Kinmen Agreement

The Kinmen Agreement or Kinmen Accord (simplified Chinese: 金门协议; traditional Chinese: 金門協議; pinyin: Jīnmén Xiéyì) is an agreement between Red Cross Society of the Republic of China and Red Cross Society of China in Kinmen, Fujian Province, Republic of China.[1][2][3] It is the first formal agreement reached by private organizations across the Taiwan Strait.[4]


Representative of the red cross organizations from both Taiwan and Mainland China held talks on 11–12 September 1990. The talk ended up with an agreement reached on concerning both sides to participate and witness the implementation of cross-strait repatriation procedures via sea routes by their respective government agencies responsible for the related matters. The agreement was signed on 12 September 1990.

Matters covered

  • Principle of repatriation
  • Persons to be repatriated
  • Places of handover
  • Repatriation procedures
  • Other matters

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