Like Father, Like Santa

Like Father, Like Santa (also known as The Christmas Takeover) is a TV movie starring Harry Hamlin and William Hootkins. It premiered on Fox Family in 1998 on their 25 Days of Christmas programming block.[1] The script was written by Mark Valenti.


The story revolves around a toy tycoon named Tyler Madison [2] who is greedy, ruthless, and neglectful of his family. He wants a monopoly of the toys industry[3] and is determined to erase all his competitors including his father, Santa Claus.

He had a bitter childhood which motivates him to put Santa Claus out of business. He travels to the North Pole to take over Santa’s toy workshop.[4] However, he realizes that he has a lot in common with his father. He faces a crisis of conscience[5] when the Christmas elves at his father’s mailroom go on a labor strike.



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