King Fahd International Stadium

King Fahd International Stadium
درة الملاعب
Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Capacity 67,000
Opened 1987 (1987)
Architect Ian Fraser, John Roberts & Partners

The King Fahd International Stadium (Arabic: استاد الملك فهد الدولي) also nicknamed Pearl Of Stadiums, in Arabic (Durrat Al-Mala'eb) (Arabic: درة الملاعب ) or simply The Pearl, in Arabic (Addurra) (Arabic: الدرة) is a multi-purpose stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is currently used mostly for football matches and it also has athletics facilities.


The stadium was built in 1987 with the capacity over 67,000 seats.[1] It measures 116 yards by 74 yards. It also has one of the largest stadium roofs in the world. It was a venue for matches of the FIFA World Youth Championship in 1989 including the final match.

The stadium is included in the FIFA football games since FIFA 13.

The cost of construction was about 1.912 billion Saudi riyals or $510 million.[1] The stadium's roof shades over 67,000 seats and covers an area of 47,000 square feet. The 24 columns are arranged in a circle with a 247-metre diameter. The huge umbrella keeps the sun off the seats and concourse slabs, providing shade and comfort in the hot desert climate. The first goal in an official game was scored by Majed Abdullah.

As a personal touch to the stadium, a royal balcony was constructed upon which his majesty King Fahd could observe the sport.

The architect was Michael KC Cheah.

Saudi Vision 2030

As part of Saudi Vision 2030 there is celebration of the 87th anniversary of the Saudi founding with concerts and performances, with women for the first time being allowed into the King Fahd International Stadium.[2]

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Coordinates: 24°47′17.54″N 46°50′21.25″E / 24.7882056°N 46.8392361°E / 24.7882056; 46.8392361

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King Fahd Cup
Final Venue

1992, 1995
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Asian Club Championship
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FIFA Confederations Cup
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