Legislative elections in Taiwan

The election of the Legislative Yuan of Taiwan, is a direct election by the citizens of Taiwan. Legislative Yuan is the unicameral legislatures of the country. Currently there are 113 seats of Legislative Yuan, all seats are open for elections. In those seats, 73 are directly elected in local single-member districts, 6 are directly elected by Taiwanese aborigines and the remaining 34 are elected by party-list proportional representation. The most recent election took place on January 16, 2016 together with the presidential election.

List of Legislative Yuan elections in Taiwan

OrderYearSeatsMain articleSame Day?
1stsupp.196911Taiwan legislative election, 1969with National Assembly
1st supp.197251Taiwan legislative election, 1972with National Assembly
2nd supp.197552Taiwan legislative election, 1975no
3rd supp.198097Taiwan legislative election, 1980with National Assembly
4th supp.198398Taiwan legislative election, 1983no
5th supp.1986100Taiwan legislative election, 1986with National Assembly
6th supp.1989130Taiwan legislative election, 1989no
2nd1992161Taiwan legislative election, 1992no
3rd1995164Taiwan legislative election, 1995no
4th1998225Taiwan legislative election, 1998with municipal elections
5th2001225Taiwan legislative election, 2001with local elections
6th2004225Taiwan legislative election, 2004no
7th2008113Taiwan legislative election, 2008no
8th2012113Taiwan legislative election, 2012with presidential election
9th2016113Taiwan general election, 2016with presidential election

List of National Assembly elections in Taiwan

The National Assembly was another legislature organ in Taiwan. Following the constitutional reforms in the 1990s, it was streamlined in 2000 and fully defunct in 2005.

OrderYearSeatsMain article
1stsupp.196915Taiwan legislative election, 1969
1st supp.197253Taiwan legislative election, 1972
2nd supp.1980100Taiwan legislative election, 1980
3rd supp.1986100Taiwan legislative election, 1986
2nd1991325Taiwan National Assembly election, 1991
3rd1996334Taiwan National Assembly election, 1996
ad hoc2005300Taiwan National Assembly election, 2005

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