LSU Communication across the Curriculum

Communication across the Curriculum

Communication across the Curriculum is an academic enhancement program designed to elevate college students' writing, speaking, visual and technological communication skills within the disciplines. It has evolved from the proven pedagogy of Writing across the Curriculum and Writing in the Disciplines programs. Historically, academia has focused on improving students' writing skills,[1] but has put little emphasis on communication skills as a whole to include, incorporating oral competencies, visual literacy, and application of technological communication tools in addition to writing.[2]

Model program at Louisiana State University

While some universities have reformed their writing programs to address multimodal communication, at this time, Louisiana State University is the only institutionalized program that equally emphasizes written, spoken, visual, and technological communication within disciplines. The LSU Communication across the Curriculum program, rooted in the core Writing across the Curriculum theory, structure, and pedagogy,[3][4] has adjusted its model to benefit from the knowledge of what has and has not worked at other institutions,[5] and takes into account the rapidly changing demands of communication in the 21st century.[6]


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