Korean court cake
Alternative names King's Candy
Course Dessert
Place of origin Korea
Main ingredients Honey
Similar dishes Dragon's beard candy
Cookbook: Kkul-tarae  Media: Kkul-tarae
Korean name
Hangul 꿀타래
Revised Romanization kkul-tarae
McCune–Reischauer kkul-t'arae
IPA [k͈ul.tʰa.ɾɛ]

Kkul-tarae (꿀타래; lit. "honey skein"), also known as Korean court cake, is a Korean dessert.[1] A hard dough of honey-maltose mixture is kneaded, twisted, and stretched (pulled) into 16,384 skeins of silky threads, in which assorted candied nuts, chocolate, or other fillings are wrapped.[2] The mildly sweet, bite-sized treats were eaten in the royal court in the past. Nowadays, it has been marketed to symbolize wishes of health, longevity, and fortune to the consumer or recipient.

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