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The Legislative Council of Saint Helena has 15 members, 12 members elected for a four-year term by popular vote and 3 members ex officio (appointed by the Governor). Members of the Council are referred to as Councillors and sometimes use the suffix "MLC" (Member of the Legislative Council), while the council itself is often referred to as "LegCo" by islanders officials.

Election summary

The twelve elected members of the 2017-2021 Legislative Council are[1]:

  1. Russell Keith Yon (753 votes)
  2. Corinda Sebastiana Stuart Essex (742 votes)*
  3. Derek Franklin Thomas (668 votes)*
  4. Brian William Isaac (631 votes)*
  5. Lawson Arthur Henry (568 votes)*
  6. Cyril Kenneth Leo (561 votes)
  7. Clint Richard Beard (513 votes)
  8. Anthony Arthur Green (476 votes)
  9. Cruyff Gerard Buckley (471 votes)*
  10. Kylie Marie Hercules (460 votes)
  11. Gavin George Ellick (458 votes)*
  12. Christine Lilian Scipio-O’Dean (392 votes)*
An asterisk (*) denotes a sitting incumbent MLC who was duly re-elected.

Electoral divisions

Saint Helena is divided into eight districts,[2] each with a community centre. The districts also serve as statistical subdivisions and electoral areas. Currently, all twelve elected MLCs represent the entire island as one constituency. Beforehand, there were two constituencies (electoral districts) – the East and the West, and each constituency had six Elected Members. Prior to that there were eight constituencies. The four most populated districts (i.e., Half Tree Hollow, Jamestown, Longwood, and St Paul’s) each sent two representatives to the Legislative Council. The remaining districts (i.e., Alarm Forest, Blue Hill, Levelwood, and Sandy Bay) each sent one representative each.[3]

District Area
Alarm Forest 5.42.128927638370.4
Blue Hill 36.814.21771531584.3
Half Tree Hollow 1.60.61,140901984633.2
Jamestown 3.91.5884716629161.9
Levelwood 14.85.737631636925.0
Longwood 33.412.996071579023.6
Sandy Bay 16.16.225420519312.0
Saint Paul's 11.44.490879584374.0

Speakers of the Legislative Council

Name Period
John Wainwright Newman ? – ?
Eric W. George ? – 2008
Margaret Anne Catherine Hopkins 2008 – 2013
Eric Benjamin 2013 – incumbent

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