Kinakh government

The Kinakh Government was created after the Ukrainian parliament had ousted the previous Cabinet of Viktor Yushchenko on April 26, 2001; it contained most of the ministers of its predecessor.[1] On May 29, 2001, 239 deputies voted for the appointment of Anatoliy Kinakh, chairman of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, as Prime Minister of Ukraine.[1] His new government was Ukraine's tenth since Ukraine gained its independence in August 1991.[1]

On November 16, 2002 President Kuchma sacked the cabinet claiming "it had not pursued enough reforms".[2]


Office[1][3] Name minister[1][3] Party
Prime Minister Anatoliy Kinakh
First Vice Prime Minister Oleg Dubina
Vice Prime Minister Volodymyr Semynozhenko
Minister of Education and Science
Minister of Transport and Communications
Minister of Culture and Tourism Yuria Bohuts
Minister of Economics Vasyl Rohovyi
Minister of Labor and Social Policy Ivan Sakhan
Minister of Defense Oleksandr Kuzmuk
Minister of Health Care Vitaly Moskalenko
Minister of Industrial Policy
Minister of Internal Affairs Yuriy Smirnov
Minister of Agrarian Policy Ivan Kyrylenko
Minister of Justice Suzanna Stanik
Minister of Foreign Affairs Anatoliy Zlenko
Minister of Family, Youth and Sport
Minister of Finance Ihor Mitiukov
Minister of Fuel and Energy
Minister of Environmental Protection
Minister of Emergencies Vasyl Durdynets


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