A serving of Lamprais
Course Mains
Place of origin Sri Lanka
Main ingredients Meat curry, rice
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Lamprais, commonly known as lump rice, is a Dutch Burgher-influenced dish,[1] that is very popular in Sri Lanka.[2] Lamprais is derived from the Dutch word lomprijst, [3] which loosely translated means a packet of food.


It consists of two special curries (a three meat curry - beef, pork and lamb - and ash plantain with aubergine), seeni sambal, belacan, frikadeller meatballs and rice boiled in stock, all of which is wrapped in banana leaves and baked in an oven.[4] The rice is made by frying raw short grain rice with onions and spices in butter or ghee and then cooking it in a meat stock.

The traditional recipe always contains three meat items however modern versions include just a single meat, such as fish or chicken or as a vegetarian version with TVP or grilled, cubed veggie burgers.


From 1640 until 1796, Sri Lanka was under Dutch rule. The Dutch Burghers (an ethnic group of mixed Dutch, Portuguese Burghers and Sri Lankan descent) came up with this delicacy.


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