List of Asian Jews

As an indigenous West Asian people, Jews have been present in Asia since the beginning of their history. However, a number of Jewish communities have also been established in other parts of Asia, either by migrating or fleeing eastward from their place of origin in Israel. Some examples of ancient Jewish communities in Asia are: Iran (Persian Jews) and Iraq (Iraqi Jews); the Georgian Jews and Mountain Jews of the Caucasus; the Bene Israel, the Baghdadi Jews and the Cochin Jews of India (Jews in India); and the Bukharan Jews of Central Asia. China once had an established Jewish community in Kaifeng.

Here is a partial list of some prominent Asian Jews, arranged by country. Note that those regions of Asia where Arabic or Russian or Turkish predominate are excluded from this list (except for the Baghdadi Jews from India and Southeast Asia); see Arab Jews, Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardi Jews for information on these populations.



Hong Kong




People of Jewish descent
Refugees, short expatriates
Other related people to Judaism and Jews in Japan





Sri Lanka



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