List of Boston Bruins draft picks

This is a complete list of ice hockey players who were drafted in the National Hockey League Entry Draft by the Boston Bruins franchise. It includes every player who was drafted, regardless of whether they played for the team.


     Played at least one game with the Bruins
     Spent entire NHL career with the Bruins

Draft picks

Statistics are complete as of the 2016–17 NHL season and show each player's career regular season totals in the NHL. Wins, losses, ties, overtime losses and goals against average apply to goaltenders and are used only for players at that position.

Draft Round Pick Player Nationality Pos GP G A Pts PIM W L T/OT GAA SV
196313Orest Romashyna CanadaLW
196329Terrance Lane CanadaC
1963314Roger Bamburak CanadaRW
1963419Jim Blair CanadaF
196412Alex Campbell CanadaRW
196428Jim Booth CanadaC
1964314Ken Dryden CanadaG 397019191225857742.24.919
1964420Allister Blair CanadaF
196514Joe Bailey CanadaF
196529Bill Ramsay CanadaD
196611Barry Gibbs CanadaD 79658224282945
196627Rick Smith CanadaD 68752167219560
1966313Garnet Bailey CanadaLW 568107171278633
1966419Tom Webster CanadaRW 10233427561
1967110Meehan Bonnar CanadaRW
1968112Danny Schock CanadaLW 201230
1968218Fraser Rice CanadaC
1968324Brian St. John CanadaF
196913Don Tannahill CanadaF 11130336325
196914Frank Spring CanadaRW 6114203412
1969111Ivan Boldirev CanadaC 1052361505866507
1969222Art Quoquochi CanadaC
1968334Nels Jacobson CanadaLW
1969446Ron Fairbrother CanadaLW
1969558Jerry Wright CanadaC
1969669Jim Jones CanadaD 20000
197013Reggie Leach CanadaRW 934381285666387
197014Rick MacLeish CanadaLW 846349410759434
197019Ron Plumb CanadaD 2634714
1970113Bob Stewart CanadaD 57627101128809
1970227Dan Bouchard CanadaG 655029292532862321133.26.886
1970341Ray Brownlee CanadaLW
1970455Gord Davies CanadaRW
1970569Bob Roselle CanadaC
1970683Murray Wing CanadaD 10110
1970796Glenn Siddall CanadaLW
197116Ron Jones CanadaD 5414533
1971114Terry O'Reilly CanadaRW 8912044026062095
1971228Curt Ridley CanadaG 104011172747163.88.810
1971342Dave Bonter CanadaLW
1971456Dave Hynes United StatesLW 224042
1971570Bert Scott CanadaRW
1971684Bob McMahon CanadaD
1972116Mike Bloom CanadaLW 201304777215
1972232Wayne Elder CanadaD
1972348Michel Boudreau CanadaC
1972464Les Jackson CanadaLW
1972580Brian Coates CanadaLW
1972696Peter Gaw CanadaRW
19727112Gordie Clark CanadaRW 80110
19728128Roy Carmichael CanadaD
197316Andre Savard CanadaC 790211271482411
1973231Jimmy Jones CanadaRW 14813183168
1973336Doug Gibson CanadaC 63919280
1973347Al Sims CanadaD 47649116165286
1973463Steve Langdon CanadaRW 70112
1973579Peter Crosbie CanadaG
1973695Jean-Pierre Bourgoyne CanadaD
19737111Walter Johnson United StatesRW
19738127Virgil Gates CanadaD
19739142Jim Pettie CanadaG 21000239723.65.855
197310157Yvon Bouillon CanadaF
1974118Don Larway CanadaRW
1974225Mark Howe United StatesD 929197545742455
1974236Peter Sturgeon CanadaLW 60112
1974354Tom Edur CanadaD 15817708767
1974472Bill Reed CanadaD
1974590Jamie Bateman CanadaF
19746108Bill Best CanadaLW
19747126Ray Maluta CanadaD 252356
19748143Daryl Drader CanadaLW
19749160Peter Roberts United StatesF
197410175Peter Waselovich United StatesG
1975114Doug Halward CanadaD 65369224293774
1975232Barry Smith CanadaC 114771410
1975460Rick Adduono CanadaC 40002
1975468Denis Daigle CanadaLW
1975586Stan Jonathan CanadaLW 41191110201751
19756104Matti Hagman FinlandC 237568914536
19757122Gary Carr CanadaG
19758140Bo Berglund SwedenF 13028396740
19759156Joe Rando United StatesD
197510171Kevin Nugent United StatesLW
1976116Clayton Pachal CanadaC 3523595
1976234Lorry Gloeckner CanadaD 130226
1976470Bob Miller United StatesF 40475119194220
1976588Pete Vandemark CanadaF
19766106Ted Olson CanadaLW
1977116Dwight Foster CanadaF 541111163274420
1977234Dave Parro CanadaG 7702262136104.09.876
1977352Mike Forbes CanadaD 501111241
1977470Brian McGregor CanadaC
1977588Doug Butler CanadaD
19776106Keith Johnson CanadaD
19777122Ralph Cox United StatesF
19778138Mario Claude CanadaD
1978116Al Secord CanadaLW 7662732224952093
1978235Graeme Nicolson CanadaD 5227960
1978352Brad Knelson CanadaD
1978468George Buat CanadaRW
1978585Daryl MacLeod United StatesLW
19786102Jeff Brubaker United StatesLW 17816925512
19787119Murray Skinner CanadaG
19788136Bobby Hehir United StatesC
19789153Craig McTavish CanadaC 1093213267480891
197918Ray Bourque CanadaD 1612410116915791141
1979115Brad McCrimmon CanadaD 1222813224031416
1979236Doug Morrison CanadaC 23731015
1979357Keith Crowder CanadaRW 6622232714941344
1979478Larry Melnyk CanadaD 432116374686
1979599Marco Baron CanadaG 8604456343893.63.862
19796120Mike Krushelnyski CanadaC 897241328569699
1980118Barry Pederson CanadaC 701238416654472
1980360Tom Fergus United StatesC 726235346581499
1980481Steve Kasper CanadaF 821177291468554
19805102Randy Hillier CanadaD 54316110126906
19806123Steve Lyons United StatesF
19807144Anthony McMurchy CanadaC
19808165Mike Moffat CanadaG 1900027724.29.826
19809186Michael Thelven SwedenD 2072080100217
198010207Jens Ohling SwedenLW
1981114Normand Leveille CanadaF 7517254249
1981235Luc Dufour CanadaC 167232144199
1981477Scott McLellan CanadaRW 20000
1981598Joe Mantione CanadaG
19816119Bruce Milton United StatesD
19817140Mats Thelin SwedenD 16381927176
19818161Armel Parisee CanadaD
19819182Don Sylvestri CanadaG 300020023.53.885
198110203Richard Bourque CanadaF
198211Gord Kluzak CanadaD 2992598123543
1982222Brian Curran CanadaD 381733401461
1982239Lyndon Byers CanadaLW 2792843711081
1982360Dave Reid CanadaLW 961165204369253
19825102Bob Nicholson CanadaD
19826123Bob Sweeney United StatesC 639125163288799
19827144John Meulenbroeks CanadaD
19828165Tony Fiore CanadaC
19829186Doug Kostynski CanadaC 153144
198210207Tony Gilliard CanadaLW
198211228Tommy Lehmann SwedenC 36551016
198212249Bruno Campese CanadaG
1983121Nevin Markwart CanadaF 3094168109794
1983242Greg Johnston CanadaRW 187263056124
1983362Greg Puhalski CanadaC
1983482Allan LaRochelle CanadaG
19835102Allen Pedersen CanadaD 42853641487
19836122Terry Taillefer CanadaG
19837142Ian Armstrong CanadaD
19838162Francois Olivier CanadaLW
19839182Harri Laurila FinlandD
198310202Paul Fitzsimmons United StatesD
198311222Norm Foster CanadaG 1300027403.27.872
198312242Greg Murphy United StatesD
1984119Dave Pasin CanadaC 7618193750
1984240Ray Podloski CanadaF 801122
1984361Jeff Cornelius CanadaD
1984482Bob Joyce CanadaLW 15834498390
19845103Mike Bishop CanadaG
19846124Randy Oswald CanadaD
19847145Mark Thietke CanadaF
19848166Don Sweeney CanadaD 111552221273681
19849186Kevin Heffernan United StatesF
198410207John Urbanic CanadaLW
198411227Bill Kopecky United StatesF
198412248Jim Newhouse United StatesF
1985231Alain Cote CanadaD 11921820124
1985352Bill Ranford CanadaG 6470242465240279763.41.888
1985473Jamie Kelly CanadaF
1985594Steve Moore CanadaD
19856115Gord Hynes CanadaD 52391222
19857136Per Martinelle SwedenF
19858157Randy Burridge CanadaLW 706199251450458
19859178Gord Cruickshank CanadaF
198510199Dave Buda CanadaF
198510210Bob Beers United StatesD 2582879107225
198511220John Byce United StatesRW 212356
198512241Marc West CanadaC
1986113Craig Janney United StatesC 760188563751170
1986234Pekka Tirkkonen FinlandC
1986476Dean Hall CanadaF
1986597Matt Pesklewis CanadaLW
19866118Garth Premak CanadaD
19867139Paul Beraldo CanadaC 100004
19868160Brian Ferreira United StatesF
19869181Jeff Flaherty United StatesF
198610202Greg Hawgood CanadaD 47460164224426
198611223Steffan Malmquist SwedenF
198612244Joel Gardner CanadaC
1986S1Chris Olson United StatesG
198713Glen Wesley CanadaD 14571284095371045
1987114Stephane Quintal CanadaD 1037631802431320
1987356Todd Lalonde CanadaLW
1987467Darwin MacPherson CanadaD
1987477Matt DelGuidice United StatesG 1100022513.87.886
1987598Ted Donato United StatesLW 796150197347396
19876119Matt Glennon United StatesLW 30002
19877140Rob Cheevers United StatesF
19878161Chris Winnes United StatesRW 331676
19879182Paul Ohman United StatesD
198710203Casey Jones CanadaD
198711224Eric LeMarque United StatesC
198712245Sean Gorman United StatesD
1987S1Mike Jeffrey CanadaG
1988118Robert Cimetta CanadaLW 10316163266
1988360Steve Heinze United StatesRW 694178158336379
1988481Joe Juneau CanadaC 828156416572272
19885102Dan Murphy United StatesD
19886123Derek Geary United StatesF
19888165Mark Krys CanadaD
19889186Jon Rohloff United StatesD 15072532129
198811228Eric Reisman United StatesD
198812249Doug Jones CanadaD
1988S23Chris Harvey United StatesG
1989117Shayne Stevenson CanadaC 2702235
1989238Mike Parson CanadaG
1989357Wes Walz CanadaC 607109151260343
1989480Jackson Penney CanadaRW
19895101Mark Montanari CanadaF
19896122Steven Foster United StatesD
19897143Oto Hascak SlovakiaC
19898164Rick Allain CanadaD
19899185James Lavish United StatesF
198910206Geoff Simpson CanadaD
198911227David Franzosa United StatesLW
1989S22Jeff Schulman United StatesD
1990121Bryan Smolinski United StatesC 1056274377651606
1990363Cam Stewart CanadaLW 202162339120
1990484Jerry Buckley United StatesRW
19905105Mike Bales CanadaG 23000221514.13.869
19906126Mark Woolf CanadaRW
19907147James Mackey United StatesD
19908168John Gruden United StatesD 9218946
19909189Darren Wetherill CanadaD
199010210Dean Capuano United StatesD
199011231Andy Bezeau United StatesLW
199012252Ted Miskolczi CanadaRW
1990S25Howie Rosenblatt United StatesF
1991118Glen Murray CanadaRW 1009337314651679
1991240Jozef Stumpel SlovakiaC 957196481677245
1991362Marcel Cousineau CanadaG 26011041012.92.900
1991484Brad Tiley CanadaD 110000
19915106Mariusz Czerkawski PolandRW 745215220435274
19917150Gary Golczewski United StatesLW
19918172Jay Moser United StatesRW
19919194Dan Hodge United StatesD
199110216Steve Norton CanadaD
199111238Steve Lombardi United StatesF
199112260Torsten Kienass GermanyD
1991S24Peter Allen CanadaD 80008
1992116Dmitri Kvartalnov RussiaRW 11242499126
1992355Sergei Zholtok LatviaC 588111147258166
19925112Scott Bailey CanadaG 1900006623.42.876
19926133Jiri Dopita Czech RepublicC 7312213319
19926136Grigori Panteleev LatviaLW 54861412
19928184Kurt Seher CanadaD
19929208Mattias Timander SwedenD 419135770165
199210232Chris Crombie CanadaF
199211256Denis Chervyakov RussiaD 20002
199211257Eugene Pavlov RussiaRW
1993125Kevyn Adams United StatesC 5405977136317
1993251Matt Alvey United StatesRW
1993488Charles Paquette CanadaD
19934103Shawn Bates United StatesC 46572126198266
19935129Andrei Sapozhnikov RussiaD
19936155Milt Mastad CanadaD
19937181Ryan Golden United StatesLW
19938207Hal Gill United StatesD 110836148184962
19939233Joel Prpic CanadaC 180334
199310259Joakim Persson SwedenG
1994121Evgeni Ryabchikov RussiaG
1994247Daniel Goneau CanadaLW 531231514
1994499Eric Nickulas United StatesRW 11815233882
19945125Darren Wright CanadaD
19946151Andre Roy United StatesLW 5153533681169
19947177Jeremy Schaefer CanadaF
19949229John Grahame United StatesG 224099519786182.79.898
199410255Neil Savary CanadaG
199411281Andrei Yakhanov RussiaD
199519Kyle McLaren CanadaD 71946161207671
1995121Sean Brown CanadaD 436144357907
1995247Paxton Schafer CanadaG 300000004.68.760
1995373Bill McCauley United StatesD
1995499Cameron Mann CanadaRW 9314102440
19956151Evgeny Shaldybin RussiaD 31010
19957177P. J. Axelsson SwedenLW 797103184287276
19958203Sergei Zhukov RussiaD
19959229Jonathan Murphy CanadaD
199618Johnathan Aitken CanadaD 4401170
1996245Henry Kuster CanadaF
1996353Eric Naud CanadaLW
1996380Jason Doyle CanadaRW
19964100Trent Whitfield CanadaC 193111829104
19965132Elias Abrahamsson SwedenD
19966155Chris Lane CanadaD
19967182Tom Brown CanadaD
19968208Bob Prier CanadaF
19969234Anders Soderberg SwedenLW
199711Joe Thornton CanadaC 1446384100713911156
199718Sergei Samsonov RussiaLW 888235336571209
1997227Ben Clymer United StatesD 4385277129367
1997354Mattias Karlin SwedenC
1997363Lee Goren CanadaRW 6754944
1997481Karol Bartanus SlovakiaRW
19976135Denis Timofeyev RussiaD
19977162Joel Trottier CanadaRW
19977180Jim Baxter CanadaD
19978191Antti Laaksonen FinlandLW 4838187168152
19979218Eric Van Acker CanadaD
19979246Jay Henderson CanadaLW 3313437
1998248Jonathan Girard CanadaD 15010344446
1998252Bobby Allen United StatesD 5103312
1998378Peter Nordstrom SwedenLW 20000
19985135Andrew Raycroft CanadaG 28003314113114272.89.900
19986165Ryan Milanovic CanadaLW
1999121Nick Boynton CanadaD 60534110144862
1999256Matt Zultek CanadaLW
1999389Kyle Wanvig CanadaRW 75691594
19994118Jaakko Harikkala FinlandD
19995147Seamus Kotyk CanadaG
19996179Donald Choukalos CanadaG
19997207Greg Barber CanadaRW
19998236John Cronin United StatesD
19999247Mikko Eloranta FinlandLW 264324476186
19999264Georgijs Pujacs LatviaD
200017Lars Jonsson SwedenD 80226
2000127Martin Samuelsson SwedenRW 140112
2000237Andy Hilbert United StatesC 3074262104132
2000259Ivan Huml Czech RepublicF 496121836
2000366Tuukka Makela FinlandD
2000373Sergei Zinovjev RussiaC 100112
20004103Brett Nowak United StatesC
20006174Jarno Kultanen FinlandD 1022111359
20007204Chris Berti CanadaC
20008237Zdenek Kutlak Czech RepublicD 161234
20009268Pavel Kolarik Czech RepublicD 2300010
20009279Andreas Lindstrom SwedenF
2001119Shaone Morrisonn CanadaD 480116475455
2001377Darren McLachlan CanadaLW
20014111Matti Kaltianinen FinlandG
20015147Jiri Jakes Czech RepublicRW
20016179Andrew Alberts United StatesD 45984755492
20017209Jordan Sigalet CanadaG 100000000.00
20018241Milan Jurcina SlovakiaD 430225981280
20019282Marcel Rodman SloveniaRW
2002129Hannu Toivonen FinlandG 61000101824103.37.890
2002256Vladislav Yevseyev RussiaLW
20024130Jan Kubista Czech RepublicRW
20025153Peter Hamerlik SlovakiaG
20027228Dmitri Utkin RussiaF
20028259Yan Stastny United StatesC 916101658
20029290Pavel Frolov RussiaF
2003121Mark Stuart United StatesD 673266793722
2003245Patrice Bergeron CanadaC 899259412671340
2003266Masi Marjamaki FinlandLW 10000
20034107Byron Bitz CanadaRW 9710122265
20034118Frank Rediker United StatesD
20034129Patrik Valcak Czech RepublicLW
20035153Mike Brown United StatesG
20036183Nate Thompson United StatesC 5504863111299
20038247Benoit Mondou CanadaRW
20039277Kevin Regan United StatesG
2004263David Krejci Czech RepublicC 705157369526266
2004264Martins Karsums LatviaRW 241566
20044108Ashton Rome CanadaRW
20045134Kris Versteeg CanadaRW 619146204350368
20045160Ben Walter CanadaC 241016
20047224Matt Hunwick United StatesD 4792186107182
20048255Anton Hedman SwedenF
2005122Matt Lashoff United StatesD 741151659
2005239Petr Kalus Czech RepublicRW 114156
2005383Mikko Lehtonen FinlandRW 20000
20054100Jonathan Sigalet CanadaD 10004
20054106Vladimir Sobotka Czech RepublicC 3823688124282
20055154Wacey Rabbit CanadaC
20056172Lukas Vantuch Czech RepublicC
20057217Brock Bradford CanadaC
200615Phil Kessel United StatesRW 832296353649234
2006237Yuri Alexandrov RussiaD
2006250Milan Lucic CanadaLW 729182265447901
2006371Brad Marchand CanadaRW 534192182374515
20065128Andrew Bodnarchuk CanadaD 4204416
20066158Levi Nelson CanadaC
200718Zach Hamill CanadaC 200444
2007235Tommy Cross United StatesD 30110
20075130Denis Reul GermanyD
20076159Alain Goulet CanadaD
20076169Radim Ostrcil Czech RepublicD
20077189Jordan Knackstedt CanadaRW
2008116Joe Colborne CanadaC 2954272114144
2008247Maxime Sauve CanadaC 10000
2008377Michael Hutchinson CanadaG 9900004138112.63.910
2008497Jamie Arniel CanadaC 10000
20086173Nicolas Tremblay CanadaC
20087197Mark Goggin United StatesC
2009125Jordan Caron CanadaRW 15712162878
2009386Ryan Button CanadaD
20094112Lane MacDermid United StatesLW 2122436
20096176Tyler Randell CanadaRW 2760647
20097206Ben Sexton CanadaC
201012Tyler Seguin CanadaC 508189238427140
2010232Jared Knight United StatesC
2010245Ryan Spooner CanadaC 214328511757
2010497Craig Cunningham CanadaLW 633586
20105135Justin Florek United StatesF 41120
20106165Zane McIntyre United StatesG 800000413.93.858
20107195Maxim Chudinov RussiaD
20107210Zach Trotman United StatesD 67391222
201119Dougie Hamilton CanadaD 34147129176205
2011240Alexander Khokhlachev RussiaLW 90002
2011381Anthony Camara CanadaLW
20114121Brian Ferlin United StatesRW 70110
20115151Rob O'Gara United StatesD 30000
20116181Lars Volden NorwayG
2012124Malcolm Subban CanadaG 200000205.81.727
2012385Matt Grzelcyk United StatesD 20002
20125131Seth Griffith CanadaRW 586101618
20125145Cody Payne United StatesC
20126175Matthew Benning CanadaD 623121529
20127205Colton Hargrove United StatesF
2013260Linus Arnesson SwedenD
2013390Peter Cehlarik SlovakiaLW 110220
20134120Ryan Fitzgerald United StatesC
20135150Wiley Sherman United StatesD
20136180Anton Blidh SwedenLW 191127
20137210Mitchell Dempsey CanadaLW
2014125David Pastrnak Czech RepublicRW 172596412362
2014256Ryan Donato United StatesC
20144116Danton Heinen CanadaC 80002
20145146Anders Bjork United StatesLW
20147206Emil Johansson SwedenD
2015113Jakub Zboril Czech RepublicD
2015114Jake DeBrusk CanadaLW
2015115Zachary Senyshyn CanadaRW
2015237Brandon Carlo United StatesD 826101659
2015245Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson SwedenC 10000
2015252Jeremy Lauzon CanadaD
2015375Daniel Vladař Czech RepublicG
20154105Jesse Gabrielle CanadaLW
20156165Cameron Hughes CanadaC
20157195Jack Becker United StatesC
2016114Charlie McAvoy United StatesD
2016129Trent Frederic United StatesC
2016249Ryan Lindgren United StatesD
20165135Joona Koppanen FinlandLW
20165136Cameron Clarke United StatesD
20166195Oskar Steen SwedenC
2017118Urho Vaakanainen FinlandD
2017253Jack Studnicka CanadaC
20174111Jeremy Swayman United StatesG
20176173Cedric Pare CanadaC
20177195Victor Berglund SwedenD
20177204Daniel Bukac Czech RepublicD
2018257Axel Andersson SwedenD
2018377Jakub Lauko Czech RepublicC
20184119Curtis Hall United StatesC
20186181Dustyn McFaul CanadaD
20187212Pavel Shen RussiaC

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