List of Arsenal F.C. players (25–99 appearances)

Arsenal Football Club, an association football club based in Islington, London, was founded in 1886 as Royal Arsenal. They became the first southern member[nb 1] admitted into the Football League in 1893, having spent their first four seasons solely participating in cup tournaments and friendlies.[4] The club's name, which shortly changed to Woolwich Arsenal, was shortened to Arsenal in 1914, a year after moving to Highbury.[5] Despite finishing fifth in the Second Division in 1914–15, Arsenal rejoined the First Division at the expense of local rivals Tottenham Hotspur when football resumed after the First World War.[6] Since that time, they have not fallen below the first tier of the English football league system and hold the record for the longest uninterrupted period in the top flight.[7] The club's first team have competed in numerous nationally and internationally organised competitions, and all players who have played between 25 and 99 such matches, either as a member of the starting eleven or as a substitute, are listed below.

Each player's details include the duration of his Arsenal career, his typical playing position while with the club, and the number of games played and goals scored in all senior competitive matches. Two of these players, Tom Whittaker and Don Howe, went on to manage Arsenal; the former died in 1956, while in the job.[8] The first player capped at full international level while with Arsenal was Caesar Jenkyns, when he appeared for Wales against Scotland on 21 March 1896.[9] Bernard Joy moved into journalism following his football career, and authored the club's first detailed history book, Forward, Arsenal![10] Ronnie Rooke made 94 appearances for Arsenal and scored 70 goals; at a goalscoring rate of 0.745, he is the club's second-most prolific goalscorer.[11]

Two players, Ray Daniel and Roger Ord, fell one short of 100 appearances for Arsenal. The list includes ten players who are still contracted to the club, and so can add to their totals.[12]


  • The list is ordered first by date of debut, and then if necessary in alphabetical order.
  • Appearances as a substitute are included. This feature of the game was introduced in the Football League at the start of the 1965–66 season.[13]
  • Statistics are correct up to and including the match played on 8 April 2018. Where a player left the club permanently after this date, his statistics are updated to his date of leaving.
Positions key
Pre-1960s 1960s–
GK Goalkeeper
FB Full back DF Defender
HB Half back MF Midfielder
FW Forward
Unless otherwise noted, the nationality of a player is determined by the country/countries which he has played for, or if said person has not played international football, their country of birth.
Playing positions are listed according to the tactical formations that were employed at the time. Thus the change in the names of defensive and midfield positions reflects the tactical evolution that occurred from the 1960s onwards.
Club career
Club career is defined as the first and last calendar years in which the player appeared for the club in any of the competitions listed below.
Total appearances and Total goals
Total appearances and goals comprise those in the Football League, Premier League, FA Cup, Football League Cup, FA Charity/Community Shield, European Cup/UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, Football League Centenary Trophy and European Super Cup. Matches in the United League, Southern District Combination, London League and wartime competitions are excluded.


List of Arsenal F.C. players with between 25 and 99 appearances
Player Nationality Pos Club career Starts Subs Total Goals
David Howat  England HB1889–1896720723
Charles Booth  England FW1892–18942602610
Bob Buist  Scotland FB1892–1894270271
William Jeffery  Scotland FB1892–1894310310
James Henderson  Scotland FW1892–18954704731
Arthur Elliott  England FW1892–18943403419
Joe Powell  England FB1893–1896920922
James Boyle  Scotland FB1893–1897660669
Harry Storer  England GK1894–1898410410
Jock Caldwell  Scotland FB1894–1898970972
Peter Mortimer  Scotland FW1894–18964804823
Henry Boyd  Scotland FW1894–18964104132
Patrick O'Brien  Scotland FW1894–18976706729
Robert Buchanan  Scotland FW1894–18964404416
Caesar Jenkyns  Wales FB1895–1896270276
Samuel Mills  England FW1895–1896250253
Frank McAvoy  Scotland FW1895–18984804810
William Fairclough  Scotland GK1896–1897270270
Adam Haywood  England FW1896–18999109136
Finlay Sinclair  Scotland FB1896–1897280280
James Brock  Scotland FW1896–18986306323
John Russell  Scotland FW1896–1897250254
Roger Ord  England GK1897–1900990990
James McAuley  Scotland FB1897–1898270272
Fergus Hunt  England FW1897–19037707733
Craig McGeoch  Scotland FW1897–18993903914
William White  Scotland FW1897–18994204216
David Hannah  Northern Ireland HB1897–18995005017
Alex McConnell  Scotland FB1897–1899380381
James Moir  Scotland HB1898–1900450450
John McAvoy  Scotland FB1898–1899260260
Herbert Shaw  England FW1898–1900300309
Joe Murphy  England FW1899–1900320320
Andrew McCowie  Scotland FW1899–1900330337
Paddy Logan  Scotland FW1899–1901290297
James Tennant  Scotland FW1899–19015405410
Ralph Gaudie  England FW1899–19015005023
Sandy Main  Scotland FW1899–19026906914
Walter Place  England FW1900–1901450457
Tommy Low  Scotland FW1900–1901260262
Peter Turner  Scotland FW1900–1901360365
Freddie Coles  England HB1900–1904860862
Abraham Foxall  England FW1901–1902310313
Thomas Fitchie  Scotland FW1902–19096306330
Walter Anderson  England FW1902–19033003011
Billy Linward  England FW1902–19055005010
Tommy Shanks  Ireland FW1903–19044804829
James Bigden  England HB1904–1908870871
Bob Templeton  Scotland FW1904–1906410411
Jim Bellamy  England FW1905–1907290294
Bertie Freeman  England FW1905–19084904924
William Garbutt  England FW1905–19086506514
Edwin Bateup  England GK1906–1911360360
Peter Kyle  Scotland FW1906–19086006023
Jackie Mordue  England FW1907–1908280281
Harold Lee  England FW1907–19094104115
Gordon Hoare  England FW1908–19113403413
Sam Raybould  England FW1908–1909300307
Matthew Thomson  Scotland HB1909–1913940941
Walter Lawrence  England FW1909–1910260260
Duncan McDonald  Scotland FB1909–1910270270
Alf Common  England FW1910–19128008023
Jackie Chalmers  Scotland FW1910–19125105122
Tom Winship  England FW1910–1915560567
George Burdett  England GK1911–1912280280
Jack Peart  England FB1911–1921660660
George Grant  England HB1911–1915570574
Charles Randall  Scotland FW1911–19134404412
Harold Crawford  Scotland GK1911–1913270270
Frederick Groves  England FW1912–1921530537
Joe Fidler  England FB1913250250
Stephen Stonley  England FW1913–19143903914
Joe Lievesley  England GK1913–1915750750
Wally Hardinge  England FW1913–19205505514
George Jobey  England HB1913–1914280283
Bob Benson  England FB1914–1915540547
Chris Buckley  England FB1914–1920590593
Harry King  England FW1914–19153903929
Clem Voysey  England HB1919–1926370376
Stephen Dunn  England GK1919–1922440440
Fred Pagnam  England FW1919–19215305327
Tom Whittaker  England HB1920–1925700702
Jimmy Paterson  Scotland FW1920–1926770772
Reg Boreham  England HB1921–19235305318
Bob Turnbull  Scotland FW1921–19246606628
Andrew Young  England FB1922–1927710719
Harry Woods  England FW1923–19267507522
Sam Haden  England FW1923–19279309311
James Ramsay  Scotland FW1924–19267507510
Andrew Neil  Scotland FW1924–19265705710
Bill Harper  Scotland GK1925–1931730730
Bill Seddon  England HB1926–1931760760
Horace Cope  England FB1926–1933760760
Harry Peel  England FW1926–1929520526
Leonard Thompson  England FW1928–1932270276
Ray Parkin  England FW1929–19352602611
Charlie Preedy[nb 2]  England GK1929–1932400400
Joey Williams  England FW1929–1931260265
Alf Haynes  England HB1929–1933310310
Ernie Coleman  England FW1932–19344604626
Pat Beasley  England HB1932–19368908924
Frank Hill  Scotland HB1932–1936810814
Norman Sidey  England DF1932–1938450450
Jimmy Dunne  Ireland FW1933–19363303313
Alex Wilson  Scotland GK1934–1938900900
Bobby Davidson  Scotland FW1935–19376306315
Jackie Milne  Scotland FW1935–19375405419
Bernard Joy  England DF1936–1946950950
Denis Compton  England FW1936–19506006016
Frank Boulton  England GK1936–1938420420
David Nelson  Scotland HB1936–1946290294
Leslie Jones  Wales FW1937–1946510513
George Drury  England FW1938–1946400403
Bryn Jones  Wales FW1938–1949760768
Joe Wade  England FB1946–1954930930
Paddy Sloan  Ireland HB1946–1947360361
Ted Platt  England GK1946–1952570570
Ronnie Rooke  England FW1946–19499409470
Ray Daniel  Wales FB1949–1953990995
Arthur Shaw  England HB1949–1954610610
Freddie Cox  England FW1949–19539409416
Ben Marden  England HB1951–19554204211
Arthur Milton  England FW1951–19558408421
Gerry Ward  England HB1953–19628408410
Tommy Lawton  England FW1953–19553803815
William Dickson  Northern Ireland HB1953–1955310311
Con Sullivan  England GK1954–1957320320
Jim Fotheringham  Scotland FB1954–1958760760
Mike Tiddy  England FW1955–1958520528
Gordon Nutt  England FW1955–19605105110
Jim Standen  England GK1957–1960380380
John Petts  England DF1958–1962320321
Tommy Docherty  Scotland FW1958–1961900901
Mel Charles  Wales FW1959–19626406428
John Snedden  Scotland DF1960–1964940940
Jack McClelland  Northern Ireland GK1961–1964490490
Dave Bacuzzi  England DF1961–1964480480
Ian McKechnie  Scotland GK1961–1963250250
Fred Clarke  Northern Ireland DF1962–1965280280
Terry Anderson  England MF1963–1965260267
Don Howe  England DF1964–1966740741
Tony Burns  England GK1964–1965330330
Colin Addison  England FW1966–19673113210
David Jenkins  England DF1966–1968241259
George Johnston  Scotland FW1967–1969205253
Bobby Gould  England FW1968–197072118323
Jimmy Robertson  Scotland FW1968–1970581598
John Roberts  Wales DF1969–1972774815
Geoff Barnett  England GK1969–1975490490
Peter Marinello  Scotland FW1970–1973438515
Jeff Blockley  England DF1972–1974620621
Brian Hornsby  England DF1973–1975233266
Richie Powling  England DF1973–1977545593
John Matthews  England MF1974–1978489575
Brian Kidd  England FW1974–19769009034
Terry Mancini  Ireland DF1974–1976620621
Alex Cropley  Scotland MF1974–1976331346
Trevor Ross  England MF1975–1977661679
Alan Hudson  England MF1977–1978461470
Steve Walford  England DF1977–19817820984
Steve Gatting  England DF1978–19816511766
Paul Vaessen  England FW1978–19822714419
Brian McDermott  England FW1979–198444287213
George Wood  Scotland GK1980–1983700700
Peter Nicholas  Wales MF1981–1983773803
Raphael Meade  England FW1981–198532195116
Lee Chapman  England FW1982–19831711286
Colin Hill  Northern Ireland DF1983–1984510511
Tommy Caton  England DF1983–1986950953
Paul Mariner  England FW1984–198660107017
Niall Quinn  England FW1985–199081139420
Gus Caesar  England DF1985–19903120510
Brian Marwood  England FW1988–19906016117
Colin Pates  England DF1990–1992169251
Jimmy Carter  England MF1991–19942111322
Steve Morrow  Northern Ireland DF1992–19975233853
Ian Selley  Scotland MF1992–1997519602
Paul Dickov  Scotland FW1993–1996917267
Scott Marshall  Scotland DF1993–1997206261
Eddie McGoldrick  Ireland MF1993–19954413531
Stefan Schwarz  Sweden MF1994–1995490494
Stephen Hughes  England MF1994–20003641777
John Hartson  Wales FW1995–199755167117
Glenn Helder  Netherlands FW1995–19963316491
Rémi Garde  France MF1996–19992716430
Nicolas Anelka  France FW1997–199974179128
Luís Boa Morte  Portugal MF1997–19991326394
Christopher Wreh  Liberia FW1997–20001828465
Alex Manninger  Austria GK1997–2001631640
Matthew Upson  England DF1997–20033917560
Nelson Vivas  Argentina DF1998–20012940691
Davor Šuker  Croatia FW1999-200015243911
Sylvinho  Brazil DF1999–20016614805
Jermaine Pennant  England FW1999–20051214263
Stuart Taylor  England GK2000–2003264300
Igors Stepanovs  Latvia DF2000–2003292311
Giovanni van Bronckhorst  Netherlands MF2001–20033925642
Francis Jeffers  England FW2001–20031326398
Jérémie Aliadière  France FW2001–20071932519
Pascal Cygan  France DF2002–20068018983
Justin Hoyte  England DF2003–20085018680
Júlio Baptista  Brazil FW2006–200717183510
Armand Traoré  Senegal DF2006–2011284320
Eduardo  Croatia FW2007–201041266722
Łukasz Fabiański  Poland GK2007–2014753780
Carlos Vela  Mexico FW2008–201119436211
Mikaël Silvestre  France DF2008–2010376443
Marouane Chamakh  Morocco FW2010–201236316714
Sébastien Squillaci  France DF2010–2012354392
Gervinho  Ivory Coast FW2011–201344196311
Carl Jenkinson  England DF2011–4814621
Yossi Benayoun  Israel MF2011–20121510255
André Santos  Brazil DF2011–20132112333
Lukas Podolski  Germany FW2012–201455278231
Calum Chambers  England DF2014–5423773
Mathieu Debuchy  France DF2014–2018291302
Joel Campbell  Costa Rica FW2014–2317404
David Ospina  Colombia GK2014–673700
Ainsley Maitland-Niles  England FW2014–2514390
Gabriel  Brazil DF2015–20175311641
Alex Iwobi  Nigeria FW2015–7127989
Mohamed Elneny  Egypt MF2016–5220722
Granit Xhaka   Switzerland MF2016–869957
Shkodran Mustafi  Germany DF2016–742765
Rob Holding  England DF2016–395441
Alexandre Lacazette  France FW2017–3374017
Sead Kolašinac  Bosnia and Herzegovina DF2017–288365


  1. A club located in the southern counties of England. Initially these were amateur clubs, as professionalism in football was not as readily accepted in the south as in the north. In the 1893–94 season, Arsenal (under its former name Woolwich Arsenal) turned professional and became the first southern club admitted to the northern-oriented Football League. The following year saw the creation of the Southern Football League, which was composed of amateur and professional teams. By the 1920–21 season, the top division of the Southern Football League was absorbed by the Football League, to create its third division.[2][3]
  2. Preedy was born in Neemuch, India, but is considered a British citizen by descent under nationality law.



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