LinkExchange was a popular internet advertising cooperative, similar in function to a webring, originally known as Internet Link Exchange or ILE.

It was founded in March 1996 by 23-year-old Harvard graduates Tony Hsieh (who later went on to invest in and become the CEO of Zappos) and Sanjay Madan.[1] Ali Partovi later joined them as a third partner in August 1996.[2] In November 1996, when the company consisted of about 10 people, it moved from Hsieh's and Madan's living room to an office[3] in San Francisco. In May 1997, the company received US$3 million in funding from Sequoia Capital.[4]

In June 1998, LinkExchange acquired MerchantPlanet, an early shopping cart and credit card application.[5] That same month it also acquired Submit It! Inc., developers of Submit It!, ClickTrade, and ListBot.[6]

In November 1998, when LinkExchange had 100 employees, it was acquired by Microsoft[7] for US$265 million.[8]

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