Lihapiirakka ("meat pie") filled with mincemeat and rice
Type Pie
Place of origin Finland
Main ingredients meat, rice
Variations Möttönen, atomi, vety
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A lihapiirakka (in Finnish Lihapiirakka literally "meat pie") is an everyday Finnish dish sold in supermarkets and often available ready to eat from fast food trailers/cabins selling fast food. It is a form of savoury pie or turnover made from doughnut dough and filled with a mixture of minced meat and cooked rice and cooked by deep frying. It does not resemble a traditional English or American meat pie or turnover due to the use of doughnut mix and the fact that it is deep fried. They are usually bought ready cooked and are simply reheated in a microwave oven.

A larger and thicker form is also known as a Möttönen. Two Karelian variants are atomi and vety ("atom" and "hydrogen"), where vety contains ham and egg, but atomi only one of these.

Traditionally the pastry is eaten whole. A contemporary way to have them is to split it in half and fill it with a frankfurter or some other type of sausage, or with kebab meat or some form of meat burger. They are generally served with ketchup, mustard and a relish similar to Bostongurka.

The term lihapiirakka' may also be used for a large rectangular turnover.[1]

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