Liberalism in Poland

This article gives an overview of liberalism in Poland. It is limited to liberal parties with substantial support, mainly proved by having had a representation in parliament. The sign ⇒ denotes another party in that scheme. Parties included in this scheme do not necessarily label themselves as "liberal". Current the Civic Platform is the largest conservative liberal political party in Poland.


Liberalism in Poland gained on significance during Polish Renaissance, but subsequently it lost its followers in the era of counterreformation, which in Poland was not free of violence. Since then, it remained a minor political force.

Liberalism in Poland is often connected with conservative politics and is reduced to economic policy. Classical liberals, liberal both on social and economic issues, exist in Poland in dispersed small groups.

From Union of Real Politics to Coalition for the Renewal of the Republic–Liberty and Hope

Citizens's Movement-Democratic Action

From Democratic Union to Modern

Social liberal leaders

Conservative liberal leaders

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