Kluai buat chi

Kluai buat chi
Kluai buat chi
Type Desserts
Region or state Thailand
Main ingredients bananas, coconut milk, sugar, salt[1]
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Kluai buat chi or banana in coconut milk (Thai: กล้วยบวชชี, pronounced [klûa̯j bùa̯t t͡ɕʰīː]) is a Thai dessert. Bananas are simply cooked in a mixture of coconut milk and coconut cream to create a flavorful dessert. Usually, Kluai buat chi is composed of two batters, one salty and one sweet, both of which are cooked in a pot.

The dessert is widely served throughout Thailand and is popular in neighboring countries such as Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. It may be served hot or cold.[2]


The phrase buat chi in Thai may refer to the white clothing worn by a woman entering a sisterhood, a similar color palette to kluai buat chi.

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