Lion Rock

Lion Rock
The lion shaped rock viewed from the west
Highest point
Elevation 495 m (1,624 ft)
Coordinates 22°21′11″N 114°11′13″E / 22.353102°N 114.187067°E / 22.353102; 114.187067Coordinates: 22°21′11″N 114°11′13″E / 22.353102°N 114.187067°E / 22.353102; 114.187067
Lion Rock
Northern Kowloon, Hong Kong

Lion Rock (Chinese: 獅子山), or less formally Lion Rock Hill, is a mountain in Hong Kong. It is located between Kowloon Tong of Kowloon and Tai Wai of the New Territories, and is 495 metres high. The peak consists of granite covered sparsely by shrubs.

Lion Rock is noted for its shape: its resemblance to a crouching lion is most striking from the Choi Hung and San Po Kong areas in East Kowloon. A trail winds its way up the forested hillside to the top, culminating atop the "lion's head". The trail can be followed across the profile of the lion, eventually linking up with the MacLehose Trail. The rock provides a view of the city and Hong Kong Island in the distance. The entire mountain is located within Lion Rock Country Park in Hung Mui Kuk, Tai Wai and is made passable by vehicles by Lion Rock Tunnel, which connects Kowloon Tong and Tai Wai.

Lion Rock is near another famous rock structure, the Amah Rock. A road in Kowloon City is named Lion Rock Road (獅子石道).

Cultural references

After World War II and communists' victory in the China Civil War, many people who fled to Hong Kong from Mainland China lived in squatters in Kowloon, where the Lion Rock is clearly visible. The lives of the era, during which Hong Kong was rebuilt from poverty, was depicted by the RTHK TV series Below the Lion Rock; the first episode was broadcast in 1974). The series featured some of the early work of now famous film directors such as Ann Hui. Its theme song "Beneath the Lion Rock", sung by Roman Tam, is considered to indicate the spirit of the Hong Kong people. The name of the series and its eponymous theme song has since been connected to the "Lion Rock Spirit" (Chinese: 獅子山下精神), used to refer to Hong Kong as a whole.

The second version of the government-sponsored Brand Hong Kong contains a siloutte of the Lion Rock. According to the brand, the Lion Rock represents "the Hong Kong people's 'can-do' spirit".[1]

A banner writing “我要真普選” (I want real universal suffrage) was hung up near the head of the 'Lion' on 23 October 2014 to show supports towards 2014 Hong Kong protests.[2] The banner was removed by the government on the next day.

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