chinareal estate
3Li Hejun21.1 billion Chinasolar power equipment
4Ma Huateng16.1 billion Chinainternet media
5Robin Li15.3 billion Chinainternet search
6Lei Jun13.2 billion Chinasmartphones
7Zong Qinghou10.3 billion Chinabeverages
8He Xiangjian9.9 billion Chinahome appliances
9Wang Wenyin9.9 billion Chinamining, copper products
10Wei Jianjun8.9 billion Chinaautomobiles
11Liu Qiangdong7.4 billion Chinae-commerce
12Wang Jing6.9 billion Chinatelecom services
13William Ding6.6 billion Chinaonline games
14Liu Yongxing6.6 billion Chinaagribusiness
15Hui Ka Yan (Xu Jiayin)6.2 billion Chinareal estate
16Chan Laiwa6.1 billion Chinareal estate
17Lu Zhiqiang5.9 billion Chinadiversified
18Zhang Zhidong5.8 billion Chinainternet media
19Guo Guangchang5.7 billion Chinadiversified
20Lu Guanqiu5.1 billion Chinadiversified
21Yang Huiyan5 billion Chinareal estate
22Liang Wengen4.9 billion Chinaconstruction equipment
23Zhou Jianping4.8 billion Chinaapparel
24Liu Yonghao4.7 billion Chinaagribusiness
25Tong Jinquan4.7 billion Chinareal estate
26Wang Wei4.2 billion Chinapackage delivery service
27Zhang Jindong4.2 billion Chinaappliance retailer
28Zhang Shiping4.1 billion Chinaaluminum products
29Sun Guangxin4 billion Chinadiversified
30Shi Yuzhu3.9 billion Chinaonline games, investments
31Wang Chuanfu3.9 billion Chinabatteries, cars
32Huang Wei3.7 billion Chinareal estate
33Qiu Guanghe3.6 billion Chinaapparel retail
34Pan Zhengmin3.5 billion Chinaelectronics
35Zhang Changhong3.5 billion Chinafinance information service
36Wu Yajun3.4 billion Chinareal estate
37Zhang Xin3.4 billion Chinareal estate
38Jiang Bin3.3 billion Chinaacoustic components
39Li Zhongchu3.3 billion Chinasoftware
40Pang Kang3.3 billion Chinasoy sauce maker
41Jia Yueting3.2 billion Chinaonline video
42Wang Wenxue3.2 billion Chinareal estate
43Zhu Xingliang3.2 billion Chinaconstruction
44Huang Rulun3.1 billion Chinareal estate
45Yu Yong3.1 billion Chinamining investments
46Wang Wenjing2.9 billion Chinaenterprise software
47Xue Xiangdong2.9 billion Chinasoftware
48Chen Fashu2.8 billion Chinamining, hypermarkets
49Hui Lin Chit2.8 billion Chinahygiene products
50Ma Jianrong2.8 billion China

2014 Chinese billionaires top 15 list

China RankNameNet worth (USD)Sources of wealthAgeGlobal Rank 2014
1Jack Ma$20.1 billione-commerce5036
2Wang Jianlin$16.4 billionreal estate5957
3Robin Li$15.5 billioninternet search4562
4Ma Huateng$15 billioninternet media4269
5Zong Qinghou$12.2 billionbeverages6898
6Wang Wenyin$10.6 billionmetals46118
7Li Hejun$7.8 billionrenewable energy47171
8Liu Qiangdong$7.6 billione-commerce40176
9He Xiangjian$7.6 billionappliances72178
10Liu Yongxing$7.3 billionagribusiness66187

2012 Chinese billionaires top 15 list

China RankNameNet worth (USD)Sources of wealthAgeGlobal Rank 2013
1Zong Qinghou$10 billionWahaha6786
2Robin Li$8.1 billionBaidu44172
3Wang Jianlin$8 billionDalian Wanda Group58128
4Ma Huateng$6.4 billionTencent41173
5Wu Yajun$6.2 billionLongfor Properties49299
6Liang Wengen$5.9 billionSany56158
7Liu Yongxing$5.8 billionHope Group65198
8Xu Jiayin$4.9 billionEvergrande Group54209
9Yang Huiyan$4.4 billionCountry Garden Holdings31211
10Xu Rongmao$4 billionShimao Property63262
11Jack Ma$3.4 billionAlibaba Group48395
12He Xiangjian$3.3 billionMidea Group70262
13Zhang Jindong$3.2 billionSuning Appliance50412
14Sun Guangxin$3.1 billionXinjiang Guanghui Industry50329
15William Ding$2.95 billionNetease41458

2011 Chinese billionaires top 15 list

RankNameNet worth (USD)Sources of wealthAgeGlobal Rank 2013
1Liang Wengen$9.3 billionSany54158
2Robin Li$9.2 billionBaidu42172
3Liu Yongxing$6.8 billionHope Group63198
4Liu Yonghao$6.6 billionNew Hope Group60-
5Zong Qinghou$6.5 billionWahaha6686
6Xu Jiayin$6.2 billionEvergrande Group52209
7Wu Yajun$6.2 billionLongfor Properties49299
8Zhang Jindong$5.6 billionSuning Appliance48-
9He Xiangjian$5.5 billionMidea Group69262
10Qiu Guanghe$4.8 billionZhejiang Semir Garment59-
11Yang Huiyan$4.5 billionCountry Garden29-
12Zhou Chengjian$4.4 billionShanghai Metersbonwe Fashion & Accessories46-
13Ma Huateng$4.3 billionTencent39-
14Zhang Shiping$4.2 billionChina Hongqiao Group, Weiqiao Textile64-
15Wang Jianlin$4 billionDalian Wanda Commercial Properties57-

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