Knesset Guard

The Knesset Guard (משמר הכנסת; Mishmar HaKnesset) is an Israeli protective security unit. The Knesset Guard is responsible for the security of the Knesset building and protection of Knesset members (MKs).

Guards are stationed outside the building, and ushers are on duty inside. The commander of the force is called the Sergeant-at-Arms (K'tzin HaKnesset, literally, "officer of the Knesset"). In addition to its everyday duties, the Knesset Guard plays a ceremonial role, greeting dignitaries and taking part in the annual ceremony on Mount Herzl on the eve of Israeli Independence Day.[1]


On October 29, 1957 Moshe Dwek threw a grenade during a plenary session of the Knesset. Minister Haim Moshe Shapiro, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and Minister of Foreign Affairs Golda Meir were injured. Following the events the Israeli Police decided to establish the Knesset Guard in 1958.[2]

The Status and Authority were regulated as part of Knesset Guard Law from 1968. First Knesset Officer was Yerachmiel Belkin.


Knesset Guards are armed with IMI Tavor TAR-21 and IMI Galil rifles.


English language equivalent(Hebrew)RankInsignia
Constable שוטר Shoter
Corporal רב שוטר Rav Shoter
Sergeant סמל שני Samal Sheni
Staff Sergeant סמל ראשון Samal Rishon
Sergeant First Class רב סמל Rav Samal
Master Sergeant רב סמל ראשון Rav Samal Rishon
First Sergeant רב סמל מתקדם Rav Samal Mitkadem
Sergeant Major רב סמל בכיר Rav Samal Bakhir
Sergeant Major of Command רב נגד Rav Nagad
Second Guard Officer קצין משמר משנה Kzin mishmar mishne
First Guard Officer קצין משמר Kzin mishmar
Senior Guard Officer שמר Shamar
Chief Guard Officer רב שמר Rav Shamar
Vice Commissioner סגן גונן Sgan-Gonen
Commissioner גונן משנה Gonen Mishne
Commander of the Knesset Guard תת גונן Tat Gonen (Tat Nitzav)
Knesset Master-at-Arms ניצב Ktzin-Ha-Knesset (Nitzav)


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